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[Download Pdf] ♢ The Daily Death - How I Killed My Co-Workers In 30 Days ♫ Death Can Come From Anywhere, At Anytime And In Any Form It Can Creep Up On You While You Are At Work It Can Ambush You While You Are Out Having Fun And, It Can Even Strike As A Side Effect Of A Practical Joke Gone WrongOnce Known As The Daily Death Series On His Blog , Thomas Scopel, Author Of Twitch, Has Rewritten And Compiled These Horrific Fictional Tales Of Macabre Demise Into One Book That Will Cause Shivers And Chills While It Takes You On A Demented Tour Of Eventuality That May Very Well Have You Pondering Your Own Ending However, Be Forwarned, The Daily Death How I Killed My Co Workers In Days Is Not For The Faint Heartedfor Death Wins Every Time A blogger tells how he methodically killed off his co workers over the course of a month Some stories were better than others. After reading the author s description of himself and his love of the macabre, I was nervous I d find myself so uneasy reading The Daily Death that I would have a hard time finishing Well, I did have a hard time finishing the book, not because I was uneasy but because I was bored The concept of this book intrigued me and I can see whyall of Thomas Scopel s co workers would love their individual stories it would be fun if someone in my office did the same , but as an outsider it s going to take a lot to creep me out.I felt the author repeated the same words often and used generic adjectives that never quite grabbed me.I wanted to love this book, I really did Fun collection of outrageous deaths in the vein of the Final Destination movies Cool read More in depth review to come at The Horror Fiction Review next week.