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I cannot adequately express my complete and utter loathing for this book I was working at a library during the time that this book was being published and had access to a galley of the novel I did finish it, but only so I could know entirely how much Christopher Paolini the supposed 16 year old author genius had plagiarized J.R.R Tolkien s Lord of The Rings trilogy If you are not familiar with the Inheritance books, allow me to inform you Lord of the Rings TrilogyEragon TrilogyLord of the Rings a main character AragornEragon main charactor EragonLord of the Rings Aragorn s love interest is Arwen the daughter of an elf king Eragon Eragon s love interest is Arya the daughter of an elf king Lord of the Rings bad flying things are RingwraithsEragon bad flying things are Ra zacLord of the Rings there is a big fight in the troll dungeonsEragon there is a big fight in the troll dungeonsI could continuesuffice it to say, after reading Eragon I classified it as Lord of the Rings with a dragon This is definitely not worth anyone s time, unless you want to amuse yourself by noting how many similarities there are between the trilogies.Addendum WOW Thanks for all the comments This is, by far, my most popular review I m glad to know others share my feelings for this pitiful excuse of an imaginative novel Addendum 2 If you, like so many others in the comments, find fault with my apparent ignorance and wish to correct me regarding the fact that this series is not a trilogy, please see comment 53 Addendum 3 I can t even I just can t Do you know how many people have commented on the fact that this isn t a trilogy since I added Addendum 2 SPECIFICALLY addressing that I don t even know how many because I ve lost count What does this teach us It teaches us that people don t read Let that sink in. Two or three years ago, everywhere I went there was some display attempting to sell me Eragon, by Christopher Paolini It was obviously a bad book without opening the cover the back cover carries a quote from the book, and an endorsement by Anne McCaffrey, and I m pretty sure I could get that woman to supply a blurb for a double mint wrapper to the effect of I couldn t put it down An author to watch for The quote is Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world Please note, the author has just claimed that the world is going to be changed by a smell Which would actually be an interesting book, sadly, not this one I know this, because that quote is the first sentence of the book, and what the author means is Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent giving warning of the coming of persons who would set in motion events that would change the world I know, it lacks a certain something.Better the eighty percent of the pit of voles, but still, undeserving of being published.I do not blame Paolini for writing a bad book People write, and sometimes, they write badly But I do blame the editor, and his publishing house This book is crap, and it should have been obvious to anyone who read it The main character s most interesting bit of characterization and only vestige of personality is that he collects rocks, and this is only mentioned in one paragraph He s a transparent sue Everyone acts as if they have just acquired their motivations and history on a 3x5 card before walking on for their scene.The plot is a clumsy clunker that is foreshadowed on page 22 He has never known his father, and his mother refused to answer questions about him Do you think this will turn up again later His name is Eragon Like dragon, but with an E An old man pops in to tell what in a better novel would be suspiciously appropriate myths and folktales every time Eragon needs to know what is going on.Descriptive sections are often incomprehensible, as for example, His hand was numb, his fingers paralysed Alarmed, he watched as the middle of his palm shimmered and formed a diffuse white oval The only reason I know what the author is intending to say there is because I have read enough fantasy to recognize the Mystical Mark.Our hero makes decisions that make no sense, simply because they are necessary to move the plot forward Obstacles like hiding a dragon from those living in your house are hand waved away in two paragraphs Things that oughtn t be obstacles, like buying groceries, are, just to build sympathy with the protagonist by inserting baseless discrimination.Why publish this Were they incapable of finding somethingdeserving Was this book even edited Is he someone s nephew Publishing this book is an insult to readers and a disservice to writers everywhere, including Mr Paolini It s like telling someone they look great when they have spinach in their teeth Dammit Standard fantasy fare, except that while most fantasy authors lift their plots only vaguely from a previous author, Eragon is simply the plot of Star Wars with a Lord of the Rings paintjob Princess flees, trying to keep precious item out of the evil emperor s hands Boy finds item Bad guys burn down his farm and kill his uncle Old mysterious man helps him, and turns out to be part of a secret order of knights to which boy s now evil father belonged Gives boy father s sword and takes him eventually to princess, then dies tragically Boy learns how to fly X Wings er, dragons and goes to take on his father and the evil emperor, c., c Paolini also resembles other fantasy authors by denying that he is a fantasy author, instead imagining that he is a great literary talent In his own wordsIn my writing, I strive for a lyrical beauty somewhere between Tolkien at his best and Seamus Heaney s translation of Beowulf1 Unfortunately, his control of language isakin to a piece of Harry Potter fanfic There are some days that I wish my parents ran their own publishing company, too However, if such a boon would require me to write as obliviously as Paolini, I would have to decline Yeah, I know he was eighteen, but so was Byron when he wrote Hours Of Idleness and Pope when he wrote his Essay on Criticism If Paolini doesn t hesitate to compare himself to what he sees as literary greats, I certainly have no problem with letting my criticism fall with equal weight on his little bit of fluff.I think the reason I keep returning to Pulp writers like Robert E Howard is that those authors just wanted to write exciting stories instead of the next literary event Authors who lack pretension often write very good stories, because they aren t forcing themselves to write overblown, overly complex stories Many modern fantasy authors do the opposite they write redundant escapist yarns and then get upset that no one considers them to be literary greats, yet.There is nothing new or interesting here for anyone who has read fantasy before it s just a rehash of old cliches The writing, pacing, and characterization are substandard I wasn t surprised to find that a teen boy wrote this book it s exactly what I would expect a teenage fantasy fan to write.My Fantasy Book Suggestions Here is a short list of things I findenjoyable than reading Eragon Why does this book read like it was written by a fantasy obsessed 15 year old Oh, nevermind Is THAT why is has EVERY single one moth eaten fantasy clich It s like Paolini actually, in all seriousness, used Diana Wynne Jones humorous The Tough Guide to Fantasyland as a real technical manual on how to create the Eragon universe And the proud parents of a budding new Tolkien , instead of proudly allowing him to read it out loud at family gatherings, decided to publish it and unleash it upon the world. LEFT the ride that this story promises to take you on RIGHT what you actually get The only way to actually enjoy Eragon is if you have never encountered a single fantasy related story in your life and that includes Star Wars , by the way Let s have a roll call for the clich s, shall we A mysterious talented orphan poor farm boy Check Dragons Check Elves and dwarves Check Stew Check Ancient sword Check The weird apostrophe ridden names save the protagonists, of course Check A quest Check Hot chick Damsel in distress Check And it goes on and on and on Wait, you say, maybe Paolini was deliberately paying homage to the traditions of the fantasy genre Fine I suppose that could explain some of it But still, blindly and straightforwardly rehashing of the old tropes without adding much originality IS NOT OKAY, okay I think that the writing is immature and betrays the author s young age and lack of experience Throughout the novel, Paolini clumsily brings our attention to anything that he considers important to the story with constant reminders and brick sized hints Foreshadowing should be subtle, but I don t think he quite grasps that concept The descriptions are trying too hard to be Tolkien like, but fail at this miserably His attempts at creating accents and dialects are pathetic There were quite a few instances when I had to shake my head muttering, I don t think this word means what you think it does The prose is stilted and quite irritating while trying to be overly pretentious OH, I SEE The characters are flat and devoid of any believable personality, with shallow and simplistic motivations that only exist to move the plot forward The interactions between them are far fetched and forced The protagonist Paolini s version of Luke Skywalker , absolutely marvelous at so many cool things with minimal training every child s dream is there for the reader to self insert into the story The deux ex machina bits replace so many actual solutions in this story that no amount of eyerolling would suffice And the plot holes the story is so full of those there s barely any plot left at all As for the worldbuilding well, he stuffs it with every imaginable fantasy trope, as I mentioned before Ughhhh And yet at the end nothing is memorable Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world The first sentence alone should have stopped me from reading this book I should have reorganized my sock drawer instead.Why did I read it if I hated it, you ask Simple answer I was bored and this was the only book within reach I would NOT recommend it to those who are familiar with the fantasy genre Actually, scratch that I would not recommend it to anyone 1 star. Before we get started Please,please do not judge a book by its movie I read Eragon for the first time when I was 15 years old.I ve re read it 5 times since I didn t own many books back then so after I took advantage of my neighbor s and my cousin s library,I kept re reading my poor collection and every time I loved it just the same,because it was the book that introduced me to the world of fantasy The story When I got this beauty in my hands,I thought that Eragon was the dragon laugh all you want,I deserve it.But it turns out Eragon is the teenage boy who finds the dragon named Saphira and together they are the only ones who can fight the powerful and corrupted tyrant Galbatorix.With an old storyteller as his mentor,Eragon travels in Alagaesia,finds dwarves and elves and rebels and embraces his heritage and his responsibility as the last Dragonrider,the protector of the weak and the only hope of an oppressed peopleKeep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs it s actually quite common The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believeReaction of 15 years old Katerina Reaction of 23 years old Katerina You get the picture Thoughts I know there is a great amount of readers who found this book boring and slow paced and nothing special.Maybe if I read it for the first time as an adult I would agree,maybe I wouldn t.But as things turned out,this is the first book that took me away in uncharted lands,it was my Brom to the fantasy world.I know by heart the ancient language,I still use the dwarven curses and it is very satisfactory ,I still look at it with great affection and love.Eragon could be immature but it is expected from a teenager,and there were so many interesting and vivid characters,like Brom and Murtagh and Arya and Roran and Orik.The world building is fascinating,and there are epic battles and ancient swords and deaths and magic and prophecies.It is a wonderful journey to embrace one s destiny and purposeBooks are my friends, my companions.They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in lifeAnd that s exactly what Eragon is.I can t guarantee that you will like this book,but you should give it a chance to bewitch you and make you a Dragonrider S onr sverdar sitja hvass I LOVE the Inheritance books I had never heard of Christopher Paolini before, and was walking through Barnes and Noble when I saw this book on the end display What caught my eye was the dragon on the front cover I love dragons, and my artistic eye was captivated by the artwork This is a great fiction adventure fantasy novel Anyone who is a Lord of the Rings would truly have an appreciation for this book I was hooked from the moment I picked up this book and began reading The story begins with a young farm boy, named Eragon, from a small village While hunting in the wilderness in search of food for their family, Eragon comes across a rare stone which is later revealed to be a dragon egg He takes it home with him and to his suprise the egg hatches and out comes Saphira The two are instantly connected as a Dragon and Rider making them inseparable Once Saphira is big enough to fly they set out to seek revenge for the death of Eragon s uncle who was murdered This is just the begining of their journey throughout the land battling mysterious, evil forces A very good book to cuddle up with on a cool fall day or during the winter when you need a good adventure to bring you out of being stuck in your house. EDIT Re wrote fixed up this review on 8 21 2012 to reflect my changes as a critiquer reviewerRight so I ll just say it I hate Paolini s work To my very core I don t really think it s so much the he stole from Tolkien Lucas Gandhi God my dog.., though whoever may say this has a point Even though he blatantly took ideas from pioneers in their respective fields, that isn t what bothers me the most.When I was fourteen, I admired him out of mere jealously I was absolutely green with envy that he could publish a book at age fifteen and receive any kind of acclaim But in retrospect and nearly vomiting as I attempted to get through a chapter of Eldest, which I failed at miserably , I realized that I had no reason to envy Paolini at all He doesn t know how to write String together a vague semblance of a story Possibly But at the end of the day, the description is purple, the dialogue is stilted, and the character development is next to non existent.For starters, has anyone noticed that he is obsessed with stating distances Something like, Two feet away stood three troops of fifty, in rows of five, making ten people per row is a sentence uncannily close to one I read in the actual book itself This kind of information is superfluous and distracting, taking away from important aspects of a novel such as character development which, by the way, he integrates next to none of Who is Eragon I seem to have forgotten everything about him, other than the fact that he is creepily obsessed with a woman who has no interest in him, he acquires fighting skills incredibly fast read Mary Sue red flag , and only reprehensible villains disagree with him Basically, he s perfect, and he only gets evenamazing at everything he does Where is the fun in a character like that I do, however, remember Murtagh a little Probably because he s the only one who changes at all as a character throughout the book, other than the occasional insight into Eragon s personal airplane I mean, pet dragon I mean, companion, Saphira Even her characterization is sacrificed because she s used as a plot device by Paolini rather than fleshed out as an actual character None of the characters are memorable and the main character is my least favorite character of them all How are we supposed to root for the main character when he is nothing but an arrogant snot, constantly reaffirming a holier than thou attitude to everyone around him The plot is a cliche hero s journey that has been done before, and better, might I add Where s the appeal in that Answer there is none.What left is there to hold in high regard His world building skills False I don t know why he decided that his world of Alagaesia had to have EVERY single climate condition imaginable, but doing so made his world seem juvenile, fake, and forced Not to mention boring judging by the awful over description of said world With regards to the language he created He mostly ripped from old Norse words He s admitted to it himself Look, anyone can string a bunch of letters together and call it a language But Paolini hasn t a single clue when it comes to linguistics And hey, I ll admit that I don t either But I also don t try to create my own languages that Ior less steal and claim that I created all by myself Seriously, Paolini s alleged arrogance based on interviews I ve seen read disgusts me.All in all, sure, it s fantastic that he published a book at such a young age, but are we as a society lowering the bar that much as to celebrate mediocrity The man is now twenty eight years old and his successive books Eldest, Brisingr and finally, Inheritance are decidedly much worse than his first book on every front That he wrote when he was fifteen This is a huge problem in my eyes Someone so unwilling to grow or change like any other writer should have their title of writer stripped from them It s insulting. Age of the readers and how well acquainted they are with the high fantasy genre seriously need to be considered here.I don t think I need to say a lot on my review on this, Eragon is a very popular book and it s been quite mixed received, to say the least The majority of love and dislike usually depends on when did you read the book for the first time If you were still a child or teenager, and haven t read a lot or any high fantasy books yet, you ll probably love this Unfortunately, I m reading this for the first time as an adult who s already well acquainted with the genre.Anyone who has read or watched Lord of the Rings or Star Wars pretty much has read this book, Eragon almost a straight copy of these franchises with different names and terminologies And that s okay, especially considering that the author was 15 years old when he wrote this book However, as someone who has experienced the high number of tropes in this book out of all medium, it was hard for me to enjoy the book Eragon is not a bad book, by all means, it s just a book that in my opinion will appealtowards children or teenagers it s something that I will definitely recommend to younger kids If I was reading this 15 years ago, it could ve been one of the books that introduced me to this genre and I know it, in fact, did for a lot of people This is something I will always praise Paolini for I don t care what kind of books or genre you read, if the book sparked your love for reading a genre, that gets a praise from me and Paolini did it for countless readersBooks are my friends, my companions They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in lifeI wasn t planning to read Eragon in the first place but I received this book from one of my good friend, Dorina, as a birthday present because she wanted me to have this book that made her become the reader she is today and for that, I thank you very much, I will cherish this book Although this book didn t really work out for me, I can totally see why it s beloved by a lot of readers, especially younger readers In the future, Eragon could be a book that I ll consider giving to my kids to spark their love for reading You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest {DOWNLOAD BOOK} Ö Eragon ó One BoyOne DragonA World Of Adventure When Eragon Finds A Polished Blue Stone In The Forest, He Thinks It Is The Lucky Discovery Of A Poor Farm Boy Perhaps It Will Buy His Family Meat For The Winter But When The Stone Brings A Dragon Hatchling, Eragon Soon Realizes He Has Stumbled Upon A Legacy Nearly As Old As The Empire Itself Overnight His Simple Life Is Shattered, And He Is Thrust Into A Perilous New World Of Destiny, Magic, And Power With Only An Ancient Sword And Tge Advice Of An Old Storyteller For Guidance, Eragon And The Fledgling Dragon Must Navigate The Dangerous Terrain And Dark Enemies Of An Empire Ruled By A King Whose Evil Knows No Bounds Can Eragon Take Up The Mantle Of The Legendary Dragon Riders The Fate Of The Empire May Rest In His Hands seriously, Ben Why have you not read this sooner This beast has been sat on your TBR pile for years What is wrong with you Was little Ben intimidated by the size I FINALLY READ THIS BOOKand breathI honestly think this is one of the best fantasy YA stories Such a classic ERAGON YOU ARE MIGHTY FINEEEEEEE