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Very good book I have always known demons are real This book helps to warn you of how real and what some of their tricks are. @Epub ô Demons ï DEMONS True Stories Of Demonic Possessions Demonic Attacks Demons Deadly Encounters A Journey Into The Ultimate Heart Of Darkness Excerpts It S The Middle Of The Night And He Thinks He S Been Asleep For A While But He S Wide Awake Now Something Is Pushing Down On His Chest, Hard He S Fighting To Breathe And He Tries To Move, To Get It Off Him, But His Body Won T Move He S Paralysed And Filled With Panic He Tries To Scream But Nothing Comes Out They Told Her They Were Going To Kill Her And She Didn T Have A Chance They Were Too Many Stood In The Hall Was A Dark Figure The Presence Was Finally Showing Itself To Me The Children S Eyes Were Rolling In Their Heads, Blood Pouring From Their Ears And Mouths, Talking In Strange Languages, And Being Thrown Involuntarily Across Rooms Marks Appeared On The Neck Of Our Three Year Old Son They Were Purple They Looked Like Strangulation Marks Her Eyes, Which Had Moments Before Looked Lacklustre And Vacant, Suddenly Blazed With Inhuman Light As The Doctor Looked Down At The Blood In The Bowl, He Saw It Swirling Around In A Most Unnatural Way, Before Rearing Up In A Solid Column And Leaping Out Of The Bowl On To The Floor At This Point The Bowl Shattered Into A Hundred Pieces The Doctor Fled In Terror There Are Practitioners Who Have Attempted To Summon Demons, And Have Been Found With Every Bone In Their Body Broken The Next Day I Wake To See A Tall, Dark, Hooded Figure, Standing Still, Right By My Bed His Face Covered By His Hood, But Watching Me I Know He Was Real I Could Hear His Breathing Her Eyes Rolled In The Back Of Her Head, Her Face Contorted And She Would Tell Him They Were Going To Kill Her, That She Belonged To Satan It Was A Deep Man S Voice That Came Out Of Her The Voice Said, We Can Kill Her At Any Time We Want I D Lie In Bed And Feel Someone S Arms Around Me It Wasn T A Safe Feeling But A Menacing One, As If Someone Was Showing Me That I Belonged To Them According To The Police Report, One Of The Women Had Killed Herself After She D Told Friends She D Been Hearing A Voice That Kept Telling Her To Kill Herself A Creature Appeared In The Room, Its Eyes Were Glowing Red This Creature Was Physical At Least After It Had Entered Into Our Reality It Was Naked, No Hair, Extremely Muscular I Estimate His Height About Six Foot Five But His Bone Structure Was Bigger Than In A Human His Mouth Was Huge There Was No Way To Describe It Other Than As A Demon It Was Just Supposed To Be Fun We Were Asking It Questions, And Then It Asked If It Could Visit Us, So I Said Yes, Thinking It Was One Of The Children Doing It But It Wasn T One Of The Kids And That S When The Horror Started Suddenly It Was Like A Stake Pierced My Chest And Gradually, I Felt The Sensation Of It Pulling Open My Ribs I Thought I Would Die I Saw A Boy Sat At A Table He Called Me Over To Him And Started Talking To Me He Spoke As If He Knew All My Thoughts He Finished My Sentences For Me He Promised Me Everything I Always Wanted But There Was One Condition I Give My Soul Over To Satan As I Lay There I Would See Demons Appearing In Different Forms The Most Hideous Faces, Covered With Blood, With Sharp Teeth And Claws When I Opened My Eyes There Was A Black Shadowed Figure It Loomed Over Me, Then Took Hold Of Me I Tried To Get Out Of Its Grip But Its Strength Was Overpowering GoodThis book touches a different view of life.It tell s the truth,according to the forces of good and evil, and weather or not you believe in the after life,and weather or not we are in the new age or is the new age already here Very scary stuff There are things in this universe we simply know nothing about, and this book serves as a reminder that we don t have all the answers. I liked the way this book presented the facts as it knew them in a short snippety way rather than reams and reams of boring details Lots of little cases with you left to make up your own mind. Very interesting Very informative Well written and easy to read A good overview I would recommend this book as a good starting point. Very interesting It makes you think the terrible things that happen to people of what they are going through and not questioned it. Wow is about all I can sayI am a firm believer in demons and angles I know that we are fighting spiritual wArfare on a daily basis If you do not believe in GOD I feel for you and I pray for your soul Evil is everywhere but I read the book bible God wins in the end.