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Just don t care about the characters. If you are a fan of Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis or Bright Light, Big City by Jay McInerney then you will enjoy The Sorrows of Young Mike John Zelazny takes a modern prospective on entitled youth and the follies they endure The book can be dark at times but Zelazny balances the dark subject matter with his great sense of humor and pessimistic but hilarious take on the world He has a gift for bringing to life the various countries Mike visits on his journey around the world and you feel like you are traveling alongside him You are probably not going to love Mike but he is a fascinating character and represents the emotional narcissism that can be present in young males when it comes to relationships and dating I strongly recommend everyone to read this debut novel by a promising young author. @READ E-PUB º The Sorrows of Young Mike Ñ The Sorrows Of Young Mike Is A Deeply Human Story That Explores One Man S Struggle To Find Balance Between His Intellect And His Libido, His Compassion And His Selfishness The Aspen Daily NewsThoughtful Yet Spontaneous, Self Aggrandizing And Hopelessly Philosophical, Mike Would Like To Find Out If The Earth Really Is Round During His Four Month Voyage Around The Planet, Mike S Past Loves, Current Romances And Vision Of Himself Are On A Collision Course His Mind Becomes Increasingly Abstract As He Navigates The Continents And Struggles With Morality In A Dream World Of His Own Making, A Universe Where Spring Break Happens Weekly At A Dart S Throw On A World MapMike S Story Is Told Through His Journal Which Is Interlaced With Various Documents Essays, Instant Message Conversations And An Email These Documents Tell A Story That Parodies Goethe, In Both His Behavior As A Writer And His Apparent Views On Love, Nature And The World These Views Were Described In Goethe S Seventeenth Century Novel, The Sorrows Of Young Werther Through his vivid descriptions and enticing storyline, Zelazny engulfs his audience in a sea of emotion The Sorrows of Young Mike epitomizes the true essence of young love and its pivotal role in one mans journey around the world Mike s multidimensional character inspired a passionate response within me While unlikable at times, due to his thoughtless and egocentric behavior, Mike develops into a character that is deeply relatable Zelazny arouses genuine emotion through the use of Mike and his uniquely realistic experiences and relationships The Sorrows of Young Mike excites and engages all of your senses leaving you hopelessly enthralled with Zelazny s work. Fast and entertaining read. Maybe I m not young, dumb, and in love Maybe I don t like parodies Or maybe the characters are just so vain, unintellegent, uninspired, surface level even the deep thinking Michael for which the title takes it s name Maybe that was the point of this novel Regardless, to compare this book to the rather great Bret Easton Ellis is an utter shame Considering the high marks I expected much Wholely predictable on every level from beginning to end Sorry John Zelazny, but I guess to each their own. Read Goethe s book first I did not and this would have been fun to read but I had a tough time with it It also reads like it is meant perhaps for a younger audience Maybe just because of the age of the main character Also, the ending was very rushed The main character is interesting and the places he goes were fun to read about but I wish I had realized it was a parody of something else before reading it. Made it to Jan 17Poorly written Little to no sensory description No detail worth reading Tense constantly changing Incomplete dialogue Run on sentences and punctuation issues Didn t bother. MIKE I feel as if I should be angry with Mike He seemed to have all the privileges in life that most do not, yet can t be truly happy I believe he s asking a question about life that there is no answer to and his mind is his own worst enemy. This book did not waste my time.