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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♦ Eloise - Loving a Sociopath ♑ Contains Strong Language And Scenes Of A Sexual Nature Disturbed Teenage Lovers Reunite In Middle Age One Has Turned Their Life Around And The Other Is A Murdering Psychopath, Who Can Mimic Charm And Sanity With Ease This Psychological Story Of Intense Love And Severe Mental Illness Will Play On Your Mind It Is A Thriller That Is Thought Provoking And Often Left Open To Interpretation Catherine Lockwood s Eloise Loving a Sociopath, is a sad, moving tale of one woman s obsessed relationship with a man that went on for years The story begins at the funeral of the heroine, Eloise, as the author takes us through the lived experience of the now deceased heroine The story moves along at a good pace, sad one minute, funny and hilarious the next It was well written and kept me eagerly turning the pages I couldn t wait to see what happens next As I read voraciously, the story took an unexpected turn that left me reeling, but what really had me off my seat screaming, was the ending, it will blow your mind Unexpectedly frightening I had a hard time getting into this one, as the beginning seems kind of stiff and oddly detached for such an emotionally intense topic Nevertheless, I ended up reading it in almost one go.The story consists of the diaries of a woman in the claws of a sociopath Torn between her love for him, her own depressions and low self esteem, caused by long years of being trapped in an abusive marriage, Eloise experiences everything from perfect happiness to physical and verbal abuse In all innocence, she slides deeper and deeper, believing she can help Jude become a stable person Introduction, ending and occasional comments in between are written by her best friend which explains the feeling of detachedness in the beginning , who took her diaries after her death.It is not an easy read Partly, I wanted to yell at her for being so blind, so delusional, for letting herself become a victim, on the other hand the author does such a good job of painting the road Eloise travels that all her hopes, all her motivations, become perfectly understandable As we all, she craves love and refuses to see that where she goes, there s no love to be had, only mind games and pain. I bought this yesterday evening and couldn t put it down until I had finished it in the early hours this morning Then a struggled to sleep.Although it is fiction, it reminded me of so many people I have come across during my life and it s quite scary to think of the lucky escapes I ve had Because this story is so real, and I guess based on the author s own experiences, it really gets the hairs on the back of your neck hackled up than any fantasy horror story.I m not saying that it is a horror story, but without revealing too much, I will say it is as disturbing, if not , than any I ve read.Everyone of you will recognise someone with the traits and power that Jude possesses Hopefully people reading this story will get an insight of the manipulation before they get suckered in and dragged down themselves.It s an excellent read Fictional, but could easily be classified as true life by many. 3.5 Stars I am so glad that it ended that way apart from what she goes through I wish she didn t have to die That book was a head fuck lol. It just goes to show you can t always trust stellar reviews There were missing words, typos, and grammar mistakes The book read as an f you letter to someone in the author s life catharsis in taking revenge on a jerk in her life, even nicknaming the protagonist Cathy Please I didn t think it was well written and I didn t empathize with or care about any of the characters If it were not so short, I wouldn t have bothered to finish it. Having read and loved, The Girl Behind the Painted Smile My battle with the bottle, when I found this book I just had to read it This book brought out many emotions for me, I was sad for the main character, who only desperately wanted a shot at love Eloise feels as though she has a second chance with her lover for her younger years, after reacquainting decades later We have all been there, when you have strong feelings for someone, even if they don t necessary reciprocate our love, we still find it hard to move on despite knowing they re bad for us Not all is as it appears though and as Jude s mask slips, we see some very frighteningly manipulative behaviour I found this well written book hard to put down, although there are some truly sad and scary moments, Lockwood also throws in some great dry humour and an amazing satisfying ending I didn t see it coming at all I was excited to read this one, expecting it to be a stellar novel with twisted content considering the title and the fact it received one of the highest ratings of my to read books , but was disappointed in the end The book is made up entirely of excerpts from Eloise and her best friend Pandora s diaries It felt how you would expect like reading one long, drawn out thought process of a delusional, victimized woman I even found the ending to be less than captivating, which is unfortunate, since the entire book sets up for it All in all, an OKAY book. DNF 56% My Thoughts This book raises awareness for the little known phenomenon The psychopath who walks among us These are not all serial killers who make themselves obvious It is simple than that, yet sinister by design They prey on men and women, feigning love and devotion, only to deliberately tear them down This book tells the story of such a victim It is heartfelt, sad, terrifying and a cautionary tale Short and sweet.