Book ♹ Skin and Other Stories ☩

It s Dahl What should I say It took me a number of years from the first time someone recommended Roald Dahl s adult, dark short fiction to me and the time I finally got one of his books and read it, but my word This was one of the most engaging, unsettling, delightful, and unexpected works of short fiction I have ever encountered I had no suspicion that Dahl had these kinds of works in his oeuvre, and now that I know, you can rest assured I will keep reading them This was a literary treat I was delighted at the mystery, the otherworldliness, the glee of creation, and the richness of character and situation I found in the covers of this book Highly, highly recommended. Book ⚈ Skin and Other Stories ♂ The Eleven Stories In This Volume Are Drawn From Dahl S Popular Adult Short Stories And Were Chosen For Their Quirky, Twisted, And Haunting Plots Sure To Please Dahl Teenage FansContents Vii Introduction Skin And Other Stories Essay By Wendy Cooling Skin Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl Lamb To The Slaughter Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl The Sound Machine Short Story By Roald Dahl An African Story Short Story By Roald Dahl Galloping Foxley Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl The Wish Short Story By Roald Dahl The Surgeon Non Genre Novelette By Roald Dahl Dip In The Pool Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl The Champion Of The World Non Genre Novelette By Roald Dahl Beware Of The Dog Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl My Lady Love, My Dove Non Genre Short Story By Roald Dahl Dahl shows his true colors in this incredible grouping of short stories The man, as it turns out, is a sicko like the rest of us His adult work is disturbing in a way that continues to rattle your cage while he laughs at us from beyond the grave His brilliance and striking gift for plotting always comes around full circle to slap you in the face He is an unpretentious author who chooses always to be modest while remaining vivid I am going to hold strong that his gift was not truly for children but instead for those of us who grew up to love him. I m not a fan of the quiet literary novel I like stories in which things happen New, different, interesting things Dahl is in my top five of short story writers along with Daphne DuMaurier who was also a Hitchcock fave, as well as three other people I ll have to think very carefully about Guy de Maupassant and Edgar Allen Poe and Rod Serling come to mind immediately. I actually received this book through a kind of secret santa book exchange last holiday season I was excited to receive it, though, as it was billed as Roald Dahl writes short stories for adults, which, I guess, is what it was.I grew up on Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator, James and the Giant Peach, and The Witches were all staples of my early reading years, so I was excited to see what happened when this imagination was applied to some mature themes.Unfortunately, my answer is that it wasn t applied very well The writing seemed weak and timid, although there were brief instances of brilliant imagery Perhaps the biggest problem I had, though, is the structure of the stories.It s as though Dahl wasn t quite certain of what to do with a short story Tales of this nature typically involve introduction, conflict, action, and sometimes resolution The majority of the stories in this collection, though, I d say 80% hardly made it past the conflict stage You met the characters, the plot line gets introduced, and then the story ends The conflict is typically a twist of some sort, and ending the story on this twist just makes the story feel like a cliffhanger The problem is that nothing feels resolved or even acted upon It s like watching a play with three acts but they only show you Act I The effect is ultimately disappointing.The stories, although billed as macabre, are simply imaginative and occasionally mildly sinister than anything, and they do show a degree of promise, but in the end, they are lacking. I HATE collections of short stories Hate About once a year I give them one try My one try this year should have just ended with Tyranny of Petticoats But no I discovered this little ditty by RD and just HAD to try it It took me almost a month to read this 200 page book And the determination of circus trainer As would be expected, I really like some stories and others were not even at my table, let alone my cup of tea I might try to review this book to see if I talk myself into appreciation for the Collected Work. I picked this up at the library as I was curious what sort of stories Roald Dahl wrote for adults, and I m so glad I did Every story was completely engaging from the first sentence, and had such a clever twist to it.A literary delight What an incredible storyteller. What a fun collection These stories were all pretty spooky, creepy, and or twisted, and I greatly enjoyed most of them The last two weren t great in my opinion, but the rest were awesome I highly recommend giving this collection a try if you re wary of short stories or if you just want something a bit creepy I m a nasty person And so are you in a secret sort of way That s why we get along together Wowzers I loved this collection of short stories From the author who brought us Willy Wonka s Chocolate Factory, Jame s Giant Peach, Matilda, The BFG Big Friendly Giant and This collection of stories was published after the death of Roald Dahl and brings together a perfectly wonderful batch of fun written for adults rather than children.Within the pages of Skin are the answers to many of life s mysteries such as how to catch pheasants with raisins and where to look for early works of art by famous painters.I absolutely loved SKIN and highly recommend it to all my twisted friends.