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This was an interesting read I loved that it was a bunch of short stories, because I got to see a lot of stories in a short amount of time Some stories had me flipping pages wildly, excited to see the conclusion, while others had me gripping the book sadly, dreading the fate of the character I d already become attached to This book is creepy, but not even in a bad way Definitely worth the read An amazing and unique anthology of creepy short stories and haunting illustrations The third story is truly exceptional The collection is worth every penny if only for this one tale of love and colours It is beautifully drawn and exquisitely realised The characters are full of life, an amazing feat in such short stories The girl s thoughts in the fourth story feel very natural and real In fact all of the characters are rich and all of the stories poignant When I read the collection it needed editing, and while the tales are good enough that you can forgive its raw nature, I was delighted that the author allowed me to tidy the book and a new edition will be available soon without those distractions An amazing debut and an author to watch. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review I really, really like short story collections anthologies and this book was right up my alley I liked how dark the stories were, but they weren t too dark I liked how they made you stop and think about what is important in life, to not take things for granted My favorite stories were PERSIA and The Things We Never Share Persia because it shows that even the things we think don t have feelings or aren t real, they do have feelings and we shouldn t treat them any less than a person, just like ourselves This book was just an all around great read. Very well writtenIt was a very will written book of short story s that was thought provoking and dark as only a very good story is This was a great read, but I should warn you it s a dark read I did shed a few tears for some of the characters but in the end, I truly enjoyed the strong, unforgettable characters I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is not afraid to look at the darker side of life pain, terror, death, loneliness, etc. Please Read This Book Wow I wanted to read this book in order to sort of give myself a class on how short stories are done, and done well, and I must say I got what I asked for and then some This collection is dark and moving, and I just didn t want it to stop I thought the placement of the stories was very clever, starting off with a literal apocalypse then moving through some internal and external human disasters on a smaller scale but packing just as much power Once I m caught up on my reading list I m going to pick up the other book by this author, and am hoping she will come out with another short story collection soon. `Download ⇩ 64 Deaths ☠ A Cyborg On The Edge Of Eternity, A Lonely Year Old Girl, A Curmudgeon Seeking His One Great Novel There Are Many Lost Souls Desperate For A Way Out These Twenty Tales, Along With Sometimes Macabre Illustrations, Shows Us The Side Of Humanity We D Often Like To Ignore