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Wow Sequels tend to scare me a bit, but this is one of those rare treats where the second in the series is just as good, if not better than the first Clearly s Corruption, being the second installment of the Witch in the Woods series, continues the story of Victor, Fabian Clearly The author takes you on one hell of an exciting ride, answers a lot of questions and raises many With a cliff hanger ending I know I won t be able to put this story out of my mind until the big final book comes out this fall I give this book 5 full stars and I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys ya paranormal books and believe adults of all ages would appreciate it as well. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ✔ Clearlys Corruption (Witch In The Woods, #2) ↻ Victor Had Everything He Wanted After Defeating The Witch Of Beth S Hollow, But When Clearly S Screams Suddenly Echo Through The Night, His Eyes Are Opened To The Truth The Witch Had Other PlansClearly Is Corrupted, And If That Wasn T Enough, The Witch Has Possessed Her, Working Restlessly To Live Again In Clearly S Body Victor And His Friends Must Find A Way To Stop Her Before The Rise Of The Blood Moon, Which Is Less Than A Month Away If They Fail, Everything Victor Has Worked So Hard To Achieve Will Have Been For Not And Much Than Clearly S Life Will Be Lost Clearly s Corruption is the sequel to Witch In The Woods, and it caught my attention right during the prologue I knew before chapter one started that this book was going to be good, and it did not disappoint It is possibly better than the first book in the series, and the only reason why I gave it four stars is because of the cliffhanger ending I want to know what happens now.The third book comes out this fall Its gonna be a long wait. Omg, I loved this book It started up right away WOW Evil witch Victor needs to snuff her out for good LOL This was an awesome sequel, and I think even better than the first book, which I also loved I am psyched for the third book A fantastic sequel to the Novel Witch in the Woods by Taylor Ann Bunker Clearly s Corruption the second book in the Witch in the Woods trilogy, takes off from where the first book left off Following the young witch hunter Victor Steep after he defeated the witch plaguing the town of Beth s Hallow Things have calmed down since then, and people have gone back to their normal lives But suddenly something is wrong with clearly, and it turns out she has been corrupted by her mother, the witch Victor just killed a few months previous, and they have to gather items for a ritual to try and save her But something dire is also required This was a great sequel well worth the wait It does not dissapoint to matching and even possibly surpassing the previous book in quality, and in the bloody, witchy goodness I ve come to love I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the first book, and if you haven t read that already, I recommend going back to read that one first Another great book that, like the first, was hard to put down Its got a great story about an event you probably didn t think much about in the first book, that came back to bite them in the butt, oh And the ending I can t wait for the next book to resolve the big question Definitely worth the read A great sequel to a great series Cant wait for Blood Moon Ritual Loved It I loved this book even than the first That Victor can sure take a beating I cannot wait for Blood Moon Ritual Read this series It is worth it I LOVE this book series I cant wait for the next book Better than the first which is saying something cuz I loved it too