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Book One in the Nine Inch Bride series, An Epiphany On Wall Street is stunning.The name says it all Sa is a hero whom will save us from destruction and devastation And there was An Epiphany, and it was on Wall Street A confluence then followed The book is very interesting The story is relevant and the issues are worth discussing They must be discussed The world is unquestionably a mess A few changes would be welcomed Action must ensue I note with interest the Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged references in this book This book is written from a different perspective However the Atlas Shrugged heroes, Dagny in particular, also battled an evil adversary, they also wanted a better and different world where individuals rights were protected and where they could act without unwanted interference A resolution was achieved in Atlas Shrugged It was expected that a different world was to evolve I am very interested about what will happen here An Epiphany On Wall Street is Book 1 I see that Book 2 A Stone of Conscience may already be available This book is fascinating The heroes are very likeable The relationships between the characters are intricate This is a book about the World, and about what will happen next, that everyone must read. @READ EPUB ⚺ Nine Inch Bride Ì Out Of PrintSet In The Near Future, A Young Wall Street Analyst Falls Into Joblessness And Financial Ruin In A Major Market Crash He Is Rescued In His Descent By A Uniquely Talented Young Woman With A Revolutionary Agenda Together They Form An Extraordinary Partnership And Set Out To Change The World The Present And Future, Real And Unreal Fuel A Serious And Lighthearted Bonfire Of American Political Culture Whoa, the Goodreads page for this title Conundrum, the first book in an intended Nine Inch Bride series of fiction is saying that it s currently out of print That s a surprise to me and a terrible, terrible shame.The author of Conundrum, the so called anonym, is brilliantly insightful I think this book is best described by 1 a quotation of praise featured on the back of my paperback edition calling it a scrumptious satire that rewards close attention, and 2 the concise description provided on the back The book describes itself as not your mama s sci fi No wild eyed future is depicted here The series begins with imaginative storytelling where non fiction thought leaders leave off and goes on to provide a subtly harrowing preview of coming attractions This book ought to be published widely it has critical, unique insights to share with a wide audience Publishing world, I implore you please don t fail to make these ideas broadly available.Thank you for reading skimming this review I hope it is somehow helpful Please be advised I received a free copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway. The metaphors at the beginning are extremely forced The plot Well, not that bad but gets a bit incoherent once Sahar appears Also, the gimmick of playing with names seems to pop up without rationale and really goes nowhere An Brand Come on Gerd Bratenberg did a fantastic job with gender loaded names in Egalia s Daughters Karla Marx, Walta Whitwom Overall, the writing and crafting of the book are just not up to the standards of a publishable novel. While this dystopian almost hardboiled, despite some innovative plot twists, had too much sex and a rather unplausible premise for my taste, it carries an important message, and a good cliff hanger ending Our system is riddled with both problems and promise, and needs a fully educated public willing to think long term in order to solve the problems, and live up to the promise of the Founding Documents of the USA Those lofty ideals have not yet been put into practice, but they can, with the will of us all.Peace and Community,ShiraDestinieUniversal Date 22 September, 12014 H.E Holocene Human Era A book of big ideas, just not a lot of action It got me excited for the sequel Erudite and well crafted Full review Sorry I just couldn t get into this book The writing felt forced I felt nothing for the main character Maybe it gets better after the second chapter, but This felt like a male book Male main character Just not for me. Nine Inch Bride Conundrum by AnonymCan be just that at times, a Conundrum.Someone just mentioned that old show Land of the Giants You know Where all the props were made huge like huge dial telephones Seems a stretch but then if you think of mice and then realize that a rats DNA is close to human DNA and then wrap that all around into itself you might be able to begin to see the possibility of a tiny recreation of what is human Gives new meaning to Steinbeck s Of Mice and Men Of course, if we scale things we notice that this tiny woman has computing power than some of us average humans, which may indicate that maybe the rest of us are only using a golf ball size portion of our brains most of the time.There are high points in this story that are certainly entertaining The value of that entertainment might easily be measured by the fact that I finished it There is a serious amount of exposition inside and throughout and I hope that the sequel helps justify the need for all of it At times it may sound a bit preachy as concerns our economic and political structures.The Story begins with Ken our protagonist a wall street wizard of sorts who finds himself swept up with all the rest during a recent crash that has cost him his meager fortune and his job The first half of the book brings him from his prideful beginnings to his darkest depths of despair He loses his respect his girl and almost his life I found this part to be almost excessively depressing though I can see the point in that we need to bring the man down to size, so to speak.In steps Sahar our little lady through a bit of serendipity coincidence she comes into his life to save him from himself She has a lot faith in Ken than even the reader does at this point.What holds the readers attention up to this point is a strange patchwork of Purplish prose that on the literary end might mirror some things I ve seen in Ken Kesey and Thomas Wolf I enjoy this type of writing, although I know some people who don t, so, beware.We receive a rather colorful view of the big city, the workings of wall street, and this near future world that the author builds around the narrative of the collapsing ego of Ken There are other casualties and up to a point I wasn t sure if I should pull for Ken or let him go.Sahar brings Ken back to life and into the readers head with a rather lengthy exposition about her rise to obscure fame and riches that will inevitably be able to help him regain himself Sahar almost seems like a figment of Ken s imagination and it is easy to fill in those blanks at first It takes both the reader and Ken a while to accept that there really is a nine inch little lady who has a head for commodities and a heart for re engineering the structure of society.Often much of what Sahar touches in her lengthy diatribe corners into areas that seem dangerous than Ken should be comfortable with It s often extremely difficult to tell if Sahar is the devil or his advocate or if she has a seriously different take on politics that I just can t see yet Several times I think she wander off into areas of chaotic rebellion instead of betterment of society.It s not until the terrorist attack that you get a stable view of what Sahar is about and I have to wonder if the speech she gave Ken might be misleading or if there will be some return to the radical nature in future parts of this novel.This is a thought provoking novel that somewhat defies genre at the moment I suppose that it might be literature in the same nature that Ann Rands Atlas Shrugged is There is enough here to keep the reader interested though some might be deterred by Sahar s long dialogue intro But, then again how would one go about introducing this diminutive character.I m anxiously awaiting the sequel.J.L Dobias The current economic culture is certainly one that deserves to be satired a bit Conundrum Nine Inch Bride is a first person narrative about Ken, a trader who has just been laid off due to a recession in the near future, has been the victim of a forced break up by his lover s father, and has been essentially hung out to dry by the system With little to lose he agrees to a meeting with an old friend and his new partner Through the agency of that partner, Ken is witness to the beginnings of new way of looking at financial systems, one that allows for a return to a free market system rather than the moribund world to which Ken belongs.This is almost a satire of Atlas Shrugged The world is a dystopian future where everyone likes the soul crushing nature of the capitalist structure Rather than a dynamic culture, the culture has become static, requiring a disaster or two to get it started up again Ken is almost the polar opposite to John Galt, in that he allows what happens to happen, with limited steering of it himself Ultimately it is ironic that Ken becomes an apathetic revolutionary in re defining the world Even the short length of the work is a decent satire of the other book s length.This makes for a lot of philosophical discussions in the book, with some that seem to go on for perhaps a bit much There is some padding here and there, but otherwise the verbiage is very nicely limited to an absolute minimum There is no real story here, but that is part of the satire rather than being a dynamic character, Ken merely follows events along It makes some interesting points regarding today s capitalism, and that it needs to change, but those points are sometimes too heavy handed and off putting For someone looking for a good antidote tp Atlas Shrugged , however, this makes for an excellent read.