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The world Anne McCaffrey built is nice, but her view on women the most positive example is of an indipendent resourceful woman who also happens to be very manipulative and revengeful , their subservient role to males, how men always know best, bug the hell out of me I don t know if that s because she wrote those books in the late 60s and 70s or cos her POV is kind of old fashioned regarless of the time she grew up in, but whatever the reason, I cringed quite a lot, especially while reading Dragonflight In the other novels, I didn t wince quite as much I guess tptb told her tone down her POV a little I might readof this saga later, later on I m not ready yet cos her universe is fascinating, but I hope McCaffrey s view on women changed in later novels FYI, this is coming from someone who isn t a fanatic feminist Also There s the thing about the mating dragonflights and how they affect the dragonriders Ikind of don t want to think about it too much.BUT if you re looking for stories about a whole different universe, how people colonized it, chose to live, their traditions etc, then this is the book for you That part was great (((READ EPUB))) ⇶ The Dragonriders of Pern ↝ Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereFinally Together In One Volume, The First Three Books In The World S Most Beloved Science Fiction Series, THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, By Anne McCaffrey, One Of The Great Science Fiction Writers Of All Time DRAGONFLIGHT, DRAGONQUEST, THE WHITE DRAGON Those Who Know These Extraordinary Tales Will Be Able To Re Visit With Lessa, F Lar, Ruth, Lord Jaxon, And All The Others And For Those Just Discovering This Magical Place, There Are Incomparable Tales Of Danger, Deceit, And Daring, Just Waiting To Be Explored Wow, this takes me back Loved this book when I read it Bought it knowing nothing about it, as part of my membership bundle in The Science Fiction Book Club Ahh, the Days of Yore Looking back, at the beginning the characters seem stiff and cliche, but it loosens up as it goes along The sensibilities of a different generation are seen in the attitudes and personalities of the characters, which seem a bit archaic by modern thinking The start of a epic series of books well worth reading.OK, story time In 1993, Anne McCaffrey did live chat on Compu Serve, which no or few authors had ever done Since the online world was a lot smaller in those days, or because it was poorly promoted, I got to chat with Anne and a moderator I think for about 15 minutes ALL BY MYSELF Awkward at first for me at least , since I felt obligated to keep up the conversation I m sure it was disappointing for her having only one fan show up I hardly remember what we talked about now, I wish I d kept a transcript I do remember talking about where characters were headed in their development, and which characters I liked and disliked And other books and authors I liked A fond memory of one of my favorite authors. This book took me from earth to 3000 years in the future where some humans escaped earth s planetary warfare to a planet called Pern Pern is a planet scientifically much like our own except for the erratic red planet that passes by every few hundred years which thrusts a silvery carbon eating menace called thread The settlers befriend creatures called firelizards which breathe fire on the thread destroying it before it destroys every living thing living on Pern Through genetic modification large firelizards were created and named dragons These magnificent creatures born to protect Pern and chose certain people who possessed the right stuff to fight thread and protect the planet.I would recommend this series of books to anyone who loves science fiction Not only are these 3 novels full of suspense and adventure you tend to fall in love with certain characters The relationships of the people are well developed and engaging as we ll as the complex relationships between the people and their awesome dragons Join the DragonRiders warriors, thread fighters, and peace keepers , harpers musicians and educators , and other heroes and heroines as they work to protect Pern and uncover secrets long forgotten.Which color dragon would you impress Pretty standard pulp fantasy with a bit of a sci fi bent Entertaining a good read, but nothing tremendous Dragonflight begins the Pern series, and Dragonquest picks up pretty much right where Dragonflight leaves off, but The White Dragon takes place several years and 3 books later, so it can be somewhat jarring if you haven t read the Harper trilogy the 3 intervening books Strong points all 3 books 1 Generally likeable main characters who cooperate well against external threats In this respect, the dynamics are somewhat like Lord of the Rings, where the good guys need to work in perfect harmony Denethor Boromir excepted to overcome their obstacles Contrast that to the Wheel of Time books, where the good guys problems stem not only from external sources, but from mistrusting each other, infighting, failing to share vital information, and general petty squabbling amongst themselves.2 Good pacing Generally the plots move along well, and almost every scene except some in White Dragon,on that later moves one orof the plotlines forward.3 Awesome job of handling time travel Saying anywould be a spoiler, but it was really well done One of my favorite aspects of the books.Weak points 1 A fair amount of implausibility Not a big deal for me, but for some people it is It seems difficult to believe that Thread could perfectly survive the heat of entering Pern s atmosphere from space, then be incinerated by dragonfire Also, the energy requirements to keep teleporting dragons around would probably denude the planet But like I said, not a big deal for me.2 White Dragon only There s a little too much Jaxom is horny stuff It is pretty realistic, because 18 year old guys pretty much spend all day just being horny and checking out women, but I actually found it distracting at a couple of points. I had not read any of these books in something like 25 years and only had the vaguest of memories of what the books were about I knew there were dragons obviously and they were used to destroy something called Thread that fell from the sky but that was about it, and that I enjoyed the books as a kid So it was with great enthusiasm that I revisited the series with this handy collection that covers the first three novels in the Pern series I was surprised to discover it was a science fiction series and not fantasy, despite the trappings this isn t a medieval society in a made up kingdom, it s actually the story of humanity after they had gone to the stars and colonized other worlds and lost the technological know how from days past Pern is a world where society had declined and stagnated and was only just beginning to find the lost secrets of the past again While they are able to breath fire, the titular dragons are genetically engineered creatures, not the mythological beasts that typically frequent these kinds of books All that said, I had a blast reading these books again Anne McCaffrey seems like an author whose works I should revisit now as an adult. This isn t the first time I have read this series of books, hell not even the second or third It is interesting to me, how some books I read back in the days of High School, don t hold up as well the older I get Others though hold up well to the test of time, Dragonriders is one of those Each time I read a book, no matter what the book is, I find myself discovering new things, or remembering things that had slipped my mind in regards to the book It is always fun when these discovery s add to the enjoyment of a book This is the case with the Dragonrider series I have once again come away feeling upbeat after reading the three books the first three written in the series and impressed with McCaffrey s ability as a wordsmith While her science is light it is acceptable on the level that it is presented, this book ischaracter and interaction driven and makes full use of that Maybe not as heavy duty as Dune or Lord of the Rings in that regard, but still quite able to stand on its own and hold a place as a classic. I ve read this multiple times from when it was 1st published as well as most of the following novels, duologues and trilogies It is a favorite epic fantasy of mine I consider it one of the best speculative fiction series extant I ve argued the genre of this series fantasy vs sci fi since CompuServe days To me it has always felt like fantasy and this 1st trilogy is certainly epic fantasy Granted it becomes Sci Fi as the Southern continent is explored and discoveries of origins made I genrize these novels individually on their own merits I am aware the author considers them all sci fi I do not consider that especially relevant, but just one person s opinion. One of my very rare Five stars.Very good writing, an ingenious world The dragons are worth reading about, the characters are real and stay in character The actions scenes are great, so are the descriptions The plot follows itself as it should This is the first three books which are a trilogy So you can get the full read with this set.I fully recommend all three A little dark in places and a surprise ending, not sure if the all the main characters are always likable but they are real A great read. The Dragonriders of Pern is a fantastic trilogy packed full of adventure and encourages you to rise above the doubts of others All three books have great messages about perseverance, plus fantastic dragons and fine lizards If you enjoy the trilogy there is an additional trilogy, The Harper Hall, which continues the story Enjoy teen reviewer Sofia D.