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[Free Kindle] ⚖ Appliances Included ♬ How Scary Can Appliances Be For Mary And Lou Givens, Their First House Is The Deal Of A Lifetime And When The Family Cat Disappears, Rumors Of Their Home S Past Percolate To The SurfacePeople Have Been Disappearing From The Given S House For Decades, Never To Be Seen Again Are The Rumors True, And What Does It Mean If They Are If Only The House S Appetite Could Be Quelled With A Cat But The Family Pet Was Only An Appetizer And Things Quickly Go From Bad To WorseSometimes The Scariest Places On Earth Don T Look Scary At All Sometimes A Haunted House Looks Just Like The House Next Door And Every Now And Again, The Haunted House Is The One You Live InIf You Can Recall The Vacuous Adrenaline Rush Of Having A Child Disappear At A Department Store, If You Ve Ever Been Accused Of Something You Didn T Do, Then This Is A Story That Will Strike Home A sinister short haunted house story. This is a chilling, well written, haunted house story If something seems too good to be true it probably is something these people should have thought about When Mary and Lou Givens move into their dream home with their young son, it seems like the start of a new and exciting chapter in their lives, until the horror begins What can go wrong when you move into a massive 19th century house that s underpriced and much too big for the people living in it This was a great story and the most disturbing element was the true to life way people have of accusing each other when tragedy occurs rather than offering comfort I also enjoyed the little background info to the story the author provided A riveting read. Mark Souza has a tremendous talent for storytelling and the ability to leave a lasting impression This short story has some great characters, a creepy plot, and a house with a history you won t soon forget I would love to see this one expanded into a full length book or even a movie Fantastic concept