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Project HALFSHEEP was really good and interesting It was a little hard to get past the science fiction stuff of it but at it s core it has a great satirical point and the intertwining story lines keep a reader interested There were so many different messages throughout the book that I think every reader would be able to find something to relate to Overall a great read I also received this book in a Good Reads giveaway and am thrilled that I did because I am unsure I would have read it otherwise This is a complex novel to describe or review There s a lot of humor Since the alien learned English from Webster s dictionary, her word choice is an ongoing source of humor She says she misplaced my consciousness and got in a feces load of trouble Her observations of humanity are also amusing as well as right on The humans think if they chop him time small and give him a ticking sound, if they strap him to their wrists, they can understand time, but it s not so He is not nor ever will be effable Nor is he killable, no matter how they talk about killing him Another favorite alien observation Arguing made humans stupider Basically, all the sections narrated by the alien are great, funny and perceptive, from the moment she accidentally volunteers for this mission because she s daydreaming about genetically coloring her flocculent butt hot pink to the end where she s switching labels on the boxes in the archives for fun She arrives on earth shortly after WWII when the cold war was just developing and the CIA was formed She s captured by the army and then later taken by the CIA, so the book is filled with satire about army stupidity and the pursuit and abuse of power in government agencies The CIA s experiments with psychoactive drugs on unwitting subjects is treated satirically too since the alien as well as the psychiatrist become rather fond of LSD and weed.But much of the book is also told in third person by a large cast of characters, each one fully developed with a back story and internal and external conflicts A lot of these people are victims of domestic abuse The subjugation of women is an ongoing theme When the book leaves the alien and follows these other people, its tone changes There isn t much humor and often the pacing slows I began to wonder if Hasler was trying to fit too much into one book, or if it might be sharpened by a little cutting Or maybe she does successfully weave together the paranoia of the cold war, the brutality of interrogations, the abuses of government power, the suppression of women, and the horrific insensitivity of some scientists to their subjects Regardless, I was enthralled all the way to the end and would recommend Project HALFSHEEP for its complexity, its wit, its insights, its delightful alien, and its skewering of the CIA. This novel had me chuckling from the first page until the end The wit and humour contained within the story were a delight.An alien is sent, hysterical and screaming, to planet Earth The army and CIA compete for control of this creature, feeling that possession of it would raise their status in secret circles Thus begins a series of bungles and dirty tricks To say would mean spoiling this delightful story I was interested to read the About Susan Hasler section at the end and it made me realise that some of the criticism contained in the novel in relation to the treatment of women in CIA ranks may be true Ms Hasler spent twenty one years in that organisation The arc of the story is excellent, as is Ms Hasler s use of language The dialogue flows well The characters are well drawn I loved the strong voice of the alien, and because most of the story was told in the first person or alien in this case I enjoyed it thoroughly.My only criticism is that the switching of point of view from first person to third was jarring at times Otherwise it was brilliant.4 stars In 1953, the fledgling CIA under Director Allen Dulles launched a mind control program called MKUltra The project was an experiment on human subjects with drugs that included LSD years before Timothy Leary turned on and dropped out Caught up in the anti Communist hysteria of the time, the CIA was searching for new ways to interrogate and ultimately control prisoners, just as they imagined the Communists were already doing These illegal experiments resulted in several deaths, most famously that of a US Army biological weapons researcher named Frank Olsen Only two decades later did word of MKUltra, the CIA and LSD reach the public through an expose in the New York Times and subsequent Congressional investigations.In Project HALFSHEEP, 21 year CIA veteran Susan Hasler satirizes MKUltra in a fanciful science fiction novel about an alien captured by the Agency and subjected to years of experiments with mind altering drugs Like her earlier novel, Intelligence, Project HALFSHEEP refers to the CIA as the Mines and peoples the Agency with a misbegotten collection of rich, entitled misfits, undercover officers suffering from PTSD, and long suffering bureaucrats.The central character in the novel is a three foot tall creature from the planet Utorb who has been sent unwillingly on a mission to scout out Earth as a possible new home for her dying race The alien has enormous eyes, webbed fingers, ears in her palms, wool on her butt, and a nine inch nose that causes her to be known by many of her captors as Dick Face She quacks like a duck Her name is unclear When volunteered for the mission to Earth, they took my humble name away and called me Piyat, which in the high language means brave one, and in the common tongue, idiot She prefers to be called Alice Webster, after what become her two favorite books, Alice in Wonderland and Webster s Unabridged Dictionary Oh, and she s a great chess player.Project HALFSHEEP also tackles the perennial conspiracy theory about an alien landing at Roswell, New Mexico Piyat crash lands in New Mexico in 1947 far from Roswell To prevent discovery of the real crash site, the CIA sets up a fake site near the town.As an analyst at the CIA, Susan Hasler was involved in tracking down Osama bin Laden She held other positions at the Agency, among them serving as a Russian linguist and speechwriter for three CIA Directors Project HALFSHEEP was the second of her three novels. This story was a very skillfully crafted, humorous yet suspenseful, jab at various government entities alien ones included I found myself laughing aloud on a number of occasions as I read this unique treasure, and despite the humorous nature of the relaying, I found it quite suspenseful and tense throughout Remembering how the humans frequently commented that my proboscis gave them the willies, I rubbed it against Vince s hand He moved back so quickly, he knocked his chair over and sprawled on the floor I smiled at him, giving him a view of my undazzling chewing ridges The others laughed, and this time not at me The personal interactions between the alien Doug , and his human handlers are described with rich emotional narrative that clearly conveyed the personalities of the characters The story was well balanced and had just the right degree of side story to round out the rough edges on detail.I found myself wanting to know Doug, Lee and LloydI unfortunately, already know Avery Susan Hasler did a praiseworthy job of embodying in her characters, the various major personality types one comes to be familiar with in various governmental organizations Agency, Military, or Bureau Despite the familiar traits, Hasler gives them enough individuality that you don t realize that s what she has done I was curious as to why this was listed in satire, but it is very clear now She has successfully lampooned quite a wide range of characters and agencies.I would recommend this book to anyone as it crosses many genres, is uproariously funny at times and paints a rich picture of human and alien relationships Bravo. This was an excellent book with the only problem being that, towards the end, it got almost too depressing to keep reading at times.The first thing I have to say about this book is to not let the blurb fool you It is about everything said in the blurb, but it s also about sexism, which is period appropriately portrayed without being exaggerated, and about the marks horrible events leave on your mind These themes are brilliantly interwoven with the tale of the alien.The characters were wonderfully and realistically portrayed, though it might ve been nice to have found out a bit about Boots to make sense out of why he was so very, very cruel.Humor and pathos alternated throughout the tale, with the humor lessening some towards the end, as I mentioned above In my opinion some of the best parts were the ones that blended the two, but I ve been accused of having a very dark sense of humor before.I had to look up several words which is something I quite like in books.The descriptions of everything, especially the alien world and culture, were very well done The book also had the best description of a migraine I ve ever read.I really loved the alien culture It was relatable, but still, well, alien I especially liked the differences or were they between the high and low language, like a word meaning adventurer in one and doomed in the other, as well as little things like the alien finding 90 degree angles cramped.And the poem the alien writes has to be read to be believed.All in all, this was a very good book, and I look forward to reading by the author.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. What a witty tale The story of the alien who comes to Earth and ends up being fought over and used for drug testing was surprisingly funny The story is set during the cold war and the feel of the story seems to reflect that era I especially enjoyed the CIA aspect of the story as well The story is paced very well, and it never seemed to drag The characters are well developed and keep the story fresh, especially the main character of the alien, who had me giggling on many occasions I admit that this genre is probably adjacent to my usually preferred genre I do enjoy a good fantasy or sci fi tale, but I usually read things along the lines of The Mortal Instruments or The Hunger Games But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed this story I think anyone could enjoy the book, but you should check it out if you are a fan of fantasy sci fi, especially if you are in need of something to make you both think and laugh.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and nonreciprocal review. I received this book free from the author for an honest review Language, drug use Project Halfsheep is well written book by Susan Hasler It has a solid plot that pulls you into it I liked the alien and although the promised plot takes a while to develop there are no slow spaces Everything is well thought out and flows from one scene to the next Susan Hasler does an excellent job at keeping the unbelievable believable, and the story is completely unique.There were a few things that became a little distracting, but most of the things I didn t like were nitpicky For example, I wanted the Trudie s story to be linked to Alice Webster s there was a lot of time spent setting up the her story and then it seemed to be replaced with that of Lee s story However, even with the few little things, I would still highly recommend this book. Fictional aliens have visited Earth many times in the past.Some have been friendly, others terrifying but none even E.T have been as human as Piyat, the unwilling female volunteer shot to Earth from a dying planet in author Susan Hasler s excellent Project HALFSHEEP Or How the Agency s Alien Got High I found this to be a wonderful book on many levels.It is, for example, beautifully written Hasler has a real command of the language and her talents are on full display in this novel of life in the United States in the years following World War II Her descriptions of people, of places and of events are spot on and they rope the reader into her narrative.And what a narrative it is Full of all the paranoia that marked America in the Age of McCarthy and other right wing demagogues who cynically used the Red Scare to win elections and Constitutional concessions from the people they were allegedly trying to protect Their paranoia allows them to treat Piyat with disdain and a total lack of humanity They imprison her, experiment on her and treat her roughly utterly failing to realize that she is intelligent than they are by a long measure Her treatment because she is alien closely parallels the treatment of Trudie, the woman who first recognizes that Piyat is special in a way the buttoned down, fear driven men around her do not Like Piyat, Trudie is also imprisoned Her cell is a loveless marriage to a cruel man who controls her life and her property.Perhaps that s why she and Piyat bond so quickly In any event, Hasler s dual story lines give her the opportunity to make some very sharp observations about the status of women during the Fifties and the present.In addition, Hasler who spent than two decades working for the CIA casts a knowing eye on the workings of it and other intelligence agencies back in the day when it was often considered disloyal to voice any criticism of the government and its workings It was a time when even newspaper reporters and editors took quiet payoffs from the CIA and other agencies for privately informing on co workers and people they came into contact with A terrible time in American history despite the Herculean efforts of television and the film industry to paint it as idyllic Hasler s descriptions of the self righteous men who ran the country s spy agencies in those dark days perfectly captures, in my opinion, their lack of respect for women, their recklessness, their paranoia and their almost complete perversion of the American ideal.This is an excellent novel that will sometimes make you smile, sometimes make you laugh, and sometimes make you wonder why we Americans are always so ready to judge on appearances alone.In short, it is a novel that will make you think.I highly recommend it. ^Read Pdf ⇻ Project HALFSHEEP ⇧ The Lords Of A Dying Planet Send Piyat, A Terrified Volunteer, On A Voyage Across The Universe The Reluctant Alien Crashes In The Fear Washed Landscape Of Cold War America Near The Site Of The Nation S First Nuclear Test Captured By The Army And Stolen By The CIA, She Falls Into The Hands Of A Guilt Ridden Ex Operative, A Psychiatrist With A Lust For Pharmacology, And An Agency Golden Boy Gone Wrong They Turn Her Into The Centerpiece Of Project HALFSHEEP, A Top Secret Program To Test Mind Control Drugs But Piyat Is Not So Easy To ControlOJECT HALFSHEEP Is A Darkly Funny Blend Of Science Fiction And Political Satire Informed By The Real Life Excesses Of The CIA In Its Earliest Years