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Ursula K Le Guin s Earthsea Trilogy is one of my favorites Her style is so unique and the underlying themes in her books are powerful She has this way of saying a lot without saying muchif that makes any sense If you love wizardry this is the book for you Ged is the name of the Archmage in this series and unlike Gandalf, who is presented as incorruptible, Ged must battle his own demons to gain redemption The story is from Ged s point of view so he seemshuman than the classical representation of the wizard seen from afar as a powerful figure cloaked in mystery The second book changes the point of view from Ged to Tenar The Eaten One The story goes on to describe a tale of suffering, mercy, and the love that can be felt for strangers even in the the darkest of places This trilogy is so full of imagery and meaning that I would recommend it to anyone that loves a truly fine fantasy I would also recommend you read the accompanying Tales from Earthsea and the final book in the series The Other Wind. Having previously read Ursula Le Guin s Left Hand of Darkness, I was a little leery of starting on the Earthsea Trilogy I found Le Guin s style in Left Hand of Darkness to be very difficult to slog through for me and, while her ideas and story were very well crafted, I did not enjoy my reading experience at all.My experience with the Earthsea Trilogy couldn t have beendifferent from that of Left Hand of Darkness Maybe because Earthsea isintended for a younger audience, none of the writing seemed nearly as heavy and dense as Left Hand of Darkness I once again did find the story and ideas to be well crafted, however this time the language and style conveyed a magical quality to the story and I found all three volumes included within this omnibus to be unique and enjoyable in all aspects This was a fun trilogy to read and I will continue the series with the final volume and the short story collection that Le Guin has also written. These are three beautifully written novels that make up a trilogy that is both highly influential in the modern fantasy trilogy and also highly unlike any trilogy out there The first book A Wizard of Earthsea follows the story of a young boy named Ged he has a bunch of other names, but he s Ged and his adventures as he discovers he is a wizard, goes off to a wizard academy to train, discovers he will be the most powerful wizard ever, and is inextricably linked to a diabolical evil that will one day plague the world of Earthsea sound like anything The second book, The Tombs of Atuan, follows Ged into his middle ages as he journeys into the underground catacombs of Atuan to retrieve something of great importance The tombs are guarded by a religious order of women much like nuns , and one particular one is sent to investigate Ged s infiltration What ensues is a realization of oneself and how we are not what we are taught to be, but what we have always been The ingenuity of this novel is that all the action takes place in the pitch black catacombs The reader sees what the characters see, which is nothing.The last book, The Farthest Shore, finds Ged in the dusk of his life and career as a wizard, leaving behind him the legacy of the greatest wizard that ever lived He is on what seems his final voyage, and he and his young companion travel to the ends of Earthsea and the world of the dead.These books, while in many ways as fantasy as fiction can get, are beautifully written and with even the smallest suspension of disbelief can be enjoyed by just about anyone If you have read those Harry Potter books, you owe it to yourself and Ms Leguin to read this trilogy which, over thirty years after their first publication, are still responsible for so much of the fantastic literature that exists today These are great little stories written by a fantasy scifi writer who is arguably one of the best in the genres. I re read this masterpiece trilogy on a recent Buddhist retreat in New Zealand It became something of a spiritual road map for my inner journey Each book seemed to address, in mythic proportions, the struggles I was having with being an heir to my actions or with feeling bound by dusty habits Admittedly, there were less dragons in New Zealand, despite what Peter Jackson might lead you to believe Le Guin s thoughtful, reflective almost poetic prose engaged me on every level The story is simple, the ideas complex and the issues rich in allegory Ged the protagonist is a humble, damaged man who, besides being a phenomenally powerful mage, is an astonishingly grounded human figure like us, he struggles with fear, pride, loyalty, friendship and the fragility of life. This was a lovely classic of fantasy to find myself reading This volume contains A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, and The Farthest Shore the first three novels Le Guin set in Earthsea and the story of the great wizard Ged I found it a bit slow at times, although always beautiful and always interesting and Le Guin s magic possesses a smooth self awareness of its own philosophy that makes it especially interesting as a reader to encounter This is a magic preoccupied with balance and with goodness and with a powerful acceptance of our own frailty, humanity, and mortality, while still rejoicing in the wonderful power of human agency we are the ones who can do evil, and so the ones who can truly do good.Due to its slowness and Le Guin propensity for not explaining there are huge swathes of story that get skipped over and underpinnings of magic that are never quite made sense of , I almost gave this three stars, but I did like it The elegance and mystery of The Tombs of Atuan was my favorite of the three, although the ending of The Farthest Shore was absolutely perfect and really brought me back after stumbling through some of the final book of the volume I think that the novels don t quite blend their character driven and philosophy driven core with their adventure fantasy trappings, although the fantasy is necessary for the philosophy to come through effectively and with such naturalness. This is the edition I bought as a wee lad, I only managed to finish A Wizard of Earthsea due to foolishness of the young Recently I have finished reading all three books of the original trilogy so I thought I d link this book to my review of the individual volumes A Wizard of Earthsea My reviewIn which we meet young goat herder Duny soon to be named Ged and nicknamed Sparrowhawk This is the story of Ged attending a school of wizardry on Roke Island, a serious mistake he made through hubris and how he seeks to rectify it.The Tombs of Atuan My reviewIn which we meet Tenar a young girl on the horrible island of Atuan where they worship the evil Nameless Ones , how she meets Ged and spoiler The Farthest Shore My reviewIn which we meet young prince Arren who shows up on Roke Island to enlist Ged s help to stop an evil thing that is sucking every good thing out of Earthsea Ged is now an old archmage.The three volumes combined is shorter than one volume of most fantasy epics today They are beautifully written and rightly revered as classics of the genre.I have not read subsequent books Tehanu, Tales from Earthsea and The Other Wind though. One of the first fantasy series I read Love going to another world. Unlike the Lord of the Rings, which is three volumes of one book, this consists of three books which are each quite distinct entities to themselves I was just too lazy to find all three books and review them separately They go together because they share a common protagonist, the erstwhile goatherd known as Sparrowhawk, whose true name is Ged.The first book, A Wizard of Earthsea, deals with Ged as boy and young man, struggling to come to grips with his power The second book, The Tombs of Atuan, finds Ged some years later on a search to reclaim stolen treasure in a hostile land, where he encounters a young priestess, Arha Arha must help him or hinder him, but not even she knows which path she will choose The last book, The Farthest Shore, follows Ged on his most dangerous quest of all, with only the young prince Arren to help him, the fate of the world resting in the balance.Ged is one of my favorite characters, from any book, ever I read these for the first time maybe when I was 12 or 13, and I still read them every so often now I think the brilliance in these stories is that they have come to mean much different things to me now then they did when I was a teenager or even in my early twenties A Wizard of Earthsea was my favorite when I was younger, but now I prefer The Tombs of Atuan I mentioned something along these lines to my dad some while back, and he told me his favorite was The Farthest Shore When I asked him why, he told me I d understand when I was fifty.Other than those who are adamantly opposed to the fantasy genre, I can t imagine anyone not enjoying these stories The books are short, the stories well crafted and the prose is wonderful Most definitely in my Top 5, and right up any teenager or young adult s alley. (FREE) É The Earthsea Trilogy ⚷ As Long Ago As Forever And As Far Away As Selidor, There Lived The Dragonlord And Archmage, Sparrowhawk, The Greatest Of The Great Wizards He Who, When Still A Youth, Met With The Evil Shadow Beast He Who Later Brought Back The Ring Of Erreth Akbe From The Tombs Of Atuan And He Who, As An Old Man, Rode The Mighty Dragon Kalessin Back From The Land Of The Dead And Then, The Legends Say, Sparrowhawk Entered His Boat, Lookfar, Turned His Back On Land, And Without Wind Or Sail Or Oar Moved Westward Over The Sea And Out Of SightWizard Of Earthsea, The Tombs Of Atuan, The Farthest Shore Ursula Le Guin S Brilliant And Magical TrilogyCover Illustration Jonathan Field favorite children fiction