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The second entry in a trilogy is often, in my opinion, the best The author doesn t have to introduce the universe or the characters, as they did in the first installment, but they don t need to worry about wrapping up all the plot points either Instead, the focus can be on the good stuff elaborating on the story, teasing us , giving action, chopping off Luke s hand and so on Instead of the good stuff, in The Subtle Knife I feel as though we ve had a bait and switch pulled on us.In The Golden Compass, we were treated to a rich alternate universe that had elements that were similar to our own, like some of the geopolitical structure, and elements that were entirely fantastical, like ard polar bears and witches The Subtle Knife, however decides that most of this is insignificant and takes place almost entirely in different universes It seems like Philip Pullman wanted to reel us in with fantasy before he could preach at us.Some of these elements are expanded upon in The Amber Spyglass, which I m currently reading, so forgive me if they don t all apply I had heard before I started the series that they were about killing God This seemed highly unlikely, and was probably a knee jerk reaction from people who heard it from other people who read a synopsis of the book, etc But no Some of the main characters have decided to wage war on The Authority Herein lies my main concern with the series as a whole it s not excuse the pun subtle I m an agnostic, so these complaints don t come from someone insulted by the material, they come from someone unhappy by their handling I love plots that put a spin on traditional religion Waiting for the Galactic Bus, for example , but it seems like Pullman came up with a story involving a culture s religion and then decided to make it fit with the Judeo Christian framework no matter how hard he had to push.The concept of Dust is interesting Adapting it to fit with concepts of physics in our world works because it uses something we only know a little about Once you try to toss in angels and consciousness and so on which is insulting in a children s book, as he s claiming that children are entirely self involved until puberty , though, it seems contrived and silly.I may have beenwilling to swallow his philosophy, such as it is, if there hadn t been a complete lack of the elements I liked in The Golden Compass there were no Gyptians, there were no panserbj rne they seem to make a reappearance in the final book of the series, but why spend so much time on their culture in the first book if you aren t going to include them in the second I know that the panserbj rne s culture is basically that of any warrior society, but they re still ard polar bears and the ten year old in me think that s awesome It s not so much that the book is bad, per se, though I do think it becomes too dark for the age group I initially thought it was written for I just don t think Pullman is writing for the same reason I want to read he wants to write religious commentary while I want to read fantasy. 4.5What is he A friend, or an enemy He is a murderer This book has the introduction of Will a young man boy who is compassionate, caring, brave and a warrior After a frightening account, Will has to go on the run where he escapes to a different world to the deserted city of Cittagaze, and meets an interesting girl called Lyra Belacqua, her Daemon Pantalaimon and her ability to read a strange instrument called the alethiometer This strange world runs parallel to his own They learn to begin to trust each other and their fates become intertwined, each relying on their developing friendship, courage and bravery They discover strange mishaps in this strange city and learn of a powerful weapon the subtle knife that is so powerful it can cut through worlds A knife that will only respond to the hand intended to wield it.Like the first book, this was a wonderful literary adventure This book takes off where the first book ended and Lyra has travelled to another world, staying in the deserted city alone for a few days before the surprise meeting with Will I loved the developing dynamics of Will and Lyra s friendship.This holdmultiple points of view than in the first book, with storylines from Lee Scoresby and Serafina Pekkala especially This, again contained heartbreak, deaths and dark creatures story lines However, there is the brightness of a developing friendship, strong bravery, and many connections between the plot lines are made and fit into place. When I read this the first time I completely overlooked a main component of the book I approached it as if was the second book in the series, a massive mistake I wrote a review criticising the fact that the novel felt awkward it had no beginning or end it just felt like the typical content you d find in the middle of the story The ironic point of this is that most critics take the trilogy as one whole book, rather than three separate works And this really is the best way to approach the storyThe Golden Compassis the beginning of it all, the setting of the stage This, then, is the middling part of the work The second protagonist of the series, the Adam to Pullman s Eve, takes the lead here Initially, I was very resistant to this idea I had grown to respect Lyra she s a really strong heroine, but after a while it started to make sense Pullman has expanded his story considerably Lyra has three chapters told from her perspective The same amount, roughly speaking, is told from the perspective of Will The rest of the chapters are from side characters of the previous book So there s a strong move away from a Lyra centred story I have mixed feeling about this It felt like an odd authorial decision At times this felt like an entirely different series altogether, again, something I eventually got over There is no sense of closure at the end of this The first book had a strong ending, but this has very little This book seemed to be a mere set up for the next instalment, which makes it rather difficult to review it s like picking out the middle bit of a story and trying to criticise it as a separate entity from the rest of it it s not easy to do Any criticism you make are negated by the fact that this is not a separate book it s a chunk of a greater work So I m going to read the third book before I speak anyabout this I need to see where these elements Pullman added go to Perhaps a review of all three works together would be the best option At this moment though, I find the witches one of the most interesting aspects of the work I m not entirely sure what to make of them as of yet Hopefully, the third book will give me all the answers I need All through that day the witches came, like flakes of black snow on the wings of a storm, filling the skies with the darting flutter of their silk and the swish of air through the needles of their cloud pine branches Men who hunted in the dripping forests or fished among melting ice floes heard the sky wide whisper through the fog, and if the sky was clear they would look up to see the witches flying, like scraps of darkness drifting on a secret tide. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over ferociously between those who want us to knowand be wiser and stronger, and those who want us to obey and be humble and submit Weird like The Wizard of Oz, magical like Harry Potter, and interesting, totally unlike Chronicles of Narnia The symbolism is so agog, so strange Obviously, it makes for a great young adult novel The Subtle Knife His Dark Materials, 2 , Philip Pullman The Subtle Knife, the second book in the His Dark Materials series, is a young adult fantasy novel written by Philip Pullman and published in 1997 The novel continues the adventures of Lyra Belacqua as she investigates the mysterious Dust phenomenon and searches for her father Will Parry is introduced as a companion to Lyra, and together they explore the new realms to which they have both been introduced 2008 1384 1385. I am not a fan of forwarded emails They frustrate me, because they usually come from the same group of people, people I like a great deal but who never send me a normal hey, how s it going message Just Support our Troops or Tell every woman you know she s special or Microsoft is running a test and if you send this you could get a check for 1,000 When I see the letters FWD in the subject line, I usually simply delete it.I lost track of the number of emails I received telling me about the Anti God movie The Golden Compass and the need to boycott the movies and the books It was well over ten Ten people wanted me to send that email on to everyone I know, telling them the same thing Don t see this movie Don t read these books Alert Alert Alert Nothing like calling attention to something like a planned boycott I haven t seen the movie, because I m cheap and it s not something I d take my kids to or something I d be prone to see anyway, but as I had already read the first book in the series, enjoyed it and hadn t found it to be Anti God, I was curious to read the next to see what the fuss was all about.I don t know if the emails worked and I read with a bias, but I did not enjoy this second book Not because it is Anti Godwhich it really isn t, butanti organized religion and organized religion s version of god, but because the writing is bad.Dialogue choppy.Descriptions cliched how do I get that little accent marking over the e Storyline totally falters.I felt enormously disappointed in the direction of this book Lyra, the young female protagonist in search of dust and her father, all but disappears in this second story She still plays a part, but now as the sidekick to Will, a new character who is a giant young adult fiction stereotype in search of the father he never knew while protecting his mother from bad guys and seems to be gifted in the combat department I don t remember the writing being bad in the first book I thought it descriptive and unique and thoughtful Not so, in The Subtle Knife Pullman changes gears and loses focus There is a lotgoing on and none of it is developed well I stopped caring about the characters and their goals.I think these books had great potential There could be a lot to discuss with adolescents not young childrenat all The nature of the soul, the natural man, the costs and benefits of religions All appropriate things to discuss with youth ready to question and discover on their own.Pullman takes that conversation away with his lack of metaphor It becomes impossible to argue, I think the dust means this or what do you think The Authority is for Pullman when he throws his opinion at you with real life Christian beliefs It s inappropriate and unfair Write a fantasy or a satire or a parable if you want to Other authors have done itand done it well.Pullman didn t.I won t be reading the third book. I share this review again in the fall of 2017 as a fourth volume though Pullman later wrote two companion pieces to the trilogy, entitled Lyra s Oxford, and Once Upon a Time in the North , The Book of Dust, has been released, to encourage all ages to read As with most great children s books, there are a range of levels on which Pullman is working He s taking on the Roman Catholic view of reality, C.S Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia , and is in conversation with John Milton, whose Paradise Lost he both loves and contends with in places But you don t need to know any of that to love this series.This is the middle book in the trilogy, and I like the first and third volumes , big surprise More exposition, less action,trudging to final destinations, but you know, the writing is still exquisite, and it has surprises One key surprise is that after focusing on Lyra in the first series, this second book opens with a focus on yet another central character, Will When I first read this I was confused, andthan a little disappointed, as I saw a wonderful strong girl character shoved aside as usually happens in all books for a BOY main character That isn t quite how things work, really, though, as they share the stage, and they open up new vistas and back stories and new worlds together This is seen as a sixth grade children s series, but in truth, the older you are, theyou will get out of it, as in all of the greatest children s stories of all time, including The Wrinkle in Time, and so on Pullman is taking on our limited view of reality he s engaging in physics, theology, anthropology with a laser beam on the Holy Roman Church in particular It s not so much an attack on The Church as an exploration of the nature of true religion, and a wider,generous, less sin obsessed view of the world It s a wonderful series, which I listened to while traveling around the country with the family, a wonderfully produced cd series It s the second volume of a trilogy, so you obviously don t begin here, but you won t regret the time you spend on the adventure It s awesome And whether you have read it or not, I recommend this audio version, with Philip Pullman Himself narrating, joined by a wonderful cast of characters. (READ EPUB) ð The Subtle Knife é Lost In A New World, Lyra Finds Will A Boy On The Run, A Murderer A Worthy And Welcome Ally For This Is A World Where Soul Eating Specters Stalk The Streets And Witches Share The Skies With Troops Of AngelsEach Is Searching Lyra For The Meaning Of Dark Matter, Will For His Missing Father But What They Find Instead Is A Deadly Secret, A Knife Of Untold Power And Neither Lyra Nor Will Suspects How Tightly Their Lives, Their Loves, And Their Destinies Are Bound Together Until They Are Split Apart Mmmmk So I rated this 2.5 stars when I read it a few months ago, and I was unsure if I would finish the series I ve since decided I won t be reading book three I m honestly pretty disappointed with a tweet the author posted and his subsequent responses to those who replied, especially his trans readers In this case, I ve decided not to separate the author from the work.