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!Download ☨ Walker ♠ What Is The One Thing The Only Thing You Must Remember When Someone You Love Sleepwalks Don T Wake Them Ever John Walker Knows This And Has So Far Taken All The Right Precautions To Protect His Wife, Mary Kate But Sometimes No Matter What You Do, No Matter How Vigilant You Are, Things Go WrongJohn Is About To Learn That Evil Is Out There Waiting For The Right Moment And When It Strikes, It Hungers For Than Mary Kate It Wants Their Daughter, Lucy But It S Not His Fault It S Not Anyone S FaultSometimes Bad Things Just Happen What a beauty Loved this little book A story about sleep walking and loved the Demons circling Gripped me from start to finish I would recommend this book to everyone. I enjoyed this very good 19 page short story It tells the scary tale of a man whose wife sleep walks and during that time is very susceptible to demonic possession It was a very different short story, but also an extremely good one It was not told in chronological sequence, a very difficult thing to accomplish in a short story The author, however, does a good job of preventing the story from becoming confusing and losing continuity which is why you don t see this method used often in anything less than a novella I praise the author for his ambition and expertise in trying this difficult technique I would highly recommend this quick read to all the many horror fans out there I know I will be looking for from this author I bought this short story by accident I thought it was free , but that s okay, because it turned out to be an enjoyable, yet scary kind of read My sister was a sleepwalker and I m just glad she didn t fall victim to the evil side like the character s in the story Good work, Steven Ramirez I ll be looking for tales from you. very good Review of Walker by Steven RamirezA short story5 starsThis short story has all the powerful impact of a punch to the solar plexus simply because, the what if becomes it just may be A devoted family man, in love with his wife, dedicated to the best being of his daughter, must confront a medical condition turned Supernatural and deadly Each one of us knows how difficult it is to be roused from a sound sleep, how out of sorts and disjointed it makes us feel and being awakened while in dreaming state is even intense How, then, if we are awakened from Sleepwalking It s said to be dangerous for the health, and there s always the possibility of physical danger stepping in front of a car, falling down stairs but what if there s to worry about What if waking from Sleepwalking means it s not we ourselves who awaken but something else Read this terrifying short story and find out and then I dare you, to fall asleep.The author provided me with an e book copy, in return for my provision of a fair and honest review.