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Neogothic is a fantasy story full of humans, faeries, dragons and demons The story begins in the human world, shortly opening the eyes of the main character Rob to fantastical beings that have been present all around Bad luck has followed him for years At last, through the gift of a friend, Rob discovers his bad luck is the working of something sinister.The story reads quickly, moves fast In fact, there are times where I felt areas could have been expanded on I thought the characters were too agreeable especially Rob seemed too quick to accept his situation or destiny I would have expected denial or argument However, there were several action scenes, which was nice.The highlight of Neogothic, for me, was in the explaining of the beginning of time, of the One Demon, I Am That I Am, etc This part was especially a fun read, but then I am, at times, partial to origin stories.Over all, the story is entertaining and, for those with not a lot of time, it is a fast read.Note I was given a free electronic copy for review as part of the book of the month discussion. [[ Ebook ]] ↡ Neogothic ↵ In Neogothic, A Fantasy Novella, Rob, A Recovering Addict Turned Counselor Falls Yet Again Into Shadow As New York S Underworld Surfaces At The Nexus Of Three Planes Of Existence, And A DemonLord Is Pitted Against An Alliance Of Humans And Belladoran Races Fairies, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves And Dragons In Possession Of A Powerful Malevolent Relic And They Bet Their Lives The Horrendous Maw Of Malice Will Self Devour Up front let me say that I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, here is that review Neogothic is a fantasy tale that weaves many fantastical elements like dragons, faeries and demons into the world we know The story concerns a man who has experienced a pretty rough life and how he gets involved in a world most people aren t aware of.The story itself is fast paced, a little bit too much so in my opinion There s a lot of new and strange ideas being thrown around and it would have been nice to let them settle in before throwing the next idea at the reader It s not a major issue though The creation myth is well done and probably the highlight of the story.It s a fun book which I enjoyed reading. I must not have a sense of humor.Rob is your typical loser Can t hold a job Draws baddies to him like a magnet And really, that s it The characters are one dimensional and the story zig zags incomprehensibly from one weird scene to the next And let s not forget the big pause in the middle to explain the history of the magical beings in the story It was like, one moment here s the action, then there s a new chapter barfing up all the backstory I ll ever need Except by the end I was bored.So yeah, I did not like this one bit.And I received a free copy for review Nice fantasy story explaining the creations of dragons and fairies and how the universe s were created Middle with the history dragged a little and the story would have been much better with a little character develepment at the begining for the fairies Decent enough action sequences make for fun read Enjoyable enough and was a nice way to spend the afternoon in the sun and look forward to reading any type of sequel that might be written. Won from a librarything.com member giveaway A very enjoyable novella Well written with a whole host of fascinating fun characters at once you re thrown into a very layered fantasy world It did take a a while to wrap my head around what was going on but its a quick, easy read Fantastic world building with a vivid back history and a satisfying conclusion, with a nice coda that could possibly lead to a sequel. Intense Dark Fantasy An Interesting ReadRob chose the worst building one could possible want to have rooms It was owned by a demon lord Fortunately, he had a half human, half fairy duo looking out for him.Neogothic is intense dark fantasy The story uses all the elements of fantasy to vanquish evil It s an interesting read. This cross genre Paranormal Urban Fantasy work was amazing Neogothic s really exciting, very creative and unusual I loved the powerful female characters This could be a movie. Robert Rob Wright has had a difficult time, even spending a period of time living on the streets After having gotten back up on his feet, he is now facing potential homelessness again, and he is close to despair After his last light bulb burns out, he lights a mysterious candle given to him by one of his clients This candle summons the assistance of a magical creature, Atara, who warns him of impending danger When Rob stumbles into even greater danger at the club Neogothic, he again calls upon Atara for help What he discovers is an ancient battle between the forces of darkness and light, and he must fight for his own soul.The plot has a lot of potential However, I think that it needs much development beyond its current 76 pages epub version Most of the work was spent recounting the creation myth for Atara s home and subsequent battles between good and evil There was a lot less emphasis placed on character development There was quite a bit of repetition, and the dialogue did not flow very naturally I definitely see this becoming a full length novel or even perhaps a trilogy. Neogothic is an interesting concept which reads, in its current form, like the notes to a much detailed and longer novel There is so much that could be said about the world of Belladora and its rulers I would have loved a description of the city of Enas Alabar, especially as the main character, Rob, spends two days there waiting But the description is scant enough that I didn t even form an idea of what it might look like I was also unprepared for the action that developed quickly A little lead in to Rob s problems both past and current might have prepared me for the sudden fight that erupted in chapter 2 This story will certainly not waste time on extra words as it quickly races ahead, with only one pause as Atara explains the connection between Belladora and Earth I would be interested in seeing the story fleshed out , with deeper characters The ideas are great and show promise As it is, Neogothic is great for a quick, action packed read that will not only be enjoyable, but will get you thinking.