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@Read Pdf ⚜ The Killing Fog Ø The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The Kingfountain Series Conjures An Epic, Adventurous World Of Ancient Myth And Magic As A Young Woman S Battle With Infinite Evil Begins Survivor Of A Combat School, The Orphaned Bingmei Belongs To A Band Of Mercenaries Employed By A Local Ruler Now The Nobleman, And Collector Of Rare Artifacts, Has Entrusted Bingmei And The Skilled Team With A Treacherous Assignment Brave The Wilderness S Dangers To Retrieve The Treasures Of A Lost Palace Buried In A Glacier Valley But Upsetting Its Tombs Has A PriceEchion, Emperor Of The Grave Kingdom, Ruler Of Darkness, Dragon Of Night, Has Long Been Entombed Now Bingmei Has Unwittingly Awakened Him And Is Answerable To A Legendary Prophecy Destroying The Dark Lord Before He Reclaims The Kingdoms Of The Living Is Her Inherited Mission Killing Bingmei Before She Fulfills It Is Echion S Thrust Unprepared Into The Role Of Savior, Urged On By A Renegade Prince, And Possessing A Magic That Is Her Destiny, Bingmei Knows What She Must Do But What Must She Risk To Honor Her Ancestors Bingmei S Fateful Choice Is One That Neither Her Friends Nor Her Enemies Can Foretell, As Echion S Dark War For Control Unfolds I read Jeff Wheeler s Harbinger series and really enjoyed it That was the reason I chose to read the Killing Fog As with the Harbinger series, I very much enjoyed what I read The story was very intense and the characters were unique and well built My only problem is the story started a little too fast and didn t have enough back story at times I felt like I was either learning as I read or had to piece together why we were where we were at certain times I m sure if you read of Wheeler s series, some of the language verbiage would make sense Overall though, a really good book an good start to a new series,Thank you to Jeff Wheeler, NetGalley, and 47North for providing me with an advanced reading copy. Although this is set for adult readers I wanted to let you know that I think some young adults might enjoy this as well Its a very clean story I mean I have some young adult titles that have gore and sex in it than this one did Because it didn t have any You would have thought that with a title like The Killing Fog that we would have gotten something But there just isn t And I am not saying thats a bad thing, but it was kind of weird if you ask me Anyway the characters were great the pacing worked well for the story and yes I want another one I need stories set in this world. FBRC REVIEW DISCLAIMER I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley and 47North for providing me with an ARC of this book The Killing Fog by Jeff wheeler is the first book in the Grave Kingdom series It is a very promising first book and pulled me in from the very beginning The book is about an orphaned teenager Bingmei who belongs to a school where they are trained to be warriors They are available for hire by the Kings to complete various missions Bingmei and her journey are one of exploration, growth, and sacrifice Will she able to sacrifice herself for the people and do they deserve it The story was fascinating, engaging, and a definite page turner with the right pacing and story development I also loved the glossary and the character details provided in the book as a reference There were proverbs Dawanjir spread out throughout the book that I really loved The group is lead by a fierce leader Kunmia Kunmia is hired by King Budai to collect various artifacts that contain magic He then comes across a fisherman who found a rare piece of stone that is claimed to be the part of the Summer Palace They set forth on this journey teaming up with another Quonsuun to find out if the stories of the Summer Palace and its existence is true or not The team is ambushed by bandits and by following their leader s instructions they get pulled into an unexpected situation Bingmei unknowingly brings Echion the Emperor of Darkness into existence and therefore dooming their country into destruction, despair, and tyranny.Bingmei is our central character and we follow her from when is 12 yrs old to her teenage years as a young adult Her character is brave, smart and special She is someone who is said to have the winter sickness which is loathed in certain parts of her country whereas welcomed and respected in other neighboring countries Her pale skin and white hair have always been looked at with contempt and wariness by people Her parents and her grandfather loved her enough to avoid getting hurt by outsiders Her training began at a very young age She was a hard worker who had the passion and dedication to be a warrior Her character was not that of a perfect girl who is flawed, selfish at times and someone who made her own survival a priority I loved her character and the role she plays in bringing the story together.Kunmia is a fierce warrior with the heart of gold She was a second parent to Bingmei and guided her journey She is protective, selfless and a great example to follow for her young followers I loved her and how she was secure and confident in her position as the leader of her Quonsuun She handled her situations very well and was always humble.Marenqo, Zhui, and Meishi were great cast as well They were different and had their voices with interesting traits The fisherman Quion is also a great supporting character They all were amazing Bao Damanhur is the leader of the second Quonsuun He is arrogant, prideful and a great warrior as well He is an interesting character and his relationship with Prince Rowen is also fascinating They are all unique All these characters and their motivation to be part of the expedition to find the Summer Palace Their skillset and strengths help them move forward on their journey The expedition itself was risky to attempt and the outcome was unknown The greed and need to be in power shifts from some characters to the other character.Rowen as a character hasn t shown his true nature, he is very good at controlling his emotions and not letting it get the best of him He is prideful, jealous, and ambitious He is not what you expect in a prince and yet you can t help their cause because they are all banded together to ward off the enemies One thing the book has in common is the characters are gray Morality, right or wrong is something they grapple with They do understand the severity of situations but have difficulty doing the right thing as well.Emperor Echion is truly a great villain and the perfect antagonist with powers unknown to the characters and dark magic that rivals the living world His limitations are unknown and the extent to which he might use magic to gain power is not something we can imagine at this point He is without mercy, prideful and arrogant I want to know about him and how it all connects him to Bingmei.We see the elements of greed, revenge and the aftermath of these How the power and the greed for end up with people dead The book is not heavy on gore, it was clean but at the same time had fight sequences, adventures they take us on I am extremely curious about Bingmei and her special skills I wasn t a fan of it in the beginning and after the story progressed I was OK with it I want to know about their background, history of the place and the connections they have to current events I wonder how Bingmei will accomplish her task and come out unscathed as well It is nearly impossible, but I love her determination and motivation to do things Hopefully, we will get an amazing sequel to this book I can t wait to read it and discover of Echion, Bingmei, and Rowen.Overall this was a fun and engaging read I loved it and totally recommend it to all YA fantasy readers It s unique, well written and amazingDefinitely check it out Revenge settles nothing It only poisons those who carry it in their hearts The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler My thoughts Two nights ago, I was outside with my elderly beagle While he sniffed his way around my yard, I watched the sky The moon was full and it cast a silvery glow on the grass and trees, only interrupted by clouds that seemed to be growing as I watched It had been an unseasonably warm day and only now did a cold wind start stirring around me The air was moist and seemed to run its cold fingers across my skin As the breeze picked up, it carried the smell of damp earth and decaying leaves The hair raised on my arms and neck as I felt like I was being watched It was eerie and unnerving I hurried my dog inside and dead bolted my door against the dark and whatever was in it.You may be wondering what this has to do with The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler That s reasonable Bear with me and I ll tell you Wheeler has a way with words that immediately pulls you into the setting within the first paragraph He draws on all the senses in his world building and puts you straight in the middle of a world that is touched by ancient China and Mongolia You can smell the camphor, myrrh, and cinnamon You can hear the marketplace or the shouts of the soldiers You can see the boats laden with fish And yes, you can feel the eeriness and foreboding of the Killing Fog It was a feeling almost exactly like my midnight excursion with my pup and I wanted to lock my doors lest the fog rolled in and claimed my furballs lives Bingmei has faced far than an unnerving dog walk, as she lives and breathes in this wild world Wheeler has created She has faced loss upon loss and now struggles with developing attachments Here are her thoughts after one such loss Loss quivered in her chest again, though she tried to still the wrenching sensation Death was something that happened often It did no good to become too attached to people Bingmei often feels throughout the book that she would not sacrifice herself for anyone That she is selfish Over the course of the book she comes to the conclusion that she would die for her friend Quion and that maybe she s not as selfish as she thought When she s asked to sacrifice herself for a cause greater than herself she balks at the idea Maybe it s selfishness on Bingmei s part or maybe it s because too many have already died to preserve her life Maybe throwing her life away seems to her that it wastes their sacrifice This is a truly honest feeling How many of us would choose to sacrifice ourselves, given the chance to think about it beforehand Overall, I don t think any of that detracts from her character since it is such a human thing to feel Bingmei is likable and fierce She has secret skills that are unique from most fantasy books I ve read The supporting characters were also interesting Bunmia Suun is her master and a maternal figure in Bingmei s life She is highly skilled as a warrior and highly moral Her honor and how she lives it day to day is refreshing as it s not cheesy or portrayed as weaker than the morally ambiguous characters She loves her followers dearly and treats Bingmei as a daughter One quote I liked, is Bunmia describing herself When I take an assignment to protect something, I protect it as a mother does her cubs It is powerful magic The most powerful, I believe We also have two potential love interests that, thankfully, never descends into a love triangle Any romantic feelings are secondary to the rest storyline The first is Quion He is the sweet, steadfast boy next door The other is Rowen, our brooding bad boy that is than he seems I look forward to seeing which one wins the girl This is a very clean read where love is hinted at than anything One last thing, I truly appreciate what Wheeler has done with this book The female characters are strong, fierce, moral, and honorable without falling into stereotypes that still prevail in fantasy fiction How many times are a woman s strength portrayed as being less than a man s and she needs to be rescued from her innate weakness Here the men and women are on equal footing Their strengths are different but equal If one character shows any weakness, it is because they are human, not because they are male or female Many thanks to the author for writing his characters that way Also, my thanks to Netgalley for the ARC on exchange for my honest review Real love is displayed when a choice has to be made It would be easy to heal everyone who was sick if it didn t cost you anything But what if it meant excruciating pain Then you would have to make a choice Do I love enough to take on that pain, or do I take the easy route and keep this gift to myself Daughter of Light by Morgan L Busse Some recommended reading that I think is similar to this book Daughter of Light by Morgan L BusseMark of the Raven by Morgan L BusseProphet by R.J LarsonA Cast of Stones by Patrick W CarrRed Winter by Annette Marie