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This is all 10 books of the Amber series, but is not complete It is nice to have them all in one place, but the book is a paperback a bit delicate due to the size Unless you re extremely careful, you ll only get a few reads out of this it s a doorstop to put most others to shame I prefer the smaller paperbacks for normal reading The biggest lack in this book is it doesn t have the prologue to Trumps of Doom, but only the HB issued by the book club had that, I think It s also in Manna from Heaven, the Collected Works by NESFA, possibly elsewhere It s certainly around on the Internet along with the other Amber shorts but they re illegal, pirated copies While I won t recommend piracy, I will say that publishers have made a good case for it with the lack of availability of the Amber shorts, including the prologue The prologue is important to the series, but I didn t even know of its existence until years after I d read it There s just no mention unless you re a FAN or are told by one Publishers shouldn t make it so difficult for the reader to get the entire series Shame on you, Publishers You bitch about piracy then encourage it by being greedy lazy or possibly you re just victims of Byzantine contracts copyright law I don t know, but you get the blame until I hear otherwise.Manna from Heaven is expensive, even used, often running 30 orIt s worth the price I ve bought two copies given one to my son who also likes this series Zelazny a lot A better deal is to pick up The Road to Amber, one of the NESFA Collected Works of Roger Zelazny That s a 6 set series with a 7th book, a bibliography, that is a must have for anyone who really likes Zelazny s work. The Corwin Cycle 5 The Merlin Cycle 4 @READ DOWNLOAD Ê The Great Book of Amber ⚢ Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here Roger Zelazny S Chronicles Of Amber Have Earned Their Place As All Time Classics Of Imaginative Literature Now, Here Are All Ten Novels, Together In One Magnificent Omnibus Volume Witness The Titanic Battle For Supremacy Waged On Earth, In The Courts Of Chaos, And On A Magical World Of Mystery, Adventure And Romance Back Cover Update Please read this first before complaining about my rating People keep complaining that my 1 star is unfair because some books were better than others Here s how I see this work I don t see it as different books the way one would read say an Agatha Christie novel Each Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple mystery is a stand alone even if characters recur from book to book They are meant to be read as stand alone novels and should be treated as such This book, on the other hand, is clearly a single narrative telling one story The fact that was published as separate books does not change that The Count of Monte Cristo was published as a serial Should I give each chapter of that book a separate rating Similarly, War and Peace is, in the text, divided into several books Should it be rated on the basis of each book too We would never presume to rate Hamlet on the basis of each act, nor a symphony on each movement We understand that these are works that have to be treated as a whole The publishing or writing decision to split a work into several parts does not change how I approach that work My view is that a work stands or falls by all of its parts If I d wanted to rate each book separately, I would have given a GR rating to each individual book Nine Princes in Amber, The Guns of Avalon, etc listed here and not this edition I didn t because I didn t read this in parts with each part a stand alone work Given that the entire narrative is treated as a whole, I think it only fair to the author to treat his work as one whole Some books benefit by that approach an apparently weak beginning or middle may be improved when seen in the context of the ending or as a whole This one, sadly, did not.I am sure there are those who will disagree with this approach You are certainly welcome to rate books how you please There is, however, a reason to my rating this work this way Original ReviewSeriously One star WTF Yep, one star Okay, admittedly, the first half of the series is not bad I d have given it 3 stars for its twists and turns and fairly well constructed plot The second half is so bad, I just have to wonder if the writer of the second half is the same as the writer of the first half Maybe the second half was written by some pattern construct or a shadow Zelazny twenty five tiers down What did I object to Let s see, where to start 1 The inconsistent and wooden characterization characters change as the plot requires and not through some natural evolution view spoiler Jurt What the fuck was going on with Jurt First, he has this long history of trying to kill Merlin, then snap he changes his mind Week old milk doesn t turn that fast hide spoiler Please note this review applies only to the Corwin Cycle as I have never particularly liked Dara or cared about Merlin.Can you imagine a world without fantasy books Can you remember your world before you had read your first one I can I snatched the Nine Princes in Amber from my Father s shelf and read it during one afternoon Then I returned to him seated in his usual armchair and asked him breathlesslyDad, are therebooks like this oneWhen he nodded, I knew my world is about to change And it did I have been in my teens back then, and so my perception of the book, or rather, the whole series, was that of princes and princesses, unicorns, magic, evil things and saving the world I most definitely would not have been able to tell you that Zelazny created a Platonic universe of true world and shadows or that he forged the way with so many fresh tropes scattered carelessly on the many pages of the Chronicles of Amber that the genre is still able to scavenge on its carcass Unbelievable Take the Lannister siblings and then revisit Corwin and Deirdre There are many similar examples Today, I can say all this I can also add that the narrative is problematic, the plot jerky, sometimes outright boring sometimes condensed like astronaut s food rations The protagonists not properly fleshed out, in many cases talked about instead of being shown in action, sometimes clearly not credible I have read so many better books since thenAll things being equal, this all does not matter Zelazny took me through the Pattern of all things fantasy and I owe him big times Up to the Courts of Chaos probably even there and back again I see in the Chronicles of Amber, through my nostalgia lenses of the first ever all the brilliance in its glory of genius and all its shortcomings in the vintage halo, dimmed by the patina of time You have my five stars And a thank you Attention Achtung The Lord of the Rings does not apply as it talks about reality, not fiction Tread carefully. Nine Princes in Amber The Guns of Avalon Such a hard couple of books to give a rating for The worldbuilding is spectacular The overall story arc of the series is truly ambitious in its epic scope Zelazny s writing serves such a vast narrative well dry and to the point, sometimes witty, other times quietly poetic I find the pace to be a bit unbalanced in places, but even in their slower moments, both Nine Princes in Amber and Guns of Avalon make up for the lack of action thanks to the author s extraordinary imagination Dialogues are a bit awkward and clunky, but your eyes can always rest upon the wildly creative scenery Zelazny sketches around his characters while they prattle away.Now, about the characters here s where Zelazny loses me Take Corwin one moment the author s cynicism is unflinching in its depiction of this god like superman hellbent in his terrible and blind to any consequence quest for power the next, the Prince of Amber comes across as a textbook example of a Gary Stu no feat is too impossible for him, no enemy is beyond his power to defeat, no woman can resist his charms And speaking about women Zelazny seems to be caught somewhere along the Neanderthal stage of human evolution in his characterization of them the only saving grace is that there are very few female characters around small mercies, I guess.So finger crossed for Sign of the Unicorn one can only hope Corwin will be dismembered and eaten by a manticore soon Sign of the Unicorn Where the hero wears a fancy jewel, learns that the king is dead long live the king is just a catchphrase, visits a city in the sky, talks to a lawyer, steals an arm, gets his ass handed to him, consults an oracle, recovers bits of his lost memory, gets stabbed, uncovers some nefarious conspiracies, lets some uncomfortably incestuous thoughts about one of his sisters slip, takes a piss on his gravestone, muses about the meaning of life, stumbles upon a Shocking Surprise and finally reveals why no one in Amber takes into consideration any of his female siblings as a possible candidate to the throneThey are neither interested nor fitAha The Hand of Oberon Where nefarious schemes are afoot, old and new acquaintances pop up in Amber for a little chat and someone gets to say SURPRISE and enjoy the silly look on the faces of those that are indeed surprised by this Big Reveal me, among others The Courts of Chaos Where the hero finally puts on his big boy pants, has a little chat with a buried nihilistic giant head, plants a tree, gets all philosophical with a bird, reiterates his incestuous feelings for one of his sibling but mind you that doesn t mean that he d let the opportunity to press pause on his Save the Universe Quest to seduce some random chick he meets on the street slip by he can multitask, duh , a unicorn has a surprise in store for the Princes and, well the Princesses too yes, they re still around, not that it matters any , the end is near but a new beginning even nearer Also, enters Merlin. I was still new to fantasy, having been a hardcore horror and sci fi fan, then going through all of Zelazny s other works, when I decided to sit down to these stories.Seriously, I was impressed with the easy progression into a multi universe view delineated between ultimate order and ultimate chaos Gorgeous magic system where you follow mandalas, epic battles, and the almost requisite tripe of amnesia Oh, sorry, i meant trope I loved the first 5 books better than the second 5, but Merlin s story did have aepic feel, in my opinion.It s still hard to find fantasy as good as what he wrote, although I m still willing to keep looking. If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Magic Undercover The Amber Series by Roger Zelazny Original Review, 1980 1 The Amber series has had a great impact on the field they say.I have serious doubts about whether that is true I will leave someone else to develop those arguments However, in any case Farmer s WORLD OF TIERS series does NOT support this contention The AMBER series is derived from the WORLD OF TIERS series The primary difference is that TIERS uses a technological background for the basic structure of the universe and AMBER uses a magical background. I m going to read the whole of this book in 2019, in order most recently read at top nn Aug 19 6 The Trumps of Doom Up next Pending other BRs beginning in July 19.14 Jun 19 5 The Courts of Chaos First duty, then liberty shall be the whole of the law.Corwin, prince of Amber rises to face the threat of existential obliteration of all he holds dear In the process discovering that his most defining characteristic is duty to others.Surrounded by tragedy, insanity, and a philosophical raven, Corwin completes a journey I wouldn t wish on anyone.As usual, Zelazny writes with verve, wit, and wisdom, delivered with an admirable narrative economy that brings to mind Blaise Pascal s famous quote I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter REF The upshot Writing the way Zelazny does, packing narrative into a few well chosen words, displays a powerful mastery of form and genre.Read this series, read this master of the fantasy genre.06 Jun 19 4 The Hand of Oberon Now this story starts 5 seconds after the last one finished I wonder why I like that OMG This was a completely satisfying read.At a time in my life where it s been difficult to read anything and enjoy it this has been another standout read by a master of the fantasy genre.I just love how Zelazny packs pure narrative power into so few pages Now onto book 5 The Courts of Chaos A suitably daunting title that.27 May 19 3 Sign of the Unicorn Read this over the last handful of nights, not the last handful of months life and other interventions, etc, etc.Zelazny wrote 80% of this story in conversations between the characters Past deeds of daring were related, punctured with a real life rescue followed immediately by a pair of assassination attempts thanconversations, some filled with half lies, mixed with half truths Followed by a journey to a tenuous land of moonlit dreams, the recovery of a magical artifact that echoes the hand of the Norse god Tyr, and the final discovery of the true and broken heart of Amber And about all, a shimmering, emerald eyed unicorn with golden hooves, and whorled horn, guiding its champions to their quest.A beautiful, intense, intriguing, and above all, seamlessly constructed work of an imagination at the upper end of story telling mastery 19 Jan 19 2 The Guns of Avalon 5 glorious stars Sheer Genius Roger Zelazny simply speaks to every aspect of what I want in a story He nails it, he just nails it I m gobsmacked This review is brief, because I do not have the words to honor what I ve read I had to make a new shelf just for this book.08 Jan 19 1 Nine Princes in Amber 5 fabulous starsTolkien, Feist, Erikson and Zelazny all masters of epic fantasy, possessed of towering imaginations allied with the authorial skills to honor their visions.Just finished what I estimate to be my 6th re read of this story It s still fresh, still gripping, still enthralling I never tire of this tale of Corwin, prince of Amber Lost to amnesia, thrown back into a multiverse of plotting princes and princesses who if not actively stabbing each other in the back will pause to gossip about the state of play while drinking a fine whiskey and enjoying a good cigarette.The only problem is, while Corwin has been lost on Earth for about four hundred years without his memory he s picked up a few vices his siblings lack compassion, a sense of honor, and a penchant for dutyJust noting that some readers have remarked that if a number of princely types were to be contesting for the empty throne of Amber, and were also blessed with the capability of finding shadow realms that looked just like Amber where they could rule forever why didn t they after all it would be so much easier.Let me introduce you to the distinction between the real and the unreal The Real world is Amber, the shadows are just that pale reflections of the real world i.e not the real world.The value of ruling in the real world is qualitatively different from the value of ruling in a shadow world Not the same, like chalk and cheese.For any of the contenders for the throne of Amber, this distinction is an acute one that pervades their world view.Imagine if you will, you are an immortal, and you have the option of choosing between real sex and masturbation for the rest of your immortal life.Which do you choose And now you understand why the princes fight to win the throne of the one real Amber, and forsake the fake illusions of the shadow worlds they could easily rule.Recommended as a classic of epic fantasy. This book has a special place on my bookshelf It was the second fantasy series I read after LotR These two are the reasons I love fantasy genre Since that time no other books forced me to use my imagination to the same extent as Amber Each book there are 10 completely changed how I thought Amber world works Some people feel the last five books are weaker than the first five, but they are still very entertaining my feeling Corwin is better storyteller than Merlin For those curious how Zelazny planned to proceed hunt down Amber short stories They are really short and leave you with craving for , but the sequel will never come, sadly.To make a long story short for those who have not read it yet what are you waiting for These are really great.