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@Read Epub ⚛ Tales of the Unexpected ì A Wine Connoisseur With An Infallible Palate And A Sinister Taste In Wagers A Decrepit Old Man With A Masterpiece Tattooed On His Back A Voracious Adventuress, A Gentle Cuckold, And A Garden Sculpture That Becomes An Instrument Of Sadistic Vengeance Social Climbers Who Climb A Bit Too Quickly Philanderers Whose Deceptions Are A Trifle Too Ornate Impeccable Servants Whose Bland Masks Slip For One Vertiginous InstantIn These Deliciously Nasty Stories An Internationally Acclaimed Practitioner Of The Short Narrative Works His Own Brand Of Black Magic Tantalizing, Amusing, And Sometimes Terrifying Readers Into A New Sense Of What Lurks Beneath The Ordinary Included In Roald Dahl S Tales Of The Unexpected Are Such Notorious Gems Of The Bizarre As The Sound Machine, Lamb To Slaughter, Neck, And The Landlady Cover Illustration By Seth JabenCover Design By Heidi NorthContents Taste Lamb To The Slaughter Man From The South My Lady Love, My Dove Dip In The Pool Galloping Foxley Skin Neck Nunc Dimittis The Landlady William And Mary The Way Up To Heaven Parson S Pleasure Mrs Bixby And The Colonel S Coat Royal Jelly Edward The Conqueror The Sound Machine Georgy Porgy The Hitchhiker Poison The Boy Who Talked With Animals The Umbrella Man Genesis And Catastrophe The Butler 3.5 starsAn entertaining book, some stories were very predictable but others were great.My personal favorites are The Landlady, Nunc Dimittis, and Skin And the best one The way up to Heaven.I didn t like the fact that the author portraited every women in the book in such a grotesque way but most of the characters were very interesting, the stories were original and the imagination of the author is noticeable.I want to keep on reading his work. I must admit that when I first purchased this book, I really thought it was a book for children Why did I think this Well, mostly because I ve only read childrens books by Roald Dahl This is not a book for children This is another review in progress, starting with the very first storyTasteis the story of two men, Mike Schoefield and Richard Pratt They have this curious tradition that Mike finds a wine, a really good wine, and then Richard has to guess what it is However, at this particular dinner party the stakes are raised Since this is a story with a twist, I won t reveal the ending, except to say that it kept me at the edge of my seat all the way to the end I ve not felt my heart beat like this for a long time while reading a story 4 starsLamb to the Slaughteris the story about how Mary Maloney got away with murdering her husband What still puzzles me is what her husband told her why was he leaving her Yeah, the answer is probably a solid story, fast paced and entertaining 3 starsMan from the Southis another betting story, this one involving a boy, a man, a cadillac and a little finger This story must absolutely have inspired the director of Four Rooms yet might not turn out exactly as you expect it to Awesome story 4 starsMy Lady Love, My Doveis the story of a couple that run some kind of a hotel The are bored and the woman wants to play a trick on her customers, so they install a sound system at one of the rooms so that they can listen and make sounds However, the couple that moves in may have plans of their own The weakest of the bunch so far, but still a good story 2.5 starsDip in the Poolhas a strange premise A cruise ship is crossing the atlantic ocean and the people aboard are betting how long they get each day One of the travellers is looking to earn a a lot of cash and is willing to do something REALLY stupid Awesome story that really kept me at the edge of my seat Oh, and there is a twist that you didn t see coming 5 starsGalloping Foxleytells the story of William Perkins, a contented commuter However, this is about to change as another man enters Williams comfort zone and there is something familiar about this one A good and solid read 3 starsSkinis one of the morbid stories in the book so far It tells the story of a tattooist who one drunken night decides to get a tattoo of his own It is supposed to be a masterwork of his wife, by a young upcoming artist The tattoo is a masterpiece but the big question is, how do one sell such a masterpiece 4 starsNeckis about well I am honestly not sure It was a strangely incoherent read that didn t really grip me in any way It is about the relationship between a weak man and a dominating woman Other than that, you need to read it for yourself However, I can t recommend it 1 star Goofing around with Google Translate on Roald Dahl s 100th birthday and the result was quite well unexpected The problem with this book is that all of the endings were expected This would be a great book to use as a model for lessons in irony with a creative writing class, because that is the purpose of every story to provide an ironic ending to an otherwise relatively mundane story I like irony as much as anyone else, but none of the endings were surprising It s hard to stay engaged in a suspenseful short story when you can predict the ending from page two Luckily, I like to see execution, so I did read the book as a sort of self exercise.I d recommend this book to creative writing teachers, but not too many other people The verbiage is lovely I d use the words quaint or old fashioned to describe the style It makes me think of those work by Beatrix Potter mixed with Hemingway The irony is well executed, but other than thinking, wow, that was well set up I did not have much of a reaction to the stories.