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!Kindle ♼ The Green Mile ♂ When It First Appeared, One Volume Per Month, Stephen King S THE GREEN MILE Was An Unprecedented Publishing Triumph All Six Volumes Ended Up On The New York Times Bestseller Lists Simultaneously And Delighted Millions Of Fans The World OverWelcome To Cold Mountain Penitentiary, Home To The Depression Worn Men Of E Block Convicted Killers All, Each Awaits His Turn To Walk The Green Mile, Keeping A Date With Old Sparky, Cold Mountain S Electric Chair Prison Guard Paul Edgecombe Has Seen His Share Of Oddities In His Years Working The Mile But He S Never Seen Anyone Like John Coffey, A Man With The Body Of A Giant And The Mind Of A Child, Condemned For A Crime Terrifying In Its Violence And Shocking In Its Depravity In This Place Of Ultimate Retribution, Edgecombe Is About To Discover The Terrible, Wondrous Truth About Coffey, A Truth That Will Challenge His Most Cherished Beliefes And Yours To be honest didn t know Stephen written this book BRILLIANT BOOK, AND Author book as good as movie 5 star Loved loved the movieDon t feel like a large review, I can say if you did not watch the movie you should do so soon The Green Mile a nickname acquired because of the color on the floor in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary s somewhere in the American South , E Block , death row under a different alias, during the gloomy year of 1932, the inmates taking the long, long walk their last, to see Old Sparky, the electric chair that will end the lives of these miserable convicted killers Nevertheless , the unique green surface is the last thing the nervous residents are thinking about , in their humble cells, peering through the bars besides it isn t a distant mile, much shorter they will find out soon When the recently convicted murderer of two nine year old twin girls, the Detterick s, John Coffey, a giant black man, strong as an ox, enters his final home, sadistic prison guard Percy Wet, the governor s wife, nephew, he brags about the political connection constantly, enthusiastically shouts Dead man walking , the vicious young officer got that idea, reading it in a cheap magazine Paul Edgecombe, the official in charge of the block, starts to believe he s innocenta hopeless situation, Coffey s face is always covered with tears, he is afraid of the dark asking if the lights are kept on at night, the simple minded assassin can t read or write has trouble remembering, a gentle person that has unknown powers though..He cures Paul s very painful urinary tract infection, the very grateful guard tries to find outinformation , about the stranger s case Mr Jingles is not an official inmate in E Block, an unregistered guest you might say, a stowaway they would call him if this was a ship, in fact a mouse, quite intelligent for sure , but some others think , is something else entirely The pet of soon to be extinct inmate M Eduard Delacroix a Cajun from Louisiana, yet Mr JINGLES , is obviously smarter then the doom Frenchman All the guards love this brave little critter, feeding and even getting him a cigar box to sleep in, except you guessed it Percy , an enemy he got, by escaping his deadly clutches hiding in another room John Coffey saves the mouse s life, the other men hate the creep Percy but cannot get rid of.tensions increase as a murderer is put to death by Old Sparky an ugly, disgusting sight, the mistakes or are they are caused by Mr.Wet, not realizing the consequences of his vengeance, he loathe the convict watched by witnesses who faint and get sick, puking their dinners The officers involved in the execution including Paul , despise the job, but during the Great Depression, with long bread lines , they need to feed their families and themselves, many people would be eager to do it Warden Hal Moores, a good friend of Mr Edgecombe wife , Melinda , is very ill she will die shortly if nothing is done now..Paul has an audacious , risky notion, maybe the healer Coffey can save this wonderful, kind woman , it can get him and his pals, the other correctional officers into a big messeven jail time here in Cold Mountain, ironically.A superb story by Stephen King, always entertaining, you will learn also, and even feel the pain of the interesting charactersAs good as the glorious film version. The Green Mile, Stephen KingThe Green Mile is a 1996 serial novel by American writer Stephen King It tells the story of death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe s encounter with John Coffey, an unusual inmate who displays inexplicable healing and empathetic abilities The serial novel was originally released in six volumes before being republished as a single volume work The book is an example of magical realism.Characters John Coffey, Paul Edgecombe, Percy Wet, Brutus Brutal Howell, American Law Enforcement 2002 1380 525 9646104509 20 1386 624 9789647640527 1388 20 1932. One of King s best, up there with The Shining and The Stand.King is able to terrify because he is adept at drawing us into a scene, luring the reader in with deft characterization and attention to detail that creates empathy and understanding.In Francis Ford Coppola s brilliant The Godfather part II, in the scene where a young Vito Corleone played by Robert De Niro shoots Fanucci, he wrapped his pistol in a towel and the cloth catches fire after the shots That detail has stayed in my mind in greater clarity than the actual murder Coppola drew us in to that grisly sight with detail that we can feel, a towel can get scorched and catch fire, and we become a part of what s going on.Likewise, in Steven Spielberg s 1975 film Jaws, when Roy Scheider s character is shoveling chum into the water, the shark surfaces right in front of Scheider The audience laughs at the irreverent profanity, but then is immediately shocked at the monster s appearance Spielberg s direction played us like a fiddle, drawing us in with humor and then, when we are open and vulnerable, scaring us with the surprise King provides that kind of detail and can also play with our emotions He understands and makes use of the technique of adding unusual but memorable detail and also mixes shades of humor in with the darker hues of terror to make the portraittangible The Green Mile is also a minimalist statement about institutional life in America reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Set in the south during the great depression, King does not let us forget that these men endured this job because it was employment, one they were happy and lucky to have Butthan this, King s description of prison life, like Kesey s portrayal of mental hospitals and treatment, carries with it a sense of desperate inevitability, the harsh realities of this life come down the line like a freight train coming down a track, unavoidable and unstoppable There is a detail from the book that I don t think was included in the 1999 film, that was hard to take, injustice always is, but King s depiction of this wascomplicated than what could have been in the movie and so all theheart wrenching.A story about executioners, in this case a shift of prison guards working on death row and whose job it is to both care for the condemned inmates and then to actually carry out the sentence, is a setting custom made for King s great talent We are walked through the rehearsals for the executions by electric chair and then seen the performance of that instrument We get to know the men who have this unenviable task and to also spend time with the men who await death in a prose similar in its sympathetic representation to Capote s In Cold Blood.John Coffey played so well by Michael Clarke Duncan in the Frank Darabont film was as tragic a figure as ever appeared in our literature and while a cursory comparison could be made to Lenny in Steinbeck s Of Mice and Men, King s inclusion of fantasy and supernatural elements adds an almost theological tone to the narrative Clearly this is no coincidence as King describes several men as devout and Biblical references and symbolism are ubiquitous.Highly, highly recommended. Rarely does it happen to me that I read a book which actually causes me to tear up to some extent and which I can t stop thinking about even months after turning the last page You might should have heard about the movie adaption starring Tom Hanks and the late Michael Clarke Duncan may he rest in peace , and if you haven t considered watching it yet, then please don t hesitate to do so for even one moment The Green Mile is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and to be completely honest, I had certain doubts about whether the Stephen King novel it was actually adapted from would be capable of causing the same range of emotions in me as the movie did.And oh, how it succeeded with doing that.First off, allow me to mention something about my love hate relationship with Stephen King During the 80 s, he built up for himself a reputation as being one of the major horror writers of his time, but few people actually know about the few touching, emotionally affecting stories he can be called responsible for let me just mention Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption, both of which are beautiful movies actually based on a less famous work by Stephen King I am the first one to admit that King has a capability to write novels you will have a lot of troubles with if you expect to find stories with literary worth But books like The Green Mile are what I love this author for.For those who are unfamiliar with the story, The Green Mile is the nickname for the death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary, a prison in Louisiana During the 1930s, our protagonist Paul Edgecomb receives John Coffey into his custody as supervisor of the death row Coffey turns out to be physically intimidating, but mentally challenged How could a man like him, a man who is afraid if the lights are not kept on during the night, have been capable of murdering two innocent girls Trust me, this is not a story about Coffey s guilt or innocence, however What King confronts us with is a character driven story about the daily events on the death row, raising moral and ethic questions along the way, allowing us to care about the small amount of characters he presented to us Untypically for King s novels, we only meet a few characters, but even those of minor importance to the story are drawn out in such a fascinating way that it becomes difficult to resist caring for all of them.Originally, King published this book in six different installments before releasing the six parts altogether in this novel Each of those six parts focuses on different elements to the story, with all these parts interfering with each other along the way and finally weaving together a convincing picture of a prison in the 30 s Is this book only about life in prison, however No, it isn t by far it isn t In a frame story, King introduces us to the older Paul Edgecomb who revisits the events on the Green Mile in an attempt to write down his story before his memory can begin to fade away King starts off each of the six installments of the story by includinginsight on the story of Paul s older self, until he finally manages to masterfully create the illusion of two deeply connected plots.Supernatural elements are a minor part of the story, though as skeptical as I usually am about stories involving magical realism its inclusion mainly just allowed to emphasize the beauty of the story Coffey like the drink, only not spelled the same way Coffey is introduced as a simple minded man who is not capable of even understanding what he is accused of, and Paul Edgecomb realizes this just like he realizes that there isto the character of John Coffey than just the accusation of having raped and murdered two girls The cast of characters in this novel is truly convincing we meet Brutus Brutal Howell, Eduard Delacroix with his beloved pet mouse Mr Jingles, and of course Percy Wet If you haven t met Percy yet, you just have to know that there are actually polls circling around the internet asking whether Hannibal Lecter or Percy Wet is the most evil antagonist ever to be introduced in a novel movie And Percy actually hasthan just a few votes.Talking about Mr Jingles, I will miss him Oh, how I will miss him.In the end, this story managesthan just to raise questions It turned me into a pile of emotions, ranging from nostalgia over grief up to relief but mostly nostalgia The last pages included some of the best writing I have ever encountered and yes, I will gladly admit that both the movie and the book made me cry, and I don t find it difficult to believe that they will continue to make me do so in future Because out of all the movies I have seen and the books I have read, The Green Mile in both its book and its movie version is a story I am going to revisit over and over.If you have only seen the movie, then please don t fear reading the book because even though it is a completely different experience due to a few minor changes and, obviously, a huge distinction in its narrative, the book doesn t fail to convince even after having watched the movie And if you have only read the book then what are you waiting for The Green Mile is, in my opinion, one of the best book to movie adaptions which have ever entered the big screen.A beautiful, touching book which I am never going to forget Buddy Read with Anne who I have to truly thank for continuously encouraging me to keep up reading I have just finished this book and wow what a read I m not at all into horror, either in books or in films, and even though my boyfriend has for years tried to get me to read Steven King I ve avoided him like the plague I did know that he wrote other types of books, namely through the re makes of these books into Hollywood films, i.e The Shawshank Redemption , Stand By Me and of course The Green Mile but still I was weary of approaching him.It was only after my boyfriend read this and nagged me into doing the same that I picked it up and I m so glad that I did The characters are just so beautifully written and I m not ashamed to say that I cried many a tear even though I knew exactly what was coming up having seen the movie numerous times If you are a fan of the movie then you can not fail to fall in love with the book as the movie is one of those rare exceptions in that it is very true to its original source The delight with the book, as is often the case with books, is that it goes into muchdetail in particular with the character of Mr Jingles.This book just illustrates how versatile King is as a writer and that in years to come will probably be considered one of the great literary genius of the Twentieth century. I m a huge fan of Stephen King and The Green Mile has got to be one of the best novels he has ever written In fact, it s one of the best novels I have ever read in my entire life and a great piece of literature to boot The novel is simply amazing Once I started it, I couldn t put it down It is very beautifully written and extremely moving at times The plot is original, gripping and heart breaking All the characters had depth, and were vivid, intriguing, and believable The story is told so well that it was easy to imagine yourself in Cold Mountain Penitentiary in Alabama back in 1932 It takes a terrific writer to evoke feelings of sympathy for murderers, but Stephen King managed this effortlessly I wished that John Coffey would be set free somehow, but I knew deep down that he would die I had tears streaming down my face when he was executed The novel left me thinking about the death penalty and whether it s time it should be abolished worldwide I ve developed quite a convinced moral stance against the death penalty thanks to reading this novel My country doesn t have the death penalty so I never really thought much about it until I read this book I d give this bookthan five stars if I could Deservethan 5 stars 5Very interesting and thought provoking book It s certainly a story that really consumes you and then you start reading it you can put it down In my opinion, it had a few issues, but overall great writing and story itself deserve readers attention.