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There is a boy now a man a girl, a band of baddies with a charismatic leader, a coalition of the willing, battles to be fought, supernatural elements and magical powers Stephen King was at this long before Harry Potter lived under the stairs He has a preternatural not to say supernatural talent for writing kids, and can keep you turning pages, losing sleep, and getting back late to work from your lunch breaks.We will presume for the purposes of this review that you have read, or at least seen one version of The Shining If you have not, read no further, as there are details here that would be considered spoilerish were they to appear in a review of that book And if you have not read The Shining you should probably do so before taking on Doctor Sleep, a sequel Ok, everyone here has read The Shining, yes All right, but we are using the honor system here, and do not want to ruin the fun of reading that one for anyone So, as long as you re sure At the end of The Shining, three people survive the carnage, Danny Torrance, a five year old with a special gift, Wendy Torrance, Danny s mother and newly widowed wife of the late Jack Torrance, and Dick Halloran, an employee of The Overlook and possessor of a gift like Danny s, one that allowed him to hear Danny s psychic 911 call and return from his home in Florida in time to do something about it What happened next from King s site King does not typically do sequels, if one does not count books that are part of a planned series, but Every now and then somebody would ask, Whatever happened to Danny I used to joke around and say, He married Charlie McGee from Firestarter and they had these amazing kids But I did sort of wonder about it from EW One of the central features of The Shining was Jack s Torrance s battle with alcoholism As with the real world, King s fictional realm notes that alcoholism runs in families And one of the criticisms of The Shining was that the possibility of Jack considering getting some help from AA is never even raised If King has ever considered that to have been an oversight, I have not seen that interview But it is clear that he has given the matter some thought Jack Torrance never tries Alcoholics Anonymous That is never even mentioned in The Shining He has what they call white knuckle sobriety He s doing it all by himself So, I wondered what it would be like to see Danny first as an alcoholic, and then see him in AA from an NPR Interview It gives nothing away to let you know that Danny is a true Torrance Not only does he self medicate to quiet the terrors that still haunt him, he is far from the best person he can be.I knew if I did this sequel I d have to try to put together some of the same elements, but at the same time I didn t want to make it too similar I didn t want to make Danny a grown up with kids of his own, and try to replicate that whole losing your temper because you re drunk thing But I did think to myself Not only alcoholism can be a family disease, but rage can be a family disease You find that the guys who abuse their children were abused themselves as kids That certainly fit Danny as I knew him from EW All SK novels require a baddie, or a set of them No disappointment here King has again succeeded in taking the ordinary and making it horrifying.Driving back and forth from Maine to Florida, which I do twice a year, I m always seeing all these recreational vehicles the bounders in the Winnebagos I always think to myself, Who is in those things You pass them a thousand times at rest stops They re always the ones wearing the shirts that say God Does Not Deduct From a Lifespan Time Spent Fishing They re always lined up at the McDonald s, slowing the whole line down And I always thought to myself, There s something really sinister about those people because they re so unobtrusive, yet so pervasive I just wanted to use that It would be the perfect way to travel around America and be unobtrusive if you were really some sort of awful creature from EW This wandering band call themselves The True Knot They feed on the essence of those gifted with the sort of talent people like Danny possess It provides them with extraordinary longevity, but as with their Transylvanian counterparts, the need is ongoing and the supply is limited Like right wing politicians they arethan happy to gorge on the pain of others and are shown here feasting on the spirits set adrift on 9 11 The usual condiments for this substance they call steam will not do The taste and benefit is enhanced, however, if their victims endure extreme and prolonged torture Does Ted Cruz drive a Winnebago King gives the members Damon Runyon esque names, like Crow Daddy, Steamboat Steve and Tommy the Truck.By the time you finish reading Doctor Sleep you might have a new image of the top hat to consider next time you are planning a formal night out We all have one, probably this one But the baddie in Stephen King s latest is likely to do for the top hat what this guydid for the derby Rose O Hara, the leader of a group called The True Knot, won t leave home without it It adds a nice visual element, calling to mind a certain Caribbean Baron, and making Rosie evenriveting And what of our young heroine Abra is born with a shining of prodigious proportions btw, the name Abra was inspired by Abra Bacon, a character in East of Eden She manages to send out a signal even when she is newly arrived She s a good kid, despite scaring her parents on occasion with tricks like making all the silverware in the kitchen take to the air, or causing the odd earthquake when she does a mental Bruce or if you prefer, David Banner Don t make her angry You wouldn t like her when she s angry Bad ass teen girl power fuh shoo uh But, just as Danny needed Dick Hallorann and Tony, Abra needs help as well That she and Danny will team up is a foregone conclusion As for Danny, the shining never left him, despite his attempts to wipe it out with spirits of a different sort But he finds the help he needs and manages to put his talent to good use He works in a hospice, the Helen Rivington House, in Frazier, NH, easing the transition for those near death, with the assistance of a resident feline, and earning himself the name Doctor Sleep, which also serves to remind us of what his parents called him It is this moment of transition that Doctor Sleep deals with and the idea, like so many of King s, came from an incidental story in a newspaper This one was about a cat in a hospice that knows when people are going to die He would go into that patient s room and curl up next to them And I thought, that s a good advertisement for death, for the emissary of death I thought, I can make Dan the human equivalent of that cat, and call him Doctor Sleep There was the book from an interview in The Guardian King has a bit of fun, naming the cat Azzie, short for Azreel, the archangel of death Cute What else do you need, really Dark vs light, colorful baddies vs our everyman and everygirl And that is indeed enough But it is not all that King uses He gives us a look at how people can really help people overcome, or at least handle their problems When asked, in the NPR interview, whether his AA depictions were from personal experience, King says that the second part of AA stands for Anonymous, so he declined to offer a yes or no, however You could say, having read these two books and knowing that I was a very heavy drinker at the time that I wrote The Shining, and I haven t had a drink in about 25 years now you could draw certain conclusions from that I ve done a lot of personal research in these subjects from NPR interview AA figures very large in this story, is central really And the wisdom one can find in AA permeates the novel, from the importance of recognizing that we need help from others, to accepting our past and dealing with it, a very strong, serious element King sets the time of the events by referring to external realities, like who the president is, calls on contemporary cultural references, such as a mention of the Sons of Anarchy and a Hank Wiliams Jr song He also mentions a variety of other writers in his travels, some approvingly, John Sandford, George Seferis, Bernard Malamud, Bill Wilson some not so much the authors of the Twilight and Hunger Games series, and Dean Koontz and Lisa Gardner, although he may merely be playing with the latter two He also drops in an Easter egg reference to Salem s Lot and make two references that I caught anyway to his son, Joe s, imagined world from Joe s book, NOS4A2.It has been my experience with reading Stephen King that his conclusions sometimes offer a poor partner to the journey one takes in reaching them That is much less the case here The ending is not an alien spider disguised as Tim Curry with bad fashion sense or alien young playing with humans in a ham fisted manner And the journey is indeed fun But I had some gripes King gives Dick Hallorann a cameo here, which was fine, and the strongest of those Tony returns for a look see but goes alarmingly quiet at crucial moments We could have used a lotabout Tony other than the weak explanation that is offered near the end If the True Knot are so bad ass, how come there are so few of them There is an explanation offered of prey predator stability of numbers, but I found that unpersuasive And why the hell introduce view spoiler Jack if he is not going to be a part of the action hide spoiler (((READ BOOK))) ☟ Doctor Sleep ⇙ Stephen King Returns To The Characters And Territory Of One Of His Most Popular Novels Ever, The Shining, In This Instantly Riveting Novel About The Now Middle Aged Dan Torrance The Boy Protagonist Of The Shining And The Very SpecialYear Old Girl He Must Save From A Tribe Of Murderous ParanormalsOn Highways Across America, A Tribe Of People Called The True Knot Travel In Search Of Sustenance They Look Harmless Mostly Old, Lots Of Polyester, And Married To Their RVs But As Dan Torrance Knows, And SpunkyYear Old Abra Stone Learns, The True Knot Are Quasi Immortal, Living Off The Steam That Children With The Shining Produce When They Are Slowly Tortured To DeathHaunted By The Inhabitants Of The Overlook Hotel Where He Spent One Horrific Childhood Year, Dan Has Been Drifting For Decades, Desperate To Shed His Father S Legacy Of Despair, Alcoholism, And Violence Finally, He Settles In A New Hampshire Town, An AA Community That Sustains Him, And A Job At A Nursing Home Where His Remnant Shining Power Provides The Crucial Final Comfort To The Dying Aided By A Prescient Cat, He Becomes Doctor Sleep Then Dan Meets The Evanescent Abra Stone, And It Is Her Spectacular Gift, The Brightest Shining Ever Seen, That Reignites Dan S Own Demons And Summons Him To A Battle For Abra S Soul And Survival This Is An Epic War Between Good And Evil, A Gory, Glorious Story That Will Thrill The Millions Of Hyper Devoted Fans Of The Shining And Wildly Satisfy Anyone New To The Territory Of This Icon In The King Canon A sequel, huh I didn t feel much for Danny when I was going through The Shining since Jack Torrance pretty much had me by the balls, but I guess this being a Stephen King book I can give it a try.Oh, who am I kidding Dan Hi, I was a total scumbag, meaning I once swiped a few bucks, a horrible horrible thing for which I ll never forgive myself, and, oh yeah, almost forgot, I used to get in bar fights all the time and I for all I know, I killed people during a blackout Anyhoo, nowadays I m heroic Seriously, I m pretty much a saint I have magic powers and it never even crosses my mind to profit from them.Abra Hi, I m a totally normal teen, you can tell because of all my pop references Game of Thrones Fruit Ninja I m also all heroic, like, totally I also have no imagination at all, just like Dan.Both Together, we fight crime Rose Hi, I m Rose, I m super scary Did you notice how convenient it is that we can t fly in planes I mean, convenient for the heroes, not for me We also are too good to use guns, despite the fact that we re as easy to kill, if not easier, than an ordinary human Seriously, how the hell did we survive in medieval Europe, when getting around was a serious ordeal Especially when me and my gang are hilariously incompetent Anyway, I have a really cool hat. Remember that psychic little kid in The Shining Have you ever wondered what he d be like as an adult after surviving a haunted hotel that drove his drunken father crazy and gave him a case of the redrums If so, you re in luck because Stephen King has now told us what happened to Danny Torrance, and he s just as screwed up from his experience as you d expect him to be.Like his father, Dan has grown up to be a bad tempered drunk, and he uses the booze to blot out his psychic powers as he drifts from town to town working menial jobs The early part of the book focuses on Dan hitting bottom, and then trying to pull himself together with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous He winds up with a job as an orderly at a hospice where he earns the nickname of Doctor Sleep for his ability to provide an easier death for the patients Dan becomes aware of a little girl named Abra with a shining ability that dwarfs his own, but unfortunately Abra has also come to the attention of group of vampire like creatures calling themselves the True Knot They pretend to be humans who roam the country as a harmless pack of tourists in RVs while they track down and feed on the psychic energy collected from torturing children with the shining, and Abra would be like an all you can eat buffet to them This book is almost two separate stories One is about Dan Torrance struggling to come to terms with the legacy of his father, his abilities and his alcoholism The other is about the battle to save a little girl from a pack of vicious monsters King does a decent job of trying to make these two tales intersect while revisiting some elements from The Shining, but it ends up feeling like less than the sum of its parts Frankly, I was farinterested in Dan s battle with the bottle than another Stephen King story about a child in danger from a supernatural threat.It s not that Abra vs the True Knot is bad There s a lot of genuinely creepy dread to be mined from a pack of psychic vampires roaming the country while posing as harmless middle aged farts, and King knows how to milk every drop out of that concept And I liked the character of Abra a lot The idea of a powerfully psychic young girl with a bit of a mean streak was great Kinda like if Carrie White would have had decent parents and a happy childhood.In fact, Abra s a little bit too powerful because she seems fully capable of kicking ass even during her first encounter with the True Knot So while there s a lot of nice build up, most of what happens seems anti climatic view spoiler Abra and Dan pretty much settle the True Knot s hash with only minor injuries to a supporting character and no real lasting damage That just seems weird in a Stephen King novel which generally feature wholesale carnage and a lotcollateral damage from the bad guys hide spoiler I said I wanted this to be a movie after I read it now the movie is coming out I hope it s good MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListTHIS BOOK IS FREAKING AWESOME I love this is a sequel to The Shining and in the beginning of the book it goes into some things from when Danny was young Even though Danny, his mom and Dick Halloram survived from the tragic and scary as hell events that happened at the Overlook Hotel, some of the ghosties come back to haunt Danny As an adult Dan is traveling around, he s an alcoholic, and he finally lands in a nice little town He s also trying to get sober What I found in reading the book is that not only did Dan inherit the alcoholism from his father, he started drinking to stop the shining and the bad things it put in his head But, from time to time his friend Dick s words would come back to him EXCERPTS It will never stop, Danny thought The Overlook burned and the most terrible revenants went into the lockboxes, but I can t lock away the shining, because it isn t just inside me, it is me Without booze to at least stun it, these visions will go on until they drive me insane.Then, like a flashlight beam in the dark, Hallorann s voice Son, you may see things, but they re like pictures in a book You weren t helpless in the Overlook when you were a child, and you re not helpless now Far from it Close your eyes and when you open them, all this crap will be gone So Danny now Dan lives in the town of Frazier and is a groundskeeper for a little village called Teeny Town He works with a man that turns out to be a good friend and fellow shiner named Billy Freeman Billy doesn t have the shining as strong as Dan but it s still there He gets him the job and the man that runs most of the town gets Dan in AA and it s all going good Meanwhile, down the way little Abra Stone is born and she is born with a powerful shining I just love her She starts contacting Dan when she gets a little older They areconnected than they know at first, but I m not telling you what that is A little bit later Dan starts working at Rivington House, it s an elderly home and he helps them when they are going to pass over He s so very kind to these people and I love this about him Then there are these evil bastards that call themselves the True Knot They have been around for years, they pray on the deaths of kids with the shining They suck in their steam Yeah, it s a little crazy but I like this story line I don t like these people and couldn t wait to see them strung up in their own knot They also go to major disasters and stand around sucking in the steam of what I m guessing anyone with the shining in them that were in the disaster They have a leader that is the most evil of them all and she s coming after Abra Beware Rosie the Hat, until she meets her match I loved this book so much Just to be taken back into the world of The Shining, I know it s not the same, but to have a book that continued The Shining was so wonderful It turned out that the True Knot owned a campground that was set up where the Overlook used to be, that opened up a whole new can of worms There IS something that happened there that brought a tear to my eye I might have to go and watch The Shining today I wish this one was a movie too Mel Dan Torrance grew up to be an alcoholic, just like his father But now he s in recovery and working in a hospice where he uses his Shine to comfort people when they die But what is his connection to a young girl named Abra Stone And what does The True Knot, a traveling group of RV people, want with her After all the glimpses shown in NOS4A2, I knew I d be reading this one hot off the presses Was I disappointed Well, I don t think it was a home run.I loved the story of Dan Torrance, recovering from his experience at the Overlook with his parents in The Shining, only to become an alcoholic just like his old man His road to recovery was well done and I loved how the connection to Abra Stone unfolded Dan s friends were well done and I found myself dreading which one of them would die at the bloody conclusion, as is the fate of many Stephen King supporting cast members.There were some nice Easter eggs in Doctor Sleep Charles Manx, Castle Rock, the Dark Tower, and probably a few others I ve already forgotten When Dan got a job at TeenyTown, I had flashbacks of Joyland Maybe Joyland started life as a fragment of Doctor Sleep that got cut out like a bad appendix Also, I have a feeling Stephen King read a book about carnies and felt the need to work as much lingo into his work as possible.Another thing I loved was the True Knot I love the idea of a bunch of psychic vampires riding around in RVs, draining kids of their Shine to rejuvenate them Rosie the Hat was pretty vile and her compatriots were almost as bad I almost feared for Abra Stone s life.Almost My main problem with the book is that Abra was too damn powerful and I never thought for a moment that she wouldn t survive When she outmaneuvers the bad guys at every turn, there s no sense of jeopardy The ending was straight from the Nerf factory I don t remember another Stephen King book where so many of the good guys survived the final encounter.Still, it was a fun read and there were some tense moments We ll call it a 3.5. A very good Stephen King book.I went to see a concert last year featuring Joan Jett, Cheap Trick and Heart Promoters called it the Hall of Fame tour because all three bands were in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame It was a great show, we had a blast I got the impression that any of these talented professionals could put on a great show in their sleep They ve been doing it so long that they knew their craft as well as how to win over a crowd.Stephen King is also a wily old master craftsman who knows how to grab a reader and hold him entranced for hundreds of pages Hell, he s practically a genre unto himself now, leaving behind the Horror and Fantasy schools for a stage just for him And while I would agree that he, like Joan Jett and Ann Wilson, could put on a great show without trying very hard, I think he did put some extra effort into Doctor Sleep, his 2013 sequel to his 1980 masterpiece The Shining.While this takes off from where The Shining left off and then goes on to tell its own story, this is in many ways an amalgam of many of his best stories and returns to many of the themes that have made him one of our most successful writers I noticed elements of Pet Sematary, Firestarter, and The Dead Zone Besides trying to scare the heeby jeebies out of us, King explores themes of family, life and death, extra sensory perceptions, and the demons that haunt us, paranormal and mundane.King, a recovering alcoholic, wrote The Shining as an alcoholic and Doctor Sleep speaks from this mature, embattled perspective Sadly, but fittingly, little Danny Torrance becomes too much like his father and has succumbed to his inherited drinking problem King shares with us, no doubt from much of his own experience, how Alcoholics Anonymous helps Dan Torrance survive and thrive in sobriety, but also shares Dan s rock bottom and how this hidden secret gnaws at Torrance as much as the ghosts from the Overlook Hotel In this way, King provides an allegory for secrets held and like so much of his writing, finds the horrific without delving too far into fantasy We are our own worst enemies and nightmares.Years after the tragedy at the Overlook, Dan Torrance is making his way from childhood to alcoholic despondency to an edgy and fragile temperance Like most recovering alcoholics, he takes his life one step at a time, and one day at a time And his gift of shining remains Using his special abilities to help dying patients in a hospice, he has come to the sobriquet of Doctor Sleep It is here that Dan discovers a young girl who makes his shining look dim by comparison as his is a flashlight, hers is a light house Dan also discovers an antagonistic group who feed on human suffering, and the suffering of those with the shining is their most cherished delicacy.Rose the Hat Leading this group of psychic vampires is one of King s most devilish and engaging characters From Northern Ireland centuries ago drawing on the vampire parallel Rose was once Irish Rose, but now in her leadership role, she is Rose the Hat, appearing with a cocked to one side old top hat King has made a good living on making bad guys scary and evil and in Rose he has given us one of his most dire, giving old Barlow a run for his money.So I raise my lighter to you, Mr King, great show. I hesitated to read DOCTOR SLEEP for about a minute I was worried that it wouldn t live up to The Shining, and everything would be ruined RUINED Luckily that was not the case at all I should have hadfaith in Stephen King s love and respect for these characters I am sorry for ever doubting you Stephen.A tribe of people called The True Knot travel around the United States by RV in search of children with The Shining These children have what The True Knot feeds off, something they call steam Their leader Rose The Hat learns of a little girl named Abra that will keep them in steam for a very long time.Danny Torrance is all grown up, but far from happy He is still haunted by his past To numb the pain, and keep the ghosts at bay, he follows in his fathers footsteps with the bottle Dan finally settles down in a little town in New Hampshire , joins AA, and finds a little bit of peaceuntil one day he starts receiving strange telepathic messages from a little girl named Abra Abra needs his help.Call me crazy, but I think I liked DOCTOR SLEEPthan I liked The Shining I could be terribly wrong because I haven t read The Shining in years, but I certainly loved grown up Danny waaaaaaaythan I liked Jack, and I loved Abrathan I liked Danny as a child One thing I do know as a fact I will never look at innocent summer vacationers travelling in RVs the same EVER Being a big fan of Stephen King, especially his early work, I waited with nervous anticipation for Dr Sleep I reread The Shining for the first time in years, just to reacquaint myself with the world of Danny Torrance and the Overlook Hotel It was on my kindle within minutes of it being released, and I spent the past two afternoons ignoring housework in favor of diving into one of Kings rare sequels.So how does it measure up The correct answer to that is it depends If you are looking for a direct sequel to The Shining that recaptures the same sense of claustrophobic terror as the original, you are going to be disappointed It does try to go for scares here and there, but on that level it comes nowhere close to it s predecessor If, on the other hand, you are looking for the next story in the life of Danny Torrance then you will probably find this muchsatisfying.Dan Torrance is a grown man and an alcoholic who has hit rock bottom and is now trying to recover He works at a hospice where he uses his talent to help dying patients pass over Over time he becomes aware of another child with The Shining, and this girl is farpowerful than he was But there is a group of psychic vampires roaming the country and feeding on children who shine, and he is going to get drawn into defending her against these monsters.Sadly, I think the monsters are one of the areas where this book falls short of what it could have been They simply aren t very frightening, and the one scene where they kidnap a boy to devour feels tacked on as if the author was trying to make them scarier while introducing a plot device for later The problem here is that the author spends too much time in the heads of his bad guys King is a master of characterization, and that shows with many of the characters in this book You feel real sympathy for Dan Torrance, and connect with several of the other characters as well At the same time though, he seems to have let that lead him to actually overdevelop some of the bad guys to the point they are merely antagonists, and just don t inspire fear at all Rose the Hat is no Walking Dude Heck, despite her powers she isn t even as scary as Jack Torrance was.But that is really the only flaw of the book So the effect of it is, that as a horror book it s not all that effective, but as a layered story with interesting characters possessing psychic powers, it succeeds in all kinds of ways I absolutely do recommend this book, but just take it on its own merits.I give it four stars.