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I honestly don t get how people see this book as one filled to the brim with horror because I certainly didn t bat an eyelash at all You may now conclude that I m immune to scares but I m not I can t sit through one recognized horror movie without squirming not to mention squealing This book was just a series of events time lapses about her grandfathers secret Yes it did have one weird concept which could slightly freak a person out with its different aspect but it s not enough to garner a heart thumping response I thought this book would deliver a mind blowing secret, one which would chill my blood and send an eruption of goosebumps Yet, here I am typing this review with an extremely dissatisfied face.The question is why did I read it in the first place Well after a couple of recommendations and happily eying the fact that this would be a quick read I took it upon myself to read this but meh it wasn t that great apart from the overwhelming suspense created at the beginning WHY DID YOU FORCE ME TO READ THIS What a delightfully short little horror story The pace is fast, the action almost instantaneous and effortless The story is well written and packs a real punch for such a short short A must read for horror genre lovers WaAr What even was this There was zero tension and NOTHING scary I revel in all things scary and bloody, but this couldn t even have scared 6 year old me, who thought sharks lived under her bed and cried from fear during The Wizard of Oz.I don t want to sound like I hated this because I didn t But there was just ZERO that I liked about it It was so short that I didn t have time to be bored by it, but something so brief should have some impact Papap s Teeth just fluttered on past like an inconsequential moth You may notice it, think hmmm, that s a moth, but then you go on about your day, the same as if you never saw it at all. There can be no doubt that every individual has their own little secrets This could be a burning desire in life which is difficult to share with others, or perhaps it is a past unfortunate activity which is best left uncovered People will try their hardest to protect such secrets in an effort to take them to the grave However, while it is a fact that we all harbor secrets in life, it is equally true that others will try their best to uncover them That is simply an unfortunate trait of human nature Be that as it may, when such shrouded bits of information are actually uncovered, they may be much than anyone bargained for or can handle That is certainly the case in Danielle DeVor s short story, Papap s Teeth Those who enjoy quick horror tales juxtaposed with a side of sentimentality, may consider giving this book a read.As this is a very short tale, I will provide a brief synopsis in order to avoid spoilers The story focuses upon a little girl named Sara and her grandfather They have a very close and loving relationship as is typical of many grandparents and their grandchildren However, one thing does mystify Sara in regards to her Grandpa Every time they are together he has a peculiar habit of taking a small wooden box out of his pocket and staring at it for a few moments He then slips it right back into his pocket from whence it came When questioned about this by Sara, he quickly dismisses her and warns her off the topic On a sleepover at her Grandfather s house, Sara s curiosity finally gets the best of her and when her Grandfather is preoccupied, she looks into the little wooden box What she discovers will change her life, and the lives of others, for eternity.Overall, this was a well written story The writing flows very nicely and the ideas are presented seamlessly However, I found it to be missing some of the key elements which should be contained in a classic horror story The horror genre will include elements such as mystery, suspense, fear, foreshadowing and a plot which will really make the reader think Personally I did not connect with all of these elements in this tale I connected with this story as a nostalgic tale between a girl and her grandfather I did find that part of the tale to be quite captivating and touching The terror and fear which accompany a classic horror story were just not as powerful for me however and as such I found the plot was lacking in that area and not what I expected.As mentioned, the author did do a great job at presenting the relationship between a grandparent and child The characters were well described, developed and engaging Many people would easily be able to associate their own personal experiences growing up and have nostalgic flashbacks to their own past This critical relationship between Sara and her Grandfather was touching and engaging Where it did lose me a little however was with the gift the grandfather left Sara in his Will While I understand why this was included, it still did not seem to fit their relationship.All in all this was a different type of horror story which certainly may appeal to many people The actual writing is very good and the author attempts to create fear in a different way which incorporates sentimentality into the mix An admirable attempt but it was missing a few too many other elements for this particular lover of the horror genre.3 Toothy Stars for this one If you have a couple minutes to waste, and I mean that literally, read this short story. Good, quick read Nice level of suspense.Read for free via iBooks. |Free Epub ☾ Papaps Teeth ♢ Sara Has A Grandfather Who Has A Rather Odd Obsession Every Time She Sees Him, He Pulls A Small Wooden Box Out Of His Pocket, Stares At It For A Moment, Then Puts It Back It Isn T Something He Forgets To Do Like CompelledOne Day, Sara Is Left With Her Grandfather While Her Parents Go On A Business Trip The Box Is Nowhere To Be Seen Until Sara Gets Ready For Bed The Box Is On The Nightstand Her Curiosity Is Too Much For Her What Is Inside The Box Will Change Her Life Forever Good, It was really good to read As a short story I can t expect better than that, no offence of course Liked it 2 STARS SPOILER ALERT This was the worst book I ever read ughI still can t understand the purpose of this book OVERVIEWThe story started when protagonist was six years old and she found out that her grandmother was attacked by a strange beast when she married her grandfather At that time, Her grandfather killed that beast BUT beast s teeth were still alive Her grandfather, kept those teeth in wooden box He kept that box with him After her grandfather died, she received those teeth which her grandfather left for her to kept them hidden BUT rather to hid them she was afraid and left them in her apartment After some time, she found out that murders had been started in her apartment since the day she left her apartment So, she didn t want this to continue She went and caught them I think, I have given you the ending THINGS I LIKED Characters was engaging Writing style was good Scenes were also good THINGS I DIDN T LIKE Frankly I didn t like the story It was boring and old fashion End was unsatisfying at least for me RECOMMENDATIONIf you feel you have a time to waste then I highly recommend to read it LOL I hope you like my review If you don t, then point out my mistakes I would be happy to see that Thanks for your attention