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Finished Sept 2017I FINALLY FINISHED I definitely think the last two novellas were easier to fly through than the first two particularly Apt Pupil , but overall they were all just good I enjoyed them, but I can t really rave about any of them I also read the afterword that King wrote, and it was such a fun little tidbit that I think I want to read On Writing now because his insights about writing were so interesting original review from Aug 2016I ve only actually read the first two stories in this so I won t give it a rating yet, but I need to take a break from this because it is SO SLOW I m feeling a reading slump coming on, so I will have to revisit this one later. What a great compilation of short stories by Stephen King FANTASTIC I knew going into this book that I ve seen movies for two of the stories I thought, Since I ve seen the movies, do I need to read the actually book And that s a resounding YES A big HELL YES 1st story Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank RedemptionI m sure most of us have seen this movie at least once or 50 times in your life The book is so well done There were subtle differences in the book vs the movie but it wasn t enough to take away from the masterpiece of this story.Shawshank is about redemption, revenge and hope And King kills it with this one Bravo King 2nd story Apt PupilWoah What a head fuck this dark story turned out to be It s about a story of a young kid who finds out that a former Nazi general is living in a house on his paper route It s a psychological, epic tale of who s the worst and I haven t decided on the answer between these two head cases.I think evil tends to find evil in all arenas of life and this was a perfect example of that I really liked this one 3rd story The BodyOr as most of you know it as,Stand By MeWhat a great story It s about childhood friendship, dealing with shitty family members and coming to grips with doing the right thing There is a level of conflict in this story that s well written You want these kids to succeed after all the trials and tribulations that occur in the journey in this book.The movie and book were close to each other in regards to plot It was nice to see the movie industry not changing much about this well loved tale Chopper, sic balls 4th story Breathing MethodThis story started slow and I wasn t sure where it was going It ended on a pretty creepy situation with a pregnant woman, a strange building in New York City and I m glad I stuck it out It was the weakest of the 4 stories but was still decent.If you ve ever wondered whether Stephen King is a good storyteller, read this book @Free Kindle â Different Seasons ¼ Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption The Most Satisfying Tale Of Unjust Imprisonment And Offbeat Escape Since The Count Of Monte CristoApt Pupil A Golden California Schoolboy And An Old Man Whose Hideous Past He Uncovers Enter Into A Fateful And Chilling Mutual ParasitismThe Body Four Rambunctious Young Boys Venture Into The Maine Woods And In Sunlight And Thunder Find Life, Death, And Intimations Of Their Own MortalityThe Breathing Method A Tale Told In A Strange Club About A Woman Determined To Give Birth No Matter What Stephenking WellWOW These four LONG short stories are ALL fabulousRITA HAYWORTH AND SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 5 StarsGet busy living or get busy dying Everyone has probably seen the movie adaptation or read the book by now and knows the story about the wrongful imprisonment of banker Andy Dufresne, the horror of the sisters and his best friend at Shawshank Red, but if you haven t, you are so fortunate to have this amazing read ahead of you.The novel provides a bitdetail here and there about Red and Andy, is just as enthralling as the movie and unputdownable.APT PUPIL 4.5 Stars Just a very nice and intelligent 13 year old.uh huh Todd Bowden wants to be a P.I when he grows up and is off to quite a start as he sleuths out a criminal of the most vile kind and as his true unsettling nature begins to surface, our creepy apt pupil gets a whole lotthan he bargained for when he goes up against the master.Dark and powerfully evil, this unique story even has a cool Andy Dufresne tie in, but dam..why couldn t the butcher from hell stick to humans..minus 50 basis points THE BODYre read5 Stars Four young lads head out on an adventure to see the dead body but what they find is trouble and a few hard lessons learned Absolutely wonderful coming of age story converted to screen as Stand By Meonce again, the written word wins over the audio version for meTHE BREATHING METHOD 5 StarsIt is the tale, not he who tells it The club is creepy..The rooms mysterious..The weather chilling..The fire roaring, and The ghost story..OMG SHOCKING It s definitive, Stephen King is not just a writer of horror and fantasy In truth, up to a few years ago I was convinced he was a horrormeister pure and simple At this point a friend suggested I try out his time travel epic 11 22 63 I was cured I loved it and subsequent forays into King s extensive catalogue have shown me the range of the man s work I ll comment individually on the tales but the common element, the outstanding take away for me is simply the realisation that here s the evidence to assert that SK is one of the outstanding story tellers of his generation Any doubters to the veracity of this statement should pointed in the direction of this exceptional collection of novellas In truth, there is one story here I d class as horror as it happens my least favourite of the set The other three stories have been all made into films the only one of which I ve seen is Stand By Me based on The Body which happens to be one of my all time favourite films This is old fashioned storytelling at its best miss it if you dare Rita Hayworth and Shawshank RedemptionMost people will be aware of the film version, which everyone on the planet seems to have seen except me I m told the film is a classic and I know some people who ve seen the film and read the story they all seem to prefer the celluloid version If you ve caught up with neither than I d urge you to seek out one or the other Set in a fictional state penitentiary, it tells of the local entrepreneur, Red, and his friend and customer Andy Defresne, who is imprisoned for the murders of his wife and her lover Andy s struggles to established his innocence while he fights for survival and strives to earn the respect of the lifers in this toughest of environments is the core of the story Surprisingly, King is able to invests the whole thing with a degree of warmth though perhaps no surprise to anyone who has read The Green Mile and it had me desperately hoping he d thought up a happy ending to this sometimes brutal tale.Apt PupilSixteen year old student Todd Bowden has discovered that a Nazi war criminal, Kurt Dussander, has been quietly living in Todd s home town This disturbing tale documents how Todd first challenges Dussander and then how they begin a complicated but mutually sustainable relationship It s the longest story in the collection and I sometimes felt I was reading this partly hidden behind a set of fingers It s a tense psychological thriller that kept throwing up surprises Spooky as hell The BodyDefinitely my favourite yet I think I still prefer the film Just Four young Oregon boys set out to find the body of a boy who has been missing for a few days They ve discovered that the boy was hit and killed by a train and they aim to be the ones to claim the find and maybe become heroes as a result It s all a wonderful adventure as various mishaps befall them on the way I discovered that the narrative of the film closely tracks that of the book and I defy anyone not to laugh and cry in equal measure as this brilliantly told tale unfolds Superb.The Breathing MethodA story within a story An ageing lawyer is invited a a mysterious club where stories are told by its members One such story takes up a good portion of the overall piece and it concerns a unmarried woman, in the 1930 s, who finds herself pregnant and desperate to give birth to the child, despite her lack of money and the obvious social disapproval The whole atmosphere of this one was scary It s the shortest of the four novellas but arguably packs the biggest punch. 2010 . 18 4 Apt pupil 45 90 26 The breathing method .. I like waiting a few days before reviewing a book, just to see how it s taken up residence in my mind and imagination Some books stay with me clearly even months later others start to fade as soon as I turn the final page if not before.Stephen King s Different Seasons is a fascinating case, because I got to see how one story haunted me while I went on to the next.Published in 1982, it was King s first book of non genre fiction He made his name writing horror Carrie,Salem s Lot, The Shining , and after a string of bestselling thrillers, this book must have felt like a bit of a risk to him and his publisher It s a 525 page collection of four novellas actually three novellas and one long short story Only the final long story, The Breathing Method, touches on anything remotely fantastic or occult But I appreciate the book for its boldness and generosity Today, a popular author would release these 25,000 35,000 word works individually as books Ka ching Also only by reading the book from cover to cover did I come to realize just how good and varied a storyteller King is The opening novella, Rita Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption, is about hope and despair set inside a prison The relaxed, casual tone is fitting for the narrator, who s been jailed for decades and so is in no rush Only near the end do you realize how and why he s recounting his tale Note he s a skinny redhead in the book, not the Morgan Freeman character from the popular movie My favourite novella at 200 large pages, it s also the longest is Apt Pupil, a chilling look at the sick symbiotic relationship between a former Nazi war criminal now retired and living under an alias in a California suburb and a precocious boy who discovers his secret.King masterfully alters his point of view and even introduces an important character two thirds of the way through But this adds to the book s richness The thing is beautifully structured not a word is wasted And King shows you how evil can lay dormant and awaken, or how it can corrupt and influence The conclusion is shocking but, in retrospect, inevitable it differs from the film And um that scene with a cat I d say it s as effective as anything King s written before or since.I know readers really like the third offering, The Body, which inspired the beloved Rob Reiner movie Stand By Me I liked it too but I didn t love it King sure enjoys writing about underdogs, and the four young boys who trek through Maine to find a dead body so they can report it are a real motley crew, battered and bruised and captured with sympathy and affection King s descriptions of their coming of age journey are evocative and touching A suspenseful train scene, the big climax played out in a thunderstorm and the bittersweet denouement are all expertly done.But King also interweaves some self indulgent examples of the narrator s published fiction, and these long winded sections slow down the story Still, The Body has lots of heart Plus it s got this great bit of post modern writing Me I m a writer now, like I said A lot of critics think what I write is shit A lot of the time I think they are right but it still freaks me out to put those words, Freelance Writer, down in the Occupation blank of the forms you have to fill out at credit desks and in doctors offices My story sounds so much like a fairytale that it s fucking absurd.I sold the book and it was made into a movie and the movie got good reviews and it was a smash hit besides This all had happened by the time I was twenty six The second book was made into a movie as well, as was the third I told you it s fucking absurd Meantime, my wife doesn t seem to mind having me around the house and we have three kids now They all seem perfect to me, and most of the time I m happy.What s not fucking absurd is his talent The final story, The Breathing Method, could have been published in King s earlier Night Shift collection of stories It s an intriguing, atmospheric tale about a doctor whose patient is having a baby out of wedlock back when that was taboo It takes a long time to get to the central story, and I m not sure the framing device set in a mysterious, exclusive Manhattan men s club was really necessary.But there s a chill to the story that s appropriate for this winter s tale Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that each novella is associated with a season Annoying marketing gimmick or cool structural device You decide Here and elsewhere in the book King proves he can write in a variety of styles and assume a wide range of voices Different Seasons is essential reading for anyone interested in his evolution as a writer. Different seasons, Stephen KingDifferent Seasons 1982 is a collection of four Stephen King novellas with aserious dramatic bent than the horror fiction for which King is famous The four novellas are tied together via subtitles that relate to each of the four seasons The collection is notable for having had three of its four novellas turned into Hollywood films, one of which, The Shawshank Redemption, was nominated for the 1994 Academy Award for Best Picture.Novellas Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption , Apt Pupil , The Body , The Breathing Method 2006 1384 992 667 113 9643415589 1982 This book is PERFECT King Each story is interesting and special in its own right At least two of them Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption and The Body are must read classics that were turned into equally great movies Apt Pupil might be a little less accessible to some, but is one of King s best character studies The Breathing Method is one of his shortest novellas, but wildly creative and is guaranteed to leave you saying, WOAH Every King fan should have read this already Looking to get into King for the first time This is a great place to start This one is closer to the EXCELLENT side of the King spectrum THE GREEN MILE, CARRIE and THE STAND come to mind than the MEDIOCRE side INSOMNIA, BAG OF BONES Yeah, these tales are familiar three of the four seasons have become immortalized on celluloid Not until the last Author s Note do his intentions and his themes finally converge He wrote Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption , Apt Pupil , The Body The Breathing Method as unpublishable novellas right after the completion of one novel each with just enough gas left in the tank Wow.More than any pop culture writer, King is almost never a boring or dull read I need to read him sporadically because after reading 20 of his novels I know where to go to be entertained Ok, just for fun I ve read CARRIE, THE STAND, CUJO, CHRISTINE, PET SEMETARY, CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF, IT, EYES OF THE DRAGON, MISERY, THE TOMMYKNOCKERS, DARK TOWER 4, THE DARK HALF, NEEDFUL THINGS, GERALD S GAME, DOLORES CLAIBORNE, INSOMNIA, DESPERATION, THE GREEN MILE, THINNER, THE REGULATORS, NIGHT SHIFT, DIFFERENT SEASONS, FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT, NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES, CREEPSHOW, BAG OF BONES, EVERYTHING S EVENTUAL, THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON, CELL, LISEY S STORY, DR SLEEP But I am no expert nor can I say I subscribe to the King Collective Mythology Sometimes all his characters share the same voice, regardless of sex It is all Stephen King.This time, these stories were all non Horror cept one Shawshank saw a better reincarnation as the Darabont film the novella is short, gives a Cool Hand Luke vibe, is an impressive testament of life on the cell block GREEN MILE is the epitome of these Apt Pupil was very morbid, an American Psycho meets American Pastoral The film is also better because Ian McKellen doesn t come out of the closet , so to speak he does not admit being part of the Nazi party in a long ago past til much later The movie hints at his monstrosityKing just shows it with as little censorship as humanely possible duh In the book he is a ruthless killer expected for a Nazi AND so is the kid, the apprentice SHOCKER New Horror meets old school terror very clever, almost poetic in its implications of suburban infiltrators that are not the boogeymen they are the residents themselves Also the monster gene can resurface at any age with any generation The Body , made famous by the ever popular Stand By Me movie, is an idyllic tale that places the innocent naivete of childhood in the backwoods where terror lurks It is an obvious metaphor for growing up Everything in childhood is fragile The image of the dead boy, in sharp contrast to the robust lives of our four protagonists is quite intuitive for a fabulist like King.Lastly, The Breathing Method is THE unexpected treat It is so morbid and macabre I had not been that shocked in a really long time It is the exposed finger beckoning from the plumbing in the sink in NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES an image that stays with you for years and years If you are tired superfamiliar with the aforementioned films, read the last 60 pages of this novella collection totally worth it The four season motifs don t really fit the representative tales Hope Springs Eternal for SHAWSHANK makes sense you know this story will end well after 27 years the dude escapes Summer of Corruption fits PUPIL except this story takes place over many DIFFERENT months, no particular season Fall from Innocence BODY occurs at the end of the summer I guess that s not too bad a fit A Winter s Tale is the forgotten gem of the bookMETHOD is a story within a story clever device indeed for the masterful storyteller.King says It is the tale, not he who tells it This is incredibly true in this instance the stories themselves, like the seasons, have unique flavors, have original themes the stories are SO GOOD not even Stephen King could mess it up with his often seen redundancy none of that here or his mimicry of others works these are all 100% original This is, basically, one of his better ones.