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`Read Pdf á Cujo Ý Outside A Peaceful Town In Central Maine, A Monster Is Waiting Cujo Is A Two Hundred Pound Saint Bernard, The Best Friend Brett Camber Has Ever Had One Day Cujo Chases A Rabbit Into A Bolt Hole A Cave Inhabited By Sick Bats What Happens To Cujo, How He Becomes A Horrifying Vortex Inexorably Drawing In All The People Around Him Makes For One Of The Most Heart Stopping Novels Stephen King Has Written 4.5 New movie version currently in production This book was so well written, the characters completely fleshed out, that it s very hard to believe King wrote this book so drunk that he doesn t even remember writing it Wow And to then win the British Fantasy Awardand two movies All I ever seemed to do when I was drunk was trash the house.and worse hurt those who loved me closest which is why, like King, I gave the stuff up over a year ago.What a complete page turner very hard to put down, especially when the action startsimpossible not to get your stomach in a terrible knot during the last part of the book, ugh physically painful to read Earlier onvery sad for dog lovers before he loses all that was lovable King is great at many things, and one he s done on several occasions is to write from a dog s point of view which he does very well once again in Cujo what happened to him was so unfair and the tiniest bit of money for a yearly shot would have saved both Cujo from this agonizingly slow, painful, and miserable way to die, as well as the people Of all of King s early novels, this is the only one that relies on horror that can actually happen to normal people.This book tells the stories of two very different families Both with very real problems Vic and Donna Trenton are facing a crisis in their marriage infidelity on her part, which is broken off before Vic becomes aware Unfortunately he finds out at the worst possible time a time he really needs to focus on his Ad agency..saving it from losing it s biggest client and plummeting the family out of their successful lifestyle Their son Tad has his own demonsright in his bedroom closet which does act strangely..the door opening when it s latched andIt s the only part of the novel which is outside the realm of real life horror note on this below Steve the tennis pro does not take to the break up very well and adds muchdrama that could cost Tad and Donna their lives or looking at it with an ironic twist possibly save them, because his actions bring Vic running home from his important meeting in New York The second family include blue collar Joe and Charity Chambers, and their son Brett and oh boy, do they face a household of demons as well including alcoholism, spousal abuse and child abuse.and most important to this story neglect of the family dog, especially when it comes to the vet.The first half of this book is spent excellently developing the characters including an superb job with Cujo When Vic has to leave for his meeting in New York, he leaves Donna with car problems.which leads to Donna and tiny Tad just barely making it to the Cambers home garage Joe is an excellent, inexpensive mechanic , when the car finally dies in near 100 degree weather Every person in the house is gone for a long time, and they are met by Cujo, whose illness has finally driven him mad Here begins the gut wrenching stakeout for days trapped in the cars growing oven It s utterly horrifying, and I do not remember ever forgetting to breath as I read a book, but here I did forget over and over.I couldn t take it felt like ripping my own hair out at times This book took everything I physically had in me to not die of desperation myself I need to add here Edward Lorn s review adds some pretty cool tie ins, that make that seemingly unimportant closet door muchinteresting When a two hundred pound St Bernard goes rabid, no one is safe Who will fall to Cujo before the disease he carries finishes him off I m just going to come out and say it Most of this book feels like filler to me I think King took what was potentially an award winning tale of terror and jammed as much padding into it as he could until it was one of his shorter novels Basically, it s a fantastic short story wrapped in a soap opera I couldn t give two shits about.That being said, Cujo is a really powerful book in places While I didn t care about a lot of things on the periphery, the core of it is pretty terrifying and heart wrenching No one wants their beloved family pet to turn on them and a rabid dog trapping a woman and her child in a car for DAYS is damn horrifying As opposed to most of his menaces, Cujo is all too plausible.The writing is good and the ending packs a huge punch I sure didn t see that coming It was like being kicked in the balls after you re already lying on the ground after being shot in the heart.While I found that there was a lot of fat on this bone, it was pretty good at the core Or marrow, in this case Three hard earned stars. Cujo is a hard book to read It s a short book, but there are certain scenes that just gut me And all those sections occur in the last 25 pages of the book The first half of this book goes by rather quickly Then Donna and Tad get stuck out at Camber s place and I simply do not want to continue reading The first time I read this book was after having watched the movie Cool enough flick Slasher film with a dog instead of a masked killer Survivor is the woman and her son Rock on I don t like that the dog was used as a monster, but I dealt with it because poor Cuje was sick And then I read the book.There is a big fucking tie in between Cujo and the rest of King s books that no one ever mentions My theory is, as far as I know, not impossible Firstly, Cujo s behavior in the book is constantly referred to as odd This is aside from the fact that he has rabies Many times, characters in the book refer to Cujo asthan just a sick dog Secondly, the closet Something s living in Tad s closet This is made cement at the end of the book when Tad s father Vic watches the door knob turn and the door open all by its lonesome Finally, Frank Dodd is called the monster of Castle Rock at the beginning of the book, and then King goes on to say that that monster returns in 1980 A monster A monster that can take different forms A monster that is active in Castle Rock during the time Pennywise is supposedly asleep in Derry A monster that changes shapes See where I m going with this Think of the gigantic bird that ravages the dance at least I think it was a dance in It Now, stay with me, think about the fact that King wrote The Dead Zone, Cujo, and Pet Sematary all while writing It Also there are mentions of this monster in both Insomnia and the Dark Tower series Conspiracy theory established Debunk in the comment section below.Notable names George Bannerman, Johnny Smith, and Frank Dodd The Dead Zone Castle Rock mentioned throughout the King verse In summation If you read Cujo and are not in some way affected by the goings down in the this book, I don t want to know you because you re an emotional cripple This book is only bad in the sense that it drags out the worst of humanity and showcases it in the unrelenting sunlight and creates a monster out of a good dog But this shit happens It s life Endings are not always happy things Oh, and this is the last time I m reading this book I m not doing this shit to myself again Time for some My Little Pony Later. Writing a review about Cujo is a little like reminiscing about being a teenager and listening to Black Sabbath Trying to describe it, and to put the experience in words, reveals the cartoonish elements in stark relief But while being read, the novel is rich with storytelling andcomplex than would seem on it s surface And like the best of Sabbath It rocks.Yes, it s about a town that gets eaten by a big, rabid dog, but King is able, and with some credibility, to tell a tale of modern paranoia and suspense, with elements of horror that are all too believable to a modern audience.