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English Carrie Italiano News item from the Westover Me Weekly Enterprise, August 19, 1966 RAIN OF STONES REPORTEDIt was reliably reported by several persons that a rain of stones fell from a clear blue sky on Carlin Street in the town of Chamberlin on 17th August The stones feel principally on the home of Mrs Margaret White, damaging the roof extensively and ruining two gutters and a downspout valued at 25 Mrs White, a widow, lives with her three year old daughter, Carrieta Carrie is a teenager chasing an ordinary life, never able to catch it This is not due to her telekinetic powers, the problem has farto do with her mother, a person that we will define religious zealot, to say the least Consequence Carrie is definitely fringe at school, she is constantly bullied And unfortunately Carrie is about to reach her breaking pointA history of bullying, a topic that the author describes so well also in many other pages, in my opinion Object of the abuse each time is a character who, in the eyes of many, seems weird The beautiful paradox of this novel is that, to other kids, Carrie s weird thing is not telekinesis She always managed to bury this talent Carrie s marginalisation simply results from her mum s fundamentalism, her real nemesis It s not an horror novel it s a drama, plain and simple.I was expecting a bit green work, something testifying this is the first published novel of one of the most prolific author I know and one of my favorites But no Carrie is a beautiful piece of art not because filled with that rough beauty typical of early works, revealing a blooming talent No This novel is a beautiful piece of art, that s all.Vote 8,5 Notizia di cronaca riportata dal settimanale Enterprise di Westover Maine il 19 agosto 1966 PIOGGIA DI PIETRE.Ci viene riferito che una pioggia di pietre caduta da un cielo perfettamente sereno su Carlin Street, nella citt di Chamberlain, il 17 agosto Diverse persone sarebbero state testimoni Le pietre sono cadute sulla casa della signora Margaret White, rovinando gravemente il tetto e sfondando due grondaie e un tubo di scolo per un danno di circa 25 dollari La signora White, vedova, abita nella casa di Grin Street con la figlioletta di tre anni, Carrie Carrie una ragazzina che insegue una vita normale, senza mai raggiungerla E questo non perch dotata di poteri telecinetici, ma perch si ritrova per madre una persona che a volerla definire fanatica per il suo modo di interpretare la religione cattolica significa farle un complimento Conseguenza Carrie a scuola un emarginata, viene costantemente bullizzata E purtroppo, Carrie sta per raggiungere il limite di sopportazioneTorna uno dei temi secondo me pi cari all autore, presente spesso in molte sue pagine il bullismo Oggetto delle prevaricazioni altrui ogni volta un personaggio che agli occhi di molti appare strano, diverso Il bellissimo paradosso di questo romanzo che per gli altri ragazzi la stranezza di Carrie non sta nella telecinesi Questo talento sempre riuscita a tenerlo nascosto L emarginazione di Carrie deriva pi semplicemente dal fondamentalismo della madre, la sua vera nemesi Pi che horror, questo un dramma bello e buono.Mi aspettavo un opera un po acerba, che testimoniasse insomma di essere il primo romanzo ad essere pubblicato da uno degli autori pi prolifici che io conosca nonch uno dei miei preferiti E invece no Carrie un opera bella non perch dotata di quella bellezza grezza delle opere prime, che lasciano intravedere un talento che sta per esplodere No Questo romanzo bello e basta.Voto 8.5 Everybody is invited to the Prom Dance THAT ENDING THAT YOU RE EXPECTING It s very interesting to read Carrie finally I have watched the Brian de Palma s adaptation, so I wasn t unfamiliar with what would happen.However, the way as Stephen King wrote this book was in such great way that the novel is still engaging not matter if you already know the main highlights.There are some books that if you knew what will happenkaput All the fun was spoiled and you won t get interested on reading the book BUT in here, Stephen King gave you the highlights right away You haven t advanced even few pages and you already know that Carrie White has Telekinetic powers and something really bad happened in the Prom Night THE BOOK WHICH STARTED STEPHEN KING S CAREER I think that it s the best testimony to Stephen King s genius in this, his very first novel the first to be published but in reality the fourth that he wrote He wasn t able to know then that the book will became a success and a staple book in the horror genre, however thinking that that will happen, it is clever not waiting long in the narrative to give the main highlights.Since if before, you still have to get spoiled of key events in stories,nowadays with internet, social networks, online news, chatting forums, etc it s really REALLY HARD to avoid getting spoiled when something that became so successful.But with Stephen King s debut published novel No sweat, you can read almost 40 years later the novel, knowing ahead the story, and still you get engaged into the book due the great management of the author on the presentation of the story UNUSUAL BUT BRILLIANT NARRATIVE STYLE Maybe, nowadays, it could be a pretty standard way to tell the story, but 40 years ago Visionary style The narrative plays with current events in the story with excerpts of supposed books and documents written in the future of the story Even you have to take in account that the very novel is kinda an alternate history story due that it s set in 1979 but the publication was on 1974, and there are many references on the supposed investigative books there with dates evenin the future Other powerful element on Carrie is that its main topic is still as relevant now than in 1974, since that topic is BULLLYING The bullying is main trigger in the story and you can t deny that it s a topic that, sadly, is the same as important now if notthan in 1974 Because of that, Carrie didn t age and it didn t lose its appealing to new readers I think that main storyline and plot are well set and developed GETTING INTO THEIR SKINS My only complains would be in the character developing area, and or the justification of some actions.I say this that while the evil characters like Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan are satisfying developed and with really interesting reactions of both.In the case of Miss Dejardin and Sue Snell, I think that they could use a better setting of their motivations to help Carrie White and not a sudden impulse of being good samaritans More interaction between Carrie White and her mother could be appreciated Changing to other subjects I think that it s a general misconception that Carrie White went insane, crazy, etcOh, no, no, my friends.She wasn t crazy A crazy person don t think in a clear way and it s obvious that Carry once she unleashed her rage, she took steps to protect her work that a crazy person wouldn t do Of course, I am not saying that Carrie was a sane person.Definitely she was a psychopathic person that it s waaaaay different than a crazy person.Even some events in her confrontation with her mother and later her encounter with Sue Snell, leave clear evidence that Carrie White was thinking in a certain level of rational logic , maybe irrational for you but when you try to think what could mean to be Carrie Whiteyou can realize why some odd events, have all the logic in the odd world of Carrie Changing the subject again Please, indulge me, I promise that s the last time The novel even leave a certain open frame for a potential sequel Forty years later, you could think that that would never happens, BUT seeing a recently published sequel for The Shining,so anything can happens. I have decided to go back and reread all the Stephen King books as audiobooks this time Ones I have read recently or that I have already reread I may not do I am starting at the very beginning with Carrie which I originally read on Kindle in 2014.You might be saying, But, Matthew, that was his first book You didn t read it for the first time until 2014 There are a couple of reasons for that 1 Carrie is referenced a lot in pop culture Growing up in the 80s and 90s you really didn t need to read Carrie to know the story.2 I did have a paperback copy once mid 90s or so It fell apart when I was part way through I didn t get back to it until 2014 I know, I knowserious procrastination Well, I have now read it twice and it really is quite an amazing book Lots of suspense and terrifying scenes crammed into a small package In the intro, King said that he was working on this as a short story when it expanded into a novel and I can see that He was mainly a short story guy at the time, but a bitstarted pouring out and he just couldn t stop It s amazing to think the same guy that started with short stories and short novels ended up writing books like The Stand and It One thing that I think people who do not read King but who only know him as the master of horror through movies and hearsay are missing a lot He is not just horror Certainly there are many horrific scenarios in Carrie, but there is so much in there about humanity how we treat each other and how our actions toward others may have a wider effect than expected In a world where we are starting to treat other peoplepoorly than ever, Carrie could serve as a cautionary tale if you don t just look at it as a creepy horror novel.King started here, so should you Carrie is not usually a book I recommend to people wanting to try King for the first time I am not sure why this is, but I usually recommend The Dead Zone or Pet Sematary After my second time through, I stand by this I think that Carrie is something to try out after you have given a few of his other books a try But, you can try it first, too, probably doesn t matter it is just my gut feeling that you should wait Poor Carrie, all she wants is to be normal Instead, she has telekinesis, a balls on nuts mom, and a school full of bullies to deal with daily.Her peers are hideous particularly Tommy, who I picture as a douchebag who wears sunglasses inside, refers to girls as bitties , and has his wallet attached to his pants by a chain he bought at Hot Topic We all know the type His girlfriend sucks too but she seemsa product of horrible parenting and peer pressure I don t know, maybe I am going too easy on herCarrie doesn t Anyway, Carrie has had enough and flexes her new power in the Stephen Kingyest of ways.It s brilliant.every time I read it This time I had the pleasure of Sissy Spacek reading it to me as I ran around for the last two days. People don t get better, they just get smarter When you get smarter you don t stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it This is pizza, the freaky flavor.I loved how intertwined with religion it was Not churches and stuff like that I mean hardcore stuff about the point where religion stops being religion and transforms into fanaticism and how a person can drive themselves crazy with it, especially if you already have the tendency towards the crazy And Margaret White definitely had the tendency towards craziness She s a prejudiced, maniacal, insane person who believes that women are constantly living in sin because of their gender Sex is poison, sexual pleasure is a sin When she got pregnant she tried to kill the baby Now, after 17 years she self harms herself to stop her daughter from disobeying her like a nice little sheep.Carrie is the kind of girl who gets period and thinks she s bleeding to death Yes, that s what happens when you have no friends, or people to stand by you or a mother who s supportive and can guide you through stuff like this Every time, Carrie commits a sin, she s forced by Margaret to get locked inside a closet until she s repented for her sins by asking for forgiveness.If you ve seen the movie or better yet, the movies then you re all too familiar with the plot and what happens What s worth the mention though, it s the fact that while, I, too, was familiar with the plot I felt like reading something new, something I d never heard or seen before and that s the magic of Mr King s writing The way he combines the past with the present and horror seems all too real It s mouth watering and it leaves you wantingandof that horror and terror.It s a small enough novel, it ll take you no time at all to read it So, if you ve seen the movies then don t be hesitant about it Just do it You won t regret it. 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Jesus watches from the wall,But his face is cold as stone,And if he loves meAs she tells meWhy do I feel so all aloneI remember watching the movie when I was very little, I was pretty much petrified by it The image of a poor girl covered in pig blood, going on a killing spree haunted me, and here I am today reading it for the first time awfully distraught and yet incredibly mesmerized by King s writing No wonder he is where he is today A true genius *DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇹ Carrie ☙ A Modern Classic, Carrie Introduced A Distinctive New Voice In American Fiction Stephen King The Story Of Misunderstood High School Girl Carrie White, Her Extraordinary Telekinetic Powers, And Her Violent Rampage Of Revenge, Remains One Of The Most Barrier Breaking And Shocking Novels Of All TimeMake A Date With Terror And Live The Nightmare That IsCarrie Back Cover Outcast Carrie White has a secret She s telekinetic When a popular girl s boyfriend invites her to prom as atonement, she accepts, completely unaware of the horrors lurking on the horizonCarrie is Stephen King s first novel and has been part of our cultural landscape since it was made into a movie in the late 1970s Somehow, I ve escaped reading it or seeing the movie until now I knew or thought I knew most of the wrinkles of the plot going in, due to sai King s On Writing A Memoir of the Craft and numerous cultural references over the years.Carrie is told using an interesting structure, alternating passages from Carrie s timeline as it unfolds and excepts from accounts of what happened at the prom in the far future The structure reminded me of Not Comin Home to You at times I think Block did it better The story itself is pretty good It s a story of rejection, acceptance, betrayal, and bloody, horrible vengeance It very much feels like a first novel, over written in places, but there s still a certain Kingliness to it.While I wouldn t say I disliked the story, I wasn t in love with it It feels like a novellette that was padded to bring up to novel length to me Maybe it s because I already knew where the story was headed, both because of the structure and because it s been part of our pop culture for so long, I just wasn t hooked by it The ending was muchhorrific than I thought it would be, though The rampage was by far the best part of the book.Possible connection with another Stephen King story Teddy DuChamp, owner of Teddy s Amoco, is mentioned as having died in 1968 but his son still locks up the gas pumps The age doesn t seem right for Teddy DuChamp of The Body, though.I m glad Stephen King broke into the business with Carrie but it just wasn t my bucket of pigs blood Two out of five stars. Jesus watches from the wall,But his face is cold as stone,And if he loves meAs she tells meWhy do I feel so all alone1974 1974 Challenge Accepted 1984 13 1976 The Haunting of Hill House 28 2018 5 2018 Sleeping Beauties