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!READ KINDLE ☨ The Drawing of the Three ♕ While Pursuing His Quest For The Dark Tower Through A World That Is A Nightmarishly Distorted Mirror Image Of Our Own, Roland, The Last Gunslinger, Encounters Three Mysterious Doorways On The Beach Each One Enters Into The Life Of A Different Person Living In Contemporary New York Here He Links Forces With The Defiant Young Eddie Dean And The Beautiful, Brilliant, And Brave Odetta Holmes, In A Savage Struggle Against Underworld Evil And Otherworldly EnemiesOnce Again, Stephen King Has Masterfully Interwoven Dark, Evocative Fantasy And Icy Realism Unlike the dry Book One which was following one man in an endless desert Here are Threedoing so. The More the Merrier indeed. The Drawing of Three Oh and it s endless beach this time..with monstrous crabs. so much fun, trust me 16 3 Dad a chack Did a chick Dum a chum Dod a chockYou see this Cimi For every mother who ever cursed God for her child dead in the road, for every father who ever cursed the man who sent him away from the factory with no job, for every child who was ever born to pain and asked why, this is the answer Our lives are like these things I build Sometimes they fall down for a reason, sometimes they fall down for no reason at all It s up to men to build things, paisan It s up to God to blow them down You agree 22 11 63 The Stand Actual rating. 3.5 10 2017 14 2017 What the hell did I just read The Drawing of the Three is as far as I can tell, a unique literary experience.The second book in King s The Dark Tower series, published 5 years after The Gunslinger, this really begins The Dark Tower series From my limited experience at having ready two of these, and myselfthan two years in between, The Gunslinger seems like a prologue, a table setting Maybe, just maybe, The Gunslinger is to The Dark Tower series as The Hobbit is to The Lord of the Rings I don t know yet, I ve just read through the first two and I m still processing what I ve experienced.Processing what has just been read is an imperative as the book is set down Stephen King has created a singular narrative, told with alternating perspectives, diverse language structures and rich in metaphor, allegory and symbolism King s wildly fantastic world building is in The Drawing of the Threeconnected to our world than the largely disconnected andpurely imaginary setting of the first book.King s second work then gains definition along with the connection to our world, as a framing device or a boundary thatstrictly delineates what is fantastic and what is mundane And King chooses as his mundane a series of grotesques a junkie, a mentally unstable victim, and a monstrous sociopath, and Roland is the fulcrum about which these levers and torques join the fantastic to the real.King s narrative and characterization powers are in full display in The Drawing of the Three The reader encounters a mature writer seeking to expand his already broad horizons.I ll accept King s invitation to discover The Dark Tower in the world that has moved on. When a very close friend lists a book as an ALL TIME FAVORITE the pressure to love it, and give it a review deserving of its fabulous ness, is immensewhen that very close friend is the gloooooorious Stepheny the pressure is OFF THE CHARTS Anyone familiar with her will know EXACTLY what I mean So here goes nothing deep breath THE DRAWING OF THE THREE the second book in The Dark Tower series takes place seven hours after we last left Roland Deschain in The Gunslinger The Man in Black had laid his cards on the table so to speak and trust him or not, Roland is going to follow his leadRoland wakes up on the beach, and immediately knows he has a BIG problem Lobster like creatures are attacking himand before he can react to the strangeness of the situation he has lost two of his fingers and a big toe Now he has to worry about tending to his wounds before infection sets in And now he has to worry about dying before he can follow through with THE DRAWING OF THE THREEFirst Door 1987 The Prisoner Eddie Dean Eddie is a young heroin addict who is traveling by air, attempting to smuggle cocaine into New York for the drug lord Enrico Balazarbut the flight attendants are becoming a little bit suspicious of him, and Roland is going to have to step in to get Eddie out of some veeeeeeery hot water.Second Door 1964 The Lady of Shadows Odetta Holmes Odetta is a wealthy, wheelchair bound black woman, missing her legs below the knees after being pushed in front of a subway train Odetta is completely unaware that she has an alternate personality Detta Walker who is veeeeeeeeeeeery different from the normal, kind, sweet, Odetta in fact Detta is downright dangerous.Third Door 1977 The Pusher Jack Mort Mort meaning death in French Jack is a sociopathwho s relevance becomes clear as soon as Roland sees what Jack has been up to in his evil little demented life.Each door brings a new person into Roland s world..and each person brings a new set of problems Roland must overcome Let the good times begin For all you GOOD Readers that were less than over joyed with The Gunslingerplease please please just try to get past that hurdle, because what is in store for you in THE DRAWING OF THE THREE, is sooooooo worth the ride AndThank you Thank you Thank youto Quick Draw Stepheny and my other fellow buddy reading pals Calamity Bev, Jumpin Jeff, and Straight Shootin Susan for making this journey soooooooo muchfun than it would have ever been alone. The quest for the DARK TOWER continues Beginning mere hours after the events of the The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain wakes from his bizarre encounter with the Men in Black Man in Black to find himself on a strange beach Before he can even get his bearings, he s attacked by Killer Crabs the Seafood from Hell in the form of ginormous, ill tempered though wonderfully delicious lobstrosities After a near fatal encounter with the vicious entrees, Roland finds himself seriously injured and feverish from infection Slowly and painfully Roland begins to make his way across the beach as his health rapidly deteriorates While trekking across the massive beach, Roland separately encounters 3 strange doors Each door is inscribed with a different name matching tarot cards the appeared during Roland s earlier encounter with the Man in Black The doors appear to be standing in the middle of nowhere with nothing behind them In fact, they are each a passageway to a New York City very similar to our own Roland s investigation of these doors each leading to a different year , his introduction to 2 of the 3 members of the group that will journey with him throughout the rest of the series i.e his Ka tet and the events leading up to their joining Roland s gang comprise the balance of this book I ll stop there as I think that s enough of a plot summary to give a good sense of the bookwith one exception That one exception is that I would be remiss if I did not mention that the shootout between Roland and Eddie on one side andwithheld to avoid spoileratwithheld to avoid spoileris among the best choreographed gunfights I can remember It s sweet, sassy and super and makes the book worth reading all by itself THOUGHTS I just want to make a few commnets on the importance of this book As a whole, the Dark Tower is one of the most uniquely enjoyable and imaginative fantasy series I have ever readprobably the most It s this book in which King s truly epic vision of the rest of the series begins to form and take shape I enjoyed the first book but it s easily my least favorite of the series and the one most disconnected from the rest of the tale The sense of vastness was there only in hints and while I think King did an admirable job revisting The Gunslinger to correct some of the glaring inconsistencies between it and the later novels, it is still not up to the rest of the series With this story the multiverse begins to open up and the creeping hugeness of the plot begins to bloom This story is actually my second least favorite of the entire series, but I would still need a slide rule and an abacus to calculate this book s TOTAL NUMBER OF FUNTASTIC UNITS It s just that the next installments are so saturated with magical awesome that they can t even be measured by existing technology and can actually cause bouts of hot flashes and tingling in the naughty bits Yes, they are that good However, it s with this book that the long, wonderful, magical, incredibly fun and wholly original journey of Roland and his Ka tet is really born I can not recommend this book or the serieshighly and it gets my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION 5.0 stars P.S As I mentioned in my review of the previous book, I have listened to all 7 of the Dark Tower installment on audio the first 4 read by the late Frank Muller and the last 3 read by George Guidall I believe that anyone who has read the books and not listened to these stories on audio is REALLY MISSING SOMETHING WONDERFUL I think the quality of the reading truly enhances the enjoyment of the story. Mid World General Emergency Room 9 19 PM Step in here, please What s your name Roland Deschain And do you have any allergies, Mr Deschain No And when..wait a second Roland Deschain The last gunslinger The guy who is on a quest to find the Dark Tower That s me Wow This is an honor I mean, I see a lot of scum and mutants come through here Especially since the world has moved on and all that, but to get Roland the gunslinger in here as a patient That s just crazy I can t wait to tell everyone that I actually met you Thanks, doctor You re looking pretty rough, Roland I guess this questing gig must be a bitch So what I can help you with Well, I got my hand and my foot kind of torn up Holy man Jesus, Roland That damn hand is mangled, dude And your foot isn t much better What happened Did the man in black do this to you Or were you jumped by demons Actually, it was a creature that came out of the ocean and attacked me on a beach Was it like some kind of giant mutant magic alligator Because you are fucked up, son No, it was kind of a weird lobster prawn scorpion creature That s nasty How big was it Like the size of a horse Bigger No, like a dog Just dog sized How big a dog Uh I m not sure Like a good sized collie, maybe Well, I ll bet there was a bunch of them, right Like a couple of dozen No I mean, there s lots of them on the beach at night, but it was just one that did this One lobster monster did all this Why didn t you just shoot it My guns and shells got all wet and wouldn t fire Oh, that explains it You must have been like in the ocean fighting off a giant squid thing or sea mutants or pirate demons, right Then your guns got all wet and when you dragged yourself out of the water, this damn lobster whatever came up on your blind side, right Uh, not exactly I fell asleep on the beach and then the tide came in That s when my guns and bullets got soaked Then when I was trying to wake up and get out of the water, the lobster whatsis came over and started biting me Let me get this straight You re Roland, the last gunslinger The baddest mother walking Mid World A guy who has slaughtered entire towns and hordes of evil mutants The man we re counting on to get to the Dark Tower whatever the hell it is and save us all But you got your ass handed to you by one dog sized creepy crawlie because you fell asleep on a beach and let your guns get wet Is that what you re saying Uh yes And I think it poisoned me Huh Did it take your milk money, too After the strange introduction in The Gunslinger, this is where the series really hooked me Roland has enough answers to get on the path to the Tower as he s reached the ocean, but he s badly injured after being attacked by a psycho lobster Following what he was told in the last book, Roland manages to travel up the beach and locates literal doors to another world, our world Or at least a version pretty close to our world Behind one door is Eddie Dean from the 80s, a heroin junkie in big trouble with the cops and the mob The second one has Odetta Holmes, a rich black woman in the early 60s who doesn t let the loss of her legs prevent her from being involved in the civil rights movement But Odetta has a pretty big bat in her belfry The final door unlocks a person with a sinister dark side The increasingly sick Roland will have to hop between worlds to save the ones he s been told will be his new companions that he ll need to reach the Dark Tower While the first volume had kind of a dreamy and surreal quality to it, this second book is all tense action with agrounded vibe thanks to the trips to a world the reader recognizes What really stands out in this one is that we get another idea of just how committed Roland is to reaching the Tower Injured, sick and dying, Roland pushes forward on sheer willpower and the extent of his obsession frightens the people he meets.Even a junkie like Eddie can see that Roland is hooked worse than he is on a different kind of drugThere are people who need people to need them The reason you don t understand is because you re not one of those people You d use me and toss me away like a paper bag if that s what it came down to God fucked you, my friend You re just smart enough that it would hurt you to do that, and just hard enough so you d go ahead and do it anyway You wouldn t be able to help yourself If I was lying on that beach there and screaming for help, you d walk over me if I was between you and your goddamn Tower Yes, he would, Eddie. Available Amazing Beach Front PropertyPlots available for building your dream home in a lush vacation paradise.Only 666 lots left Little to no money down Hurry Act Now Great ocean view Mountains only an hour s drive away Unlimited parking You re a doorway away from such exotic NYC entertainment as Naked gunfights, wheelchair obstacle course, police car races, Whack a gangster, Bop a cop, and the locally famous flaming creep subway run.For the sportsman minutes from an unlimited supply of fresh jumbo lobster meat All you can catch and eat Yummy Contact Roland at Dad A Chuck Realtors Tell him Odetta Detta sent you for a free cocaine filled balloon. Control the things you can control, maggot Let everything else take a flying fuck at you and if you must go down, go down with your guns blazing The Last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, faces three mysterious doors which will lead him to different times within our world From these, he must draw the three who will accompany him on his journey.So it turns out that my memory of the Dark Tower series is pretty patchy I have forgotten so many details However, I could never forget THAT opening scene One of the best I ve ever come across I was so shocked on my first read and it s just as impactful on the second go around The drawing of each of the characters is such a blast Eddie is pretty likeable from the very beginning, he always brings some much needed comedic relief to what can be a very heavy series at times The introduction of Detta Odetta is freakin explosive she s a firecracker Although Detta s dialogue does make feel quite uncomfortable at times how I wish Roland had gagged her sooner One of my favourite parts of the entire series, and this book in particular, is Roland coming to grips with different things in our world The observations he makes are absolutely hilarious Like when he wonders why anyone would be addicted to cocaine or other drugs when they could have thecost effective and plentiful sugar instead I m with you, Sai.However, one of my very minor complaints is how quickly Eddie falls for Odetta I m just not a fan of these romances that seem to bloom out of nowhere even on my first read I was bit surprised when it materialised But that s not to say that I don t love them as a couple because I do hearts they certainly grow on me So this is really just me being incredibly nit picky From here on out it s an addictive and exhilarating journey, I m already itching to pick up The Waste Lands 5 stars B 71% Satisfactory NotesIt plays tunes of discomfort by pulses and shrieks, sagging for lengths in its middle but picking up pace near the end. The Drawing of the Three The Dark Tower, 2 , Stephen KingThe Drawing of the Three is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King, the second book in The Dark Tower series, published by Grant in 1987 The series was inspired by Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning The story is a continuation of The Gunslinger and follows Roland of Gilead and his quest towards the Dark Tower The subtitle of this novel is RENEWAL 2012 1388 496 9789642432059 20 1389 447 9786001630088