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!KINDLE ☨ The Shelter ☨ The World Around Ten Year Old Sunni Brown Is Crumbling War, Disease And Crushing Poverty Are Everyday Realities For A While, She Counts Herself Amongst The Lucky But Will She Survive When She S Forced To Live In An Abandoned Parking Structure This Is A Scary Future But There Are No Werewolves, Vampires Or Zombies In This Future, Human Beings Are The Scariest Creatures Of All. I flew through this short story Despite the lack of world building, or any proper explanations as to what has happened to the world and society, this story had me hooked I understand that it is a prequel to a novel out in the fall, and I will definitely be buying it I loved the writing style and the author succeeded in creating an atmosphere of dread and desperation An intriguing taste of the novel to come. I m kind of glad that this was a short story I read it was a dystopian and I loved these types of stories I was enjoying the story very much, the characters were believable the situation was sad the mother should have been sterilized But the synopsis left one very important detail off Sunni is 10 years old and is about to be part of a real world sexual abuse situation When it comes to innocent children I can t seem to enjoy reading about how they suffer Although the story does not go into detail it is one of those that one must read between the line, and it adds up to the abuse It broke my heart to see Sunni suffered from the one person whom is supposed to love and protect her unconditionally When she meets her pinky sister I was happy and thought great she will have someone that is going to protect her but of course it could not last, what happened to her sister was terrible never did figure out who it was, although I have narrowed it down to two very terrible people When Sunni finds herself alone again alone with her crack head mother Sunni catches the attention of the wrong person The landlord is a very sick individual that also need to be clipped. The Shelter is a short, addictive, bone rattling prequel to a yet to be released full length novel due out this year I reccommend this novella for adult or mature YA lovers of dystopia The Shelter had me itching for pages, descriptions, explanationsand with that, SunHi Mistwalker did very very well, I am looking forward to the release of the full length book This novella was a bit disturbing in parts, but much of a realistic version of life in a parking structure with hundreds of other families Cookie cutter YA dystopia is getting a little old I do not reccommend this for the faint of heart or younginz, but it is definitely a short read that I will be suggesting to my friends and goodreads folk I received a copy of The Shelter in exchange for a review, however, my thoughts and opinions expressed above are 100% my own Go Download THE SHELTER Today Totally Worth It This is a short story of a sad lonely little girl.It begins with addict, and her daughter, being physically evicted from their home All of their belongings are being put out by the street, with no way to move them, or protect them The sheriff seems kind, but he has to do his job Within an old parking garage, the former parking stalls are now used to give shelter to the homeless With a mother whose only concern is getting high, the daughter tries to make friends, and tries to not starve She is left alone all the time, and that fact does not go unnoticed She is small, and cannot protect herself But, as she sees a man who has food to share, her hunger tells her that it can t be worse than the first time, and it definitely can t be worse than starving to death.This short is a prequel, and I m ready to read the next book It felt like reading a V.C Andrews book, without the second half if the book the parts where things get better I hope that the little girl finds help, and happiness in the next book. Very short story on my Kindle about a dystopian adventure I think it is actually like a prequel to the novel, but I was not impressed All it was about so far was a mother and daughter who lost their house and ended up in a shelterit actually sounded like they were sharing part of a parking space in a garage with another family The mother turns into a druggie and the daughter gets involved with the big wig owner of the shelter. This story highlights the fall of humanity in every sense in a dystopian environment Sunni s experience is told in third person, but I reckon first person would have engaged me a little The author doesn t shy away from the realities that the tenants face in the shelter, especially the women and girls This short story is a prequel to a novel However, there wasn t enough explanation and backstory for my liking What happened to civilisation Why are they in that hideous situation I understand it is only a short story, but it didn t tick all the boxes for a prequel. CliffhangerThis is well written although definitely depressing Unfortunately it doesn t provide a resolution of any plot twists It just stops somewhat abruptly with an ad for the next installment I suppose if the follow up was included in Kindle Unlimited, I wouldn t mind But it s not Ten year old Sunni Brown lies upside down on a tweed couch with her head hanging over the side and her feet thrust into the air Wearing pink ballet slippers and a white tutu, she flutters her pointed toes through the five positions A television blares a short distance away and a dust covered fan blows lukewarm air across the girl s face Food riots have broken out for the second time this week, the newscaster announces, but Sunni doesn t pay much attention Her ears strain to hear another conversation only a few feet away His pistol drawn and pointed in Shannon s direction, the sheriff wears a tired expression, Don t make this hard Ms Brown His cautious forward movements mirror those of a battle worn soldier And it is like war, the endless jobs, desperate people and hopeless situations have all conspired to rob him of his vitality Three sentinels hover nearby, but not too near, lest they get caught in the crossfire Their red, peeling skin bakes under the midday sun as Shannon and Sunni drag two suitcases and a backpack through a cluttered alleyway A seven story parking structure looms ahead, its concrete banisters adorned with long rows of tattered clothing hung out to dry The scent of unwashed people, cooking food and raw sewage drift out of the entrance Two guards clutching semi automatic weapons stand on each side of the entrance as Sunni and her mom approach One of the guards, Adam, tightens his grip on his weapon and gives the woman an unblinking stare3.5 starsSad, also at times gritty and slightly disturbingThe Shelter is a compelling read and I found myself flying through this I wanted to kick two certain people in the head and where the sun don t shine glares While I felt bad for Sunni s mom at first, I wanted to shake her for how she was treating her daughter Sunni broke my heart, a sweet girl in a tough situation who ends up dling what she has to to survive view spoiler The sexual abuse isn t graphic but it is hinted at and pretty easy to read between the lines If had known about this beforehand I may have skipped the story went in blind without reading reviews so my own fault there shrugs hide spoiler Weird butdefinitely original so farOriginal, terrifies interestingly keep your attention I think because it s a little girl and you don t want things to get any horrifying for her than they already have.